Pharmacom and Dragon Pharma

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    BTW it wasn't one vial with an issue it was 3 and I didn't request a full refund from TGI. I offered to pay for new gear with new silicone stoppers at cost and would be covering shipping as well.

    Edit: I can post a picture with date showing all that gear still hasn't been used and is collecting dust.
  2. So what's the big deal?
    Are you doubting their legitimacy, like a bait and switch?
    Were you planning on reselling them?
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    My issues are the fact that he didn't disclose it to me before selling them and I can't confirm authenticity or expiration date. I don't want to hear "hormones never expire", they absolutely degrade and the rubber stopper degrades as well.
  4. Were you gonna sit on them for 10 years? C'mon, man. That's pushing it. i seriously doubt he went through the trouble of a bait and switch for a couple of stinkin' vials.
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    Absolutely, people will do anything for money, just because you or I wouldn't doesn't mean others will; regardless I should of been notified then I would be sent blank vials.

    I'm dropping it, like I said this isn't worth my time and it's another lesson learned. Like I've said before I've used at least 9 sources and have had issues with 2 this being one of them.
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  6. Fair enough. Things don't always go as planned. Do you still plan to use the Parapharma gear or just chalk it up as a loss?
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    I'm not throwing it away but I don't plan on using it. I feel like it's less of a waste of money if it sits in a box vs the trash can
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    So out of all this back and fourth all I can get from all this is

    Don’t buy from someone who been on here a while with a low post count


    Fuck @balco
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    Bro the products I gave him were 100% legit, 1 of us is a liar/scammer and it's not me. I gave him 2 10ml para pharma test c for 80 bucks. Yes, they were unlabeled because I bought them stealth but they still had the pp logo top and the # on the bottom to indicate what compound it is. I offered to have the products 3rd party tested or a full refund but he refused to send back the products. I'm so confident in the quality of my products that I will ship 1 of you guys some free stuff to try out.
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    So you’re getting into the source/selling game?
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    Bro I was literally thinking this.

    3rd party testing offer
    Reimbursement offer

    What's the end game? Why not just sell that shit locally and not have to worry about payment and shipping?
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    Is this source g2g?
  13. T-Bagger

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    As G2G as Venom and MSG
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    So are you sourcing now? If not why offer freebies? Post pics of your current stash. Sounds like you trying to slide in and source to me. And now we need to ask different questions if this is the case.

    Don’t say shit else unless your next post contains tits preferably of the female variety with my god damn user name on em
  15. HEY! The infections and deaths linked to MSG labs are purely coincidental and/or the direct result of user error.

    i stand by my products... Well, to be honest, i sit by them now. Standing isn't an option anymore. i don't speak doctor gibberish, but he said something like blah blah necrotizing fasciitis blah blah from a quad injection. Gotta be user error.

    i'm sure i'll be fine. MSG labs is still and always will be g2g.
  16. @FakeNattyAlert what do you say about @Dipshitdave claiming he sent you a good chunk of change and received crumpled up pieces of paper in return?
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  17. Why are you guys doing business with someone with 21 posts, atleast 14 of which are about the gear he is trying to sell?

    I am sad to hear if anyone got swindled but am I missing something? How was this guy ever deemed credible?

    Pcom and DP are literally the easiest brands on earth to procure, any EU source sells them.
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    Lol, right? And then cry when scammed smh. You get what you pay for.
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    You're absolutely right man. No idea why i spent a week convincing myself it was smart to attempt the purchase. In 2 years, and thousands in purchases, this was my first time getting burned. Got too comfortable and lazy.

    You're not wrong, except for the fact I'm not crying. Literally laughed when I opened the pack at my own stupidity. I posted to make sure he doesnt hit anyone else up claiming to still have a few items left and do the same to them.
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    Only people saying they got good stuff have accts made around same time as OP lisyed items for sale. @balco I'd not pin that shit if i was you. Prob semt u oil to keep scam alive. @Dipshitdave sry he got u. Fuk this guy. BUYER BEWARE!!!
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