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    IF you used the "contact us" form on the website, make sure to check your email spam folder for potential replies. Often time, customer find the reply was sent to spam by the email filter.

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    Thank you! Very generous of you!

    Also thank you for the continued updates and keeping the customers informed. As a customer is all you can really ask for as you obviously have no control over the post office or shutdowns due to the virus.

    I think both ideas are good and will be grateful as a customer. You could give the customer an option as doing a discount or sale such as buy a certain amount get a certain amount of dollars off like the $200/$100 off or $300/$100 off might further incentivize customers to place larger orders from W2 if thats what you were aiming for. Just an idea if you were looking for one.

    Either way is great and shows your continued commitment to customer satisfaction! Thanks!
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    Will it show in the account ? Right after an order is placed ? Is this starting now ? My item is taking some to time to ship I ordered back late January warehouse 2
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    I do not know the details myself. I will also have to ask Frank.
    But is weekend now so maybe will wait until a couple days; as soon as I get a chance to talk to Frank I will ask him if he can answer you and clarify.

    Please understand these delays are beyond the source's control; it was a cultural holiday and now (what I believe to be a bio-weapon) virus outbreak which has paused shipping in some nations.
    Very unique, extreme, and never have I experienced before circumstances.
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    Bonuses will be given once we ship pending orders. We wait for updates on Monday. Hopefully everything will be settled in terms of shipping by that time.
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    Not sure if it is me or Phamacom.
    Three different browsers for both Pharmacom amd basic come up

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    I just checked and both the company/lab site and the direct store site are working. Maybe it is some error on your end.

    Also, there are many fake sites created by scammers.

    Make sure you have the correct site's exact URL address.
    Basicstero is the direct from Pharmacom store front:
    and PharmacomLabs is the main company/manufacture site where you can check authenticity codes, check re-seller verification, read news, and see info about manufacturing process (video) etc:
  8. Hi, what address do you enter?
  9. Hi, please don't worry, I answered you.
  10. Thank you for your feedback, we do our best to make the customer happy.. =)))
  11. dan frank

    dan frank Junior Member works does not. does not

    I can type in both sites for either and the top search results are the under construction sites.
    you have a F.B. Page?.
    Link there send me there as well.

    Yes it could all be me, i cleared history and rebooted routers.
    Am i going goofy?
    I have screen view but i did not post.
  12. That's definitely strange. The coded site RT posted loads the store up perfectly fine.

    i wonder if your HTTP request is being rerouted somehow? Seems a bit far fetched, but i'm not sure what else could be causing this issue.
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    I will try at work tomorrow.....
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    I placed an order a little over 24hrs ago from US Domestic Warehouse and submit payment info. I haven't received confirmation yet so im just wondering if support is available on the weekend or if I have to wait until monday for a response?
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    I am confused by your question. If you can clarify what you are asking, maybe I can help answer.

    Are you asking in customer support is available (as in you submitted a ticket via the "contact us" form on the source's site)?
    If that is your question, customer service replies may sometime occur on the weekend, but usually within a few business days at most.
    Also, be sure to check your email spam folder for a reply.

    IF you are asking something else please feel free to clarify.
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    I ordered some primo long time ago and i cant remember if it was 100mg/ml or 200mg/ml. When you get primo (discret shipping) and it is indicated as "P", is it 100 or 200mg/ml?

    PD: The order doesnt appear in the web, this is why im asking.
  17. N12Gain

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    Sorry that's my bad for wording that incorrectly. Yes I was asking if by using "contact us" on the store website would get any response on the weekend. I actually received a response back shortly after I posted here but I appreciate your help. Thanks
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    We would need order number to look up what was ordered.
    You should have received order confirmation email that will have the exact product listed.
    IF you can not find that emails, PM me the Basicstero user-name the order was placed under and next time I talk to Frank I will ask if he can find it on his end anywhere.
    IF none of these emails or order info are available, then I do not know of any other way we can determine what product you have.
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