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    Maybe you could check in more often and be entertained. It’s sad another source has been more active in your thread the last day. Keep taking care of us’ve been doing that. Just would be nice to have you pop in now and then.

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    Maybe I should of sewn your fingers together instead of my pockets?
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    Maybe you should buy me a pair of shoes.
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    Hey guys thought I would mention this , if anyone has issues with blood pressure and cholesterol there is a product you can buy on amazon called pure blood . All natural and works like a bomb . Try it out
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    Off topic question..... when calculating your BMR does how often u exercise count towards "activity level"??? I'm in the gym. For 1-2 hours 5-6 days a week and do 60 minutes of treadmil/rower 3 days a week. What activity level am I? The calorie spread between sedentary and moderate is substantial.
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    out of all my years on this forum i have NEVER seen a source come to another source's thread to stand ground together. NEVER. And honestly man, thats some stand up shit TGI just pulled.
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    What page can I find latest adex testing?

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    Shoes are expensive. How about socks instead?
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    Pink sock...

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    Tube socks
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    I could be wrong, but I don’t think he’s tested his Adex
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    I dont know about any testing on his Asin but I do however know that it works. Just brought my E2 down from 92 to 55 in a couple weeks of 12.5 mg EOD
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    Not for sale
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    He’s only had about 4-6 things tested, none of them being AI. Correct me if I’m mistaken @Trenity
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    I'd say your pretty active reading that. But calculating maintenance calories is difficult for me personally. Try a few different sites and see what you get with a high activity level.
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    Bro, that’s considered high level activity.
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