Pharmacom and Dragon Pharma

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  1. darkdays

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    you're a total fuck, tgi's gear and setup has been prime as of late. its obvious you stabbed the vials numerous times... in the what less than 2 weeks before the two stoppers gave out? come on, the time line with that simply doesn't add up. stoppers don't get destroyed in less than 2 weeks, maybe after months of use but two weeks, nah man. just go to a different forum and start over, try not to be a weasel there
  2. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Sounds like YOUR problem then Dude. Do yourself a favor and learn from it.
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  3. T-Bagger

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    I’ve pinned my Titter gear with a 23 gauge and stabbed them all 11 times and not one piece of rubber in any of them.
  4. Cityofgrit

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    You have to get an 18 gauge and ram it in and out repeatedly...then blame the source like Balco
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  5. balco

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    You've got it all wrong, like I've said before it was roofing nails.

    You could probably use your dick though
  6. Anthony Minerva

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    Why the fuck do you have so many problems with all your are a fuckin weirdo for real...
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    Fixed it for ya
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  8. balco

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    You haven't be around long enough, but I've used around 9 sources on/off meso and had an issue with two including this incident.
  9. iceman440

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    9 sources hoping to scam each one of them.

    Love how you make jokes about it too. Just further proving you think it’s all a big game to you
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  10. Anthony Minerva

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    I been around long enough to be puzzled how u even made it this far in your life...
  11. Anthony Minerva

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    Dear sweet baby Jesus please rain down pieces of rubber stoppers from the heavens into all of @balco gear
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    @maxwin @balco
    For anyone who decides to read this thread and gets to this post do yourself a favor and just stop reading. The first two handles have about 5 minutes here and are sketchy as fuck and the other is either a scumbag scammer or a complete fucking idiot. Probably both. So stop reading and go read something useful here. Not this ridiculous shit.
  14. darkdays

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  15. Skorecese

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    I drew with a 18g my first 2 or 3 tgi tren and test vials mind you Pinned tren everyday with a 18g and had ZERO issue And same with the test vials
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  16. Oooh. i'm listening...
  17. FakeNattyAlert

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    Cut the BS @balco, since you said the products I sent you were damaged and/or fake I offered to pay to have them 3rd party tested or give you a full refund but you refused to send me back the products. Those options are still available to you.
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  18. eje1990

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    Brother I wouldn't even sweat it. He got about 400$ worth of gear for free because of a piece of stopper in one vial.

    See the problem here @balco is that you're going to become the boy that cried wolf. Something, someday, is going to happen and it's going to be a legit problem and no one is going to believe you. Just saying man.
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  19. balco

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    I actually thought about that, I was hesitant to complain about these vials because I didn't want to be the "boy that cried wolf" when a really serious issue arises.

    My only issue with OP is he sent me unmarked vials when I specifically bought them and paid the high mark up because they were parapharma.

    Edit: I appreciate your well worded constructive criticism, most people jump to conclusions and attack me strait away, it's refreshing to see.
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