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    I'm definitely with you on that. I'm hopping on the low dose test/hgh feel good train. Maybe up the test and add a Anadrol/var kicker every now and then. Old man shit. :cool:
    Stay safe Boulder.
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    Remember depending on the test if the OP has been running tren, due to it being a progestin it has a tendency to showing itself as elevated e2. So if tren was being ran might also be the reason behind prolactin Being elevated.
  3. bolder

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    I’m definitely not disagreeing with what you are saying here.
    I think there’s a difference between a cruise dose and a TRT dose is all.

    Of course you want to use as less as possible on a cruise dose while trying to keep the most gains in between blasts.
    I’d never do 400mg a week for a cruise dose. For me I keep more gains cruising 300mg a week than 250. That extra 50mgs makes a difference. And this is with workouts and food staying pretty much the same.
    I guess you just gotta find what works best for you while being as healthy as possible along the way.
    I’ve yet to see a dosage that works for everyone the same. Everyone is different and it takes time experimenting to find what works best for ourselves.
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  4. balco

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    It really depends person to person what cruise dose would be appropriate. IMO, if you need AI it's not a TRT dosage of test.
  5. balco

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    See I was under the impression that a cruise is dependent on the person, for instance if you need AI to be at 300mg test e it wouldn't be a cruise/TRT dose.
  6. Your theory doesn't account for the poor folks that require an AI on a true TRT regimen that's been prescribed by a doctor.
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    If you’re running 400mg cruises, what’re your blasts? A gram? Blasts are about the contrast to the cruise dosage...
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    You could cruise and blast on 400mg test if you chose to. The difference on a blast would be adding in other compounds.
    I’ve cruised at 300mg and then started my summer blast by just adding Mast and tren to the mix.
    I never go over 600mg test on a blast though. No reason to think you need to do 1000mg a week on a blast just because your cruise was 400mg. Imo.
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    He ran the estradiol sensitive test so that should eliminate the tren giving a false e2 reading.
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  10. Cityofgrit

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    This is incorrect. I'm on TRT at 200 and the injections come with anastrozole compounded in.
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    So if a guy doesn’t need an AI for 500 mg/week of test then that’s an appropriate cruise?

    More bad info from @balco

    Fuck @balco
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    Shit, I was on 500 mg\wk as part of my last cycle, no AI. That must mean I can cruise there! :rolleyes:
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  13. Trenity

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    IMO a cruise is the lowest dose you can get away with to keep T levels slightly elevated, feel good, and not let all your gains slip away between cycles. I throw mast e into my cruise pretty often, so I'm probably doing it all wrong. 250 test and 200 mast does the trick for me quite nicely.
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  14. Pierced

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    Nope, a cruise is enough test to maintain levels within normal range without having to do a pct. if your taking enough to elevate your t levels beyond normal you are blasting.
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  15. Cityofgrit

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    I agree with this. A cruise is what people do instead of PCT. It's enough to keep test within a normal to high normal range to keep gains. TRT doctors don't try to keep test in low normal range. They want the higher end of normal range.
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    Oh man, what a bummer. Was your wife atleast happier?? Or could she sense the lack of POP.
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    I get what most are saying and I’m not disagreeing on how they do their own thing.
    You’re saying that a cruise and TRT dose is the same?
    I just think a cruise is a bit higher dosage of test than when someone is on a TRT dose.
    If my trt dose is 200 a week then I’d run my cruise at 250-300mg a week. When running trt your just replacing your nature levels. If I’m cruising I want my levels on the top of the high end of normal or even a smidge about normal range.
    Apples and oranges lol. :D
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  18. But if you cruise between blasts at a higher amount, when do you ever drop back down to a TRT dosage?

    If you drop back down to a TRT dosage once you add another compound, you're really just perpetually blasting.
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  19. Avablanch892

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    This is literally exactly what I do. I just PR on the bench press yesterday “cruising” on 250 test E and 200mg mast E. Makes me wonder what I should run for the next blast just more test? I’m sensitive to estrogen sides though.
  20. Avablanch892

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    This is literally exactly what I do. I just PR on the bench press yesterday “cruising” on 250 test E and 200mg mast E. Makes me wonder what I should run for the next blast just more test? I’m sensitive to estrogen sides though.