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  1. Hi, if you need help, write to me, I will do my best to help.
  2. Hi, I checked the links you wrote, they are working, try opening them through another device.
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    Any info on how to redeem the store credit for warehouse 2 customers?

    Amazing attitude by the way, just catching up on this thread shows how much emphasis you guys put on customer service.

    I mean damn, there's a ton of legit legal companies that could learn a thing or two from you (looking at you, telecommunications companies!)
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    Ah nevermind, found the answer!
  5. Thank you for your feedback, we do our best to make the customer happy.. =)))
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    Folks today we were still not able to process orders from W2. But there are good reasons to think everything will normalize within 2-3 days. We are checking situation daily. More updates should be coming soon.
    As promised earlier, we will provide from $50 to $100 store credits to all customers from W2 who suffered because of this delay.
    Also due to Presidents Day postal service seems off. We seemingly do not have opportunity to ship pending orders today and tomorrow. All domestic orders will be shipped as soon as possible,most probably in the middle of the current week .
  7. Pharmacom Labs

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    We will provide store credits at the same time when we upload all pending orders to our warehouse to be packed.2-3 days longest, I hope.
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    I hope everyone is have a good week :)
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  13. Hi, I answered you in private messages.
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    Any update on shipping status? ordered on 2/4 and I am aware of the delay but thought it was only through 2/17.
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    I have not heard any news.
    All I know is that is it way beyond the control of any source or any business; whole cities, shipping, society etc have been shut-down -- this is in the hands of government(s) and is of historical significance.
    Next time I get a chance to talk to Frank, I will ask him if he has any updates.
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    So far no changes yet. Customers who do not want to wait can remove their orders from warehouse 2. Funds will get back to balance and you can chose something available from warehouse 1, which has no delays. We can even cancel your pending orders and move your balance to our US domestic warehouse, but it has higher prices. To those who will wait we will provide store credits for delay. Situation should change soon.
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    I think that is some good service.
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