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    You’re talking to him/us. We would rather these sources not get banned. Now if they go to another board and someone decides to do a google search for reviews on them they will be directed here. They will not like what they see and there will go a sell. These sources come here because it’s free but what they don’t realize is if they don’t come correct they are done on the internet or they will more than likely have to change their name, website and labels and start over.
  2. She reported you. LOL
    i guess you won't be buying any of her fake HGH with scratched off barcodes then, huh?
  3. Waduhek

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    What a complete shit show

    (love this community)
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    They also report(is that even possible) and block. The very people they would be selling to. WTF? Why come here and block us?
  5. TNotch347

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    Cause we talk dirty dirty things to Chinese hoes,
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    I have a question. How do I contact you to make reary reary big order?!?!?

    I want:
    2 egg roll
    1 general tso chicken
    1 sesame beef
    All white rice
    Extra duck sauce

    I better get my fortune cookie too, bitch!

    Edit: Shit, I blocked and reported! How do I get my dinner tonight?!
  7. TNotch347

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    You had me at reary reary lmao
  8. I read that in my best Chinese voice.
    I'm still laughing

    Btw, I found a picture of the rep.

  9. Member

    It must be very funny, right :):):)
    I'm afraid all the disrespectful people are on my page :(
    I try to end it by blocking it, but it's incredibly difficult to deal with people like that.
    I dont see their comments anymore. But unfortunately all meso members read their comments.

    I hope this place is filled with reviews from people who buy their orders and make their positive comments. Keep following this place. see the insults and curses made after the positive comments. you'll have more fun.
  10. That's where you're wrong sweetheart.

    This is not YOUR page.
    This is OUR page.

    you are s fucking guest here.

    You walked into OUR house and shit on OUR floor.

    Then you get insulted because we dont want members of our community to get scammed?

    Fuck off you malignant Cunt
  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Yea.... about these “positive comments”. There are NONE. You need to sell actual REAL products to get “positive comments”. Stop trying to scam.

    Post pictures of the product codes or GTFO
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  12. brockyou.jpg
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  13. jJjburton

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    Not one purchase. It bettee stay that way.

    Still refusing code pictures. What a scammer!
    that was great!
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    You can see the some HGH pictures in one pictures.
    If you need more, You can directly contact with me.

    All my best


    STOCK PICTURE  07.02.2019.jpg
  15. You're either on the far end of the fucking spectrum.
    Or a scammer.

    Post pictures of the Genos/Huma product codes or GTFO
  16. Toni72

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    They are here to catch stupid people, they don't need meso to sell, they told me that they sell a lot on other forums ... Let this thread die,
  17. Member

    hahahahha lol :):):):)

    Are you making this comment because I do not agree to send you free goods? You asked me like a beggar. I said '' NO ''

    I have been telling you from the beginning, we are not playing games here, we are doing business, you tried to throw this out but you couldn't.

    I will not send you free goods to you.

    Sometimes we send , its true. But I dont want to send to you. We need real customers , not like you who walk around here to insult people.

    No need to cacth the people and hurt them. Im not a scammer like you.

    It is obvious that you want free goods from the companies,I don't need your comment this way don't worry i will share our messages in here.

    You can share too.

    so everyone can understand why you wrote me like this.

  18. Member

    We always add some gift to our customer orders.

    I can honestly say that, we dont send any pack without a gift.

    Gift is sometimes, VIGRANDE, sometimes JELIGRA (Depends on the customer order)

    I know what I need to do to my valuable customers. I know how to talk to very valuable MESO members.

    NOBODY can't insult me and then ask me for free goods.

    Disrespectful people stay away from my page. YOU DONT HAVE RIGHT TO BLAME THE PEOPLE you dont have any idea about me..

    I checked all pages, and you do the same to everyone.

    this is my area and I'm talking respectfully to everyone. Everyone who spoke to me and bought goods also recognized me.

    I am a respectful and properly speaking lady.

    I was also bored with horse thieves.

    ENOUGH !!!! Go and play another pages, deadhead !!!
  19. Toni72

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    Everyone knows that I often have free merchandise, nothing extraordinary, these a help that I proposed to you and to see if these of the real pharma hgh (doubts) but I pay the doctor and the laboratory. Anyway, but you say you don't need meso to sell, I can put the conversation together. If you don't need meso why are you there? You say you don’t give free products, but sometimes yes you donate… no donation to anaboliclab, no customer, no sharing… is it wrong to take free products from sources that sell 10x the real price? Or fake hgh turquochinoise? The majority are passionate people who work hard to buy, you are a drug seller and don't forget your place in hell ...
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  20. B Ware

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    @Toni72 You asked for free goods? Trying to help this scammer get her business going? o_O