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  1. Aiden7

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    Hello i can confirm that i got my tracking numbers for my 2 orders.

    The first is waiting in my town today i will have it really soon.
    For the second he havent leave the location from where you send the package this is strange because you posted them together the same day. I hope everything will be good.
    At least i will be able to tell you thank you very soon @Pharmacom .
    It would have take 14 days to receive the package if i receive it tomorrow for the first and it honestly fast... but i want to receive the second and the 100 $ bonus package before saying that it was perfect service from you.

    Again im on the way to still think that Pharmacom is the best
  2. GFitKing2

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    Don't mind me changing the topic, but seeing that you/ve ordered before from Pharmacom what do you feel about their A.I? aromasin & Letro? Have you ever used it? If so did you find it effective?

  3. skadoosh

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    I'm having an odd situation. First of all, I've ordered from basicstero domestic multiple times with absolutely no issues. I placed a new order 2 days ago, paid with BTC, and received a tracking number email today. However, the tracking number that was sent to me is not actually a tracking number, but instead it's the order number.

    I'm sure it's just some kind of glitch because in my past experiences it's taken about a week to get the tracking number. I tried to log in to my account to see if I could find any further info but it said "Sorry but this email address is not found in our database, please try again."

    I'd really appreciate some clarity on this matter.
  4. Aiden7

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    Ok i can confirm that today i receive my first package.
    Ordered the 8 but it was the week-end so we can say order accepted the monday 11 and receive the 22. Only 11 days to receive a package of steroids with the quality that Pharmacom is giving us i dont think anybody here will find better.
    Im still saying that even if im waiting 3 others packages and that im not 100% sûre that everything goes well but im still saying it because i trust this labs and the team managing it on the forum.

    Im missing now my second package and the 2 bonus of 100 dollars. I will definitvly write here when i will have them.

    Thank you Team @Pharmacom
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  5. RThoads

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    yeah, i think the emails are automated, so maybe some glitch.

    But regarding your account, make sure you are attempting to log into the same warehouse where you have the account (the US domestic I assume) as each are separate.

    As for contacting the company/source, one moment and I will follow up in my next post with a cut-and-paste of info that was posted before. I just have to go find it real quick.

    Realistically, being a domestic order, you may receive the pack faster than it will take to correspond with customer service, but please do follow up if possible because maybe there is some programming error regarding the tracking email.
  6. RThoads

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    Tip/Advice for everyone:

    For specific account and order related inquiries please use the "Contact Us" form on the Basicstero website for the most direct and efficient communication with the company's customer service.
    ***Be sure to check your spam folder after contacting customer service because in the past some people complain they did not get a reply when in fact their email service filtered the reply to spam.

    Board reps, posts, even PMs are not as efficient nor direct - may get overlooked or take time to be relayed to the appropriate personnel.
    This is a big World-Wide company; Reps/PR/Marketing people are mostly busy relaying information/news/announcements and may not even have the ability, access, nor authority to see private account and order information.
    (it is a good thing though, that the company only allows specific person ability to access private info for customer security reasons :) ).
    Also, please, for your own safety never state any personal information in a public post.

    The "contact us" form is the most direct form of communication regarding accounts and orders.

    NOTE regarding tracking (which is a common inquiry I see daily across various boards and PMs):
    In my experience, usually tracking is NOT uploaded until a pack leaves the warehouse country and passes outgoing (origin nation's) customs.
    In my opinion this usually takes approx a couple weeks for intl packs.
    Please be patient and try not to ask customer service for tracking info -- tracking will be uploaded to your dashboard when it is available and authorized to be given out.

    A source has no control over the postal service nor if packs are accurately scanned/updated within the postal system (once the pack is shipped, a source can only see what tracking shows you -- just like if/when you mail something to someone).
    Keep in mind you can check the status of your order on the Basicstero site by loging into the warehouse where you placed the order and navigating to your
    dashboard >> orders >> select the order you would like to see.
    IF tracking has been uploaded to your account it will appear there in the order details section.

    NOTE: Looking for additional advise regarding your cycle, pct, blood work interpretation and so on?
    Our specialist can help you:
    Please do not use this email for orders related questions; they will be ignored.

    I hope these tips and info are helpful :)
  7. Better have this ready to cut and paste on the fly. After another post or two, someone will bitch about tracking, despite your explanation being on the same page and a couple posts up.
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  8. RThoads

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    I have used the EXOS and had a client use it, our estrogen was under control. I do not have any personal experience with the Letro so can not comment on that myself.

    IF you would like, I can look for HPLC results. let me know
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  9. stairbuilder

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    The problem right now is U.S. customs is cracking down on synthetic drugs coming in from China. Specifically fentanyl which has led to quite a few overdoses recently. The side bonus is they are getting a lot of other things as well including our gear. There are some very good domestic options out there that actually have better prices than Pharma but lack the variety of products. The problem is you have to know someone before they will will do business with you.
  10. darflundgren

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    We can switch to other issues now. My main thing was people not getting their promos. Everything else is pretty typical for this business. Like I said, I mostly have positive things to say about basic. Be weary.. That's all I'm saying. The AAS underground game is changing. That and there seem to be a butt ton of tech issues lately.
  11. skadoosh

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    This issue has been resolved. Thank you.
  12. GFitKing2

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    Thanks for the response bro
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  17. Aiden7

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    Just a question.
    How long it take in general to receive the bonus package after we receive the main package please ? Like i have order the 300 i have 100 dollars package for free.

    Thank you
  18. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    Usually it is all together.
    But if the order is too larger to all fit one pack, then it is split to multiple packs.
    Although they are all shipped at once, multiple packs order can vary greatly in how long each pack takes (it all depends upon the postal service).
    Some of my own personal orders have different pack arrive multiple weeks apart, even though they shipped at the same time from the same place.
  19. Aiden7

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    Ok thank you !

    I imagine that 900 dollars is in many package.

    About the 100 bonus pack is there tracking numbers for them ?
  20. Pharmaman93

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    So I placed an order with these guys and changed my mind. Decided to go with a domestic source and I didn’t want two packages arriving and having all that gear in my house. I fully understand on the website it says no refunds. However the money from my order is sitting in my account. Will it just stay there until I decide to use it? Assuming I start this cycle first week of April and I’ll be done around end of may, would probably not need to order from Pharmacom until end of june/early july for a second cycle.