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  1. Hi, we do our best to make the customer happy.. =)))
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    Pharmacom USA g2g? or better to use the EU
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    All are exact same products originating from the genuine Pharmacom Labs -- Basicstero is Pharmacom Labs (the ONLY direct from manufacture store).

    USA is faster service but zero risk of import issues and a high price because of higher operational costs of having a US warehouse / re-shippers etc.
    EU is approx 2 to 4 weeks T/A but lower prices and always a small risk of import issue when going international (but seizure is extremely rare - scroll on the boards and see out of thousands of orders a week, maybe approx 5 to 10 seizures publicly reported last year).

    When I refer to EU I am talking about W1.

    Note, W2 comes from the manufacturer and stops at a middle point in the EU to forward; W2 process takes a little longer than W1.
    Currently W2 is on pause because of the historical events regarding the cornavirus and governments' shut-down of business and international shipping. Scroll back through the thread in recent pages fro more information regarding these W2 delays.
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    Thanks @RThoads i appreciate the info
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    Hi guys, I placed an order on 2-1 and have a couple minor issues.. It still shows processing, and also I have over 6 orders placed, and did not receive the loyalty discount.. Do we know when the order will be shipped? Its not an emergency as of yet, but would hope something can be rectified soon? @RThoads @Pharmacom Support
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    here are some recent replies regarding the delays which are beyond the control of any source or any business:

    Regarding your account and discount, you will need to contact customer service to see if the loyalty discount can be resolved.
    See this quote for more details and info on the "contact us" form:

    IF some of the orders where from before the warehouse/account migration, but you did not perform the migration process in time (there were multiple months of a window of opportunity) that could be a possible cause (I do not know if this is the case, but I have seen it with some customers so just a suggestion to help try to troubleshoot and gives ideas as to what could have happened):
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    when will w2 start sending out ?
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  9. Hi, I will check the information and write to you.
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    So, no changes regarding warehouse 2 so far. We are still waiting for possibility to ship.
    As mentioned earlier, we will provide store credits to all who will stay with warehouse 2. If your order was below $200 you get 50$ store credit. If your order was over $200 we provide you $100 store credit.

    For customers who do not wish to wait we can offer removing current orders and placing a new order from warehouse 1, which is working without delays. Alternatively we can move balance to US domestic warehouse for customers from the USA.

    Those who want to cancel order from warehouse 2 and get items from W1 can remove pending orders in personal account.In this case order total will get back to your balance. Next, just place a new order with items available in stock from W1. Chose the same payment way you used for the original order and check out.You will not need to pay again, of course. Order should be covered by your balance and confirmed automatically if it`s total is within your balance value.
    How do you know, what items are available from warehouse 1? Check this page:

    All items here are filtered by availability from warehouse 1. Any item from this list can be ordered and your order will be assigned to warehouse 1 by default.

    If you want to move balance to US domestic warehouse, please contact us, we have to do it manually.

    Guys, this is all options we can offer so far. We update you once any news are available.
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    @Pharmacom Support @Pharmacom Labs @RThoads the websitebis secure with the lock symbol next to it in the search bar. But when I switch to the domestic tab to order the search bar doesn’t have the lock symbol next to it. Still safe and secure to order from the domestic side of the site, even though there is no secure lock symbol in search bar ?
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    Hey Cryptotroll,

    I'm not Pharmacom, but I know why this is happening. It's because their basicstero http traffic doesn't force a redirect to https. Just put https:// infront of the domestic stores url. And you will then see your secure lock symbol aka https.
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    This is correct, but I have already created a ticket. It will be fixed. We are actually developing a new site with one single account for all warehouse (you should agree,it is much more convenient). It will have forced https for sure. Current site allows both http and https.
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    One more pleasant update this time. We all are stressed due to the situation with warehouse 2 and we can not restock warehouse 1 right now. It is missing lots of items, lots of demanded items like testosterone esters. Due to this our turnover reduced significantly. However, this warehouse needs turnover to keep working. So, although we did not plan it, we are launching a promotion for orders placed from warehouse 1 and paid by cryptocurrency.

    From now on until March 31st we will be offering free bonuses for orders from W1 as follows:

    for $100 orders - free bonuses for the value 35$

    for $200 orders - free bonuses for the value 80$

    for $300 orders - free bonuses for the value 150$

    Reminder: you do not have any warehouse selector (between international warehouse 1 and 2) on site. By default our system always assigns an order to warehouse 1, IF all items in this order are in stock from W1. If at least one single item in your order is out of stock from W1, the entire order will automatically be assigned to warehouse 2.

    How do you know, what items available from W1? Please use this page

    All items there are filtered by availability from warehouse 1. Any item from this list can be ordered and your order will be assigned to warehouse 1 by default.

    Promo items will be offered at one of the ordering steps after you fill in delivery info right before you check out.

    In case of seizures/losses only main paid items are reshipped for free, without bonus items!
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    @decode Thanks that really helped and worked out !
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    The post says crypto (see quote here, I isolated that sentence so it is clear and not missed among all the other details):