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    Did you ask for freebies and then when they didn’t provide did you start spamming the page with negative comments? Because that’s exactly what it looks like here....
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  2. Fuck off and stop lying.

    We asked for close ups on the barcode q d product verification of your HGH.

    You scratched it off.

    Why would you scratch the barcode off of HGH if it was FAKE

    Fuck off SCAMMER
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    [QUOTE = "BigBaldBeardGuy, message: 2579342, membre: 101110"] [USER = 108508] @ Toni72 [/ USER]

    Avez-vous demandé des cadeaux et puis quand ils n'ont pas fourni, avez-vous commencé à spammer la page avec des commentaires négatifs? Parce que c'est exactement ce à quoi ça ressemble ici .... [/ QUOTE]
    I never ask for a gift, I offer to make an HONEST comment on the source and these hgh "pharma" Turkish lol, I pay the doctor and the laboratory. For igf1 and gh serum! Remember the friend, I had 1x gifts with pharmamax, I received for more than 2 years of treatment, Testo, npp, tren, tri tren, primobolan, .... And a t-shirt. Lol .., I don't need free gifts, but I never lied, before gods, a lot of sources give a credit of 50 or 100dollar for laboratory blood result, I said, give me 100dollar of hgh, I pay the doctor and the laboratory, I publish the results HONEST!,!, THEY answered me, we don't need meso .... Bla Bla Bla .... This is the truth, me i always been honest, I tested sources for the meso community, so that the money of men and women meso, self protect, I will never again, because I understood that you are very strong for you protect..excuse my english google
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    How can I top the ranks if you creeps are not insulting me all the time :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::cool::):):)

    Thank you very much guys :))))))

    creeps: constantly speaking with insults !!

    no one here can make false accusations against each other. I didn't say that I dont need Meso members. I said I don't need reptiles talking insults. I'll say it again. my life doesn't depend on your buying from me. So you are so important. No one's life here depends on anyone. I wish you understand this point !!

    you have to speak respectfully or you have to fuck off. I've been teaching humanity since I got here :)

    Its enough !! lets talk about the business with serious and esteemed good Meso Members . Im always at your service for your request guys

    Lovely day
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    Yea except there’s no good meso members left cause they all talk insult to you. So sowey
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    I said the truth right? Do you want me to post our conversation? If you say reptile or meso member? Forgiveness comes with the truth!
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    You don’t talk about the business. You dodge every question that you don’t want to answer. How many times have MESO members asked why you scratched off barcodes? How many times have we asked for close-up pictures.

    So let’s get this straight, we are “reptiles and bad people” because we ask for information before anyone purchases? Yet you repeatedly ignore these requests and play the victim card. You came here on your own, nobody asked you to.

    It’s good that your life does not depend on MESO sales. I don’t think you’re getting much from here. Maybe you should just go back to one of those paid boards.
  8. The gist of it is, the barcodes are removed because they can be traced back to where they originated and could get people in hot water with their Communist masters.

    Then how does every other source get away with it? Hmmm... The codes are used to verify authenticity and this source will get in trouble if the codes are left intact, but all the other sources won't...?

    ::: S C A M M E R . A L E R T :::
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    Hello Meso Members and Keyboard Knights:)))

    Keyboard knights keep showing how creep you are here ,

    Meso Members, you can ask every question of your request :)

    We are always at your service for your demand.

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    I have to write creep here because our conversation need to stay on the top of the list :)))))

    PLS help me about this issue, show yourself with your caracter, I need you insulting, otherwise nobody can see how pretty I am and patience to your creeps :)

    Keep writing, many people see this conversation , amount is going more :)))))

    My best

  11. Fuck you

    Dumb bitch

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    Fuck you 2x +1x IMG_20200219_120241.jpg
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    If you're here for my service or demand, I'd like to demand some service regarding those barcode pictures
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    Barcode for what ???
  15. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Are all people from Turkey retarded or is it just you?
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    Barcodes on your vagisil...

    Obviously the manufacturers barcodes and information on your boxes of HGH, what else would I want?
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    Guys why you all not give it up with her ? You all have my Guarantee that her GH is Gonadotropin or a other shit.
    Asking about barcodes will motivation her to been here and try to continue for sell the fake gh after she has told us the barcodestory and much more lies.
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    If you think we're here to give her a chance you're dead wrong. I'm simply reinforcing the points that the words she says are blatant lies, and that she in fact will not follow through with any request for additional information. You know, besides the fact she's called us all sorts of names in the mean time.
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    " you have to speak respectfully or you have to fuck off"...... LMAO!!!!!!!
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    Are you interesting buying, want to create conversation

    I guess you didnt check previous pages ???
    Did you check it ?????
    pls check first then ask me again and again.
    that's why I'm uncomfortable with you. why are you misleading people here? I shared a lot of photos. barcodes are also available.