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    Funny lady who gives viagra against purchase hgh turkish chinese ... No insult on my part, just real words ... So knowing how to speak to meso customers (it's given viagra or cialis if big order)? None of the Turkish hgh has been analyzed equal to real hgh pharma usa or Europe, why? Reply ; good chinese hgh ... i am a man and sorry i do not attack women even if she sell the drug .. excuse me madam made your sales as much as possible to fill your pocket but not your soul ...
  2. Toni72

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    @B Ware,
    No friend. Never, I remain honest, yes I sometimes receive free but I pay the doctor and the laboratory. If the results are good or bad I say it first on meso ... Never said that the products are good if these fake never ... the buissness of internet medicine is the biggest buissness in the world, they earn a lot of money on us workers ... sell the testo 25x the real price, the hgh "pharma internet" these fake. But she sells 5,6,10dollar 1ui ... Real these 0,3dollar 1ui ... I take to the thief and to the drug seller but I do not take to the honest people to the workers who have a family to feed
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    This girl has a dream the dream for to sell every one of us 1x box of Gh and so her business will works fine.

    GO AND Try your luck on Eroids there are a lot fakeguys they write for you a positive feedback about your Fake HGH. Eroids scam User like bigE and steve and pounds23 and a lot more you are on the wrong place my Badbaby.
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    The hgh lilly turkish even if I with code OK, never reached the serum gh or igf1 levels of real pharma lilly usa or Europe, why? Chinese answer ... Poor transport, Bla Bla ... there are even results with 0 hgh inside, correct code, I also have blood results with Turkish sayzen, less good than gotdtropin ... Why? Actual pharma is very precise there are no good or bad lots ... turkey these good for quality vacation (capadoce), but not for hgh of pharma quality.
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    She did not want to give me hgh because I said that I remain honest about the results. The truth that a true honest comment is not possible for him or her, in his country they live well with 250dollar per month, they make a nice website, and wait for a member to pay .. These like fishing, but here in meso the sea can be rough and are submerged boat ... I see Madame Fatima with a fishing rod wait for a fish that will not come
  6. B Ware

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    No she did not want to give you FREE hgho_O Pretty sure she would SELL you some.

    No way defending the source. Fuck her and her fake garbage.
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  7. Jokes on you, Ling Ling. We already know that Toni's a shameless gear whore.

    He was willing to run your bunk ass GH, knowing full well it's counterfeit. You should have taken him up on the offer for a feelz report, it would have been the only feedback this thread will ever see.

    Snooze you lose, Ling Ling. BYE BYE.





    I got on that one fast eh?

    Nothing like some 430 AM scammer bashing.
    Nice start to my day.

    Fuck you
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    Hello Meso Members,

    Pls check our website for the orders.
    You can directly contact with us too.

    STOCK PICTURE  07.02.2019.jpg
    Thank you
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    iamnightowl Member you haven't posted tits yet. Rule #1 of meso, tits or gtfo.
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    Before this, you need to show your mother tits or show your ass :))))

    Im not going anywhere, get of my page stray dog,

    poor miserable !!!

    no free product for you too

    show your mom ass or tits , first ;););););)
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    Hello Meso Members,

    Im writing something to asshols but pls forgive :)

    They understand this language with this way :))))

    Im always at your service for your question.
    Just click our website and increase our traffic :cool::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    And if you are a really interest our products, whenever you want , you can reach us

    All the best

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    No, meso members listen to the community. Not a dirt bag source like yourself. You have not answered any of our questions, hardly follow the rules in place for you to source here. You can go fuck yourself and this operation. You and bestgear can eat all the dicks. Nothing but worthless pieces of shit.

    Fake scamming cunt, that’s what you are. Harsh words but necessary. Go fuck yourself.
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    We have a hacked account here! Hacked account here! Lol.
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  15. Could you upload pics of those scratched off verification codes for your GH?
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    Good luck with that, I’ve asked so many times... maybe you got that magic touch
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    Fck you 20180906_174838.jpg
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    Let me inform to all Meso Members !! we dont provide free sample. No need to ask. We do not need anyone to use and interpret our product. We do not sell laboratory products. We sell products of original internationally accepted brands. you can understand this by buying a single product.(only 10-20 $)

    We do not work with beggars who do not have money in their pocket and want free goods. Then the beggar who insulted us and tried to scribble in here.

    We do not need people who dont speak properly and unrespectly. and I have no business with beggars talking insulting people.

    Pls see below conversation, it's not a shame to ask that, I KNOW ITS. THE PROBLEM IS ; When he got a negative answer from me, he started to insult me and damage to our brand here. Cause I didn't give her free stuff. You can read his comments and other insults , (I can not see it, because many people are blocked-reported and ignored by me ) BECAUSE I DONT HAVE TIME TO READ YOUR SHIT COMMENTS AND UNRESPECTFUL INSULTS !!!

    Even if I sent free goods to this man, he would share it as fake and keep insulting me and harm to my brand.

    There are so many liars in the world like you that insult people.
    I wouldn't even give you 1 dollar. Because you are a liar and immoral person.

    The more important thing than buying and selling goods is to be a good person.

    My life does not depend on you getting goods from me.
    don't care so much about yourself :))))

    Your 20 $ will not save my life :))))))))

    We do business here with proper people.

    If you really looking for reliable supplier for branded hgh and hcg, pls dont hesitate to contact with us anytime.

    Im always at your service for your orders.

    My best

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    free sample.jpg free sample.jpg
  20. Member

    I'm saying this again, it's not a shame to ask!

    The shame is to continue insulting when you receive the answer as NO !

    you don't need to use my product and comment on me.

    I need real people's interpretation.

    I have a Canadian customer who finds me from here and receives all my shipments untill now. We did 4 shipments for him.

    I told him to comment here. He will do too.

    I say Canada. pay attention to this part !

    Quarantee delivery to USA.

    I hope, This page will be good and include proper dialogue. You can see the product pictures on previous pages.

    disrespectful people say I did not share photos but I shared many pictures , so many many many pictures like slaves I shared whatever they wanted. I wish I hadn't shared it too.

    But you can check from previous pages.



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