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    Using 525mg a week. It's amazing I'm on week 10 now.
    Like milder tren sprinkle with a bit of masr.

    Or like stronger primo but with less hairloss and less spots(personal issue with DHTs)

    I brew at 75mg/ml. I pin one ml a day through an insulin pin. Hence the 525mg

    I use 2%BA 24%BB rest mig840. EO doesnt agree with me. Always get big hard painful lumps.

    Pip is random. Honestly I have had pip turn up a 5 days later and then in some spots its maybe a few hours.

    With that recipe I have never had it crash but it's also quite warm and humid here.

    If it is not that impressive then you would be underwhelmed by primo at a greater cost and pinning more mg to get less out of it. To me it's an absolute no-brainer.
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  2. T-Bagger

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    I haven’t brewed any bro, but those mg you gave are right on for it to shine. Super expensive, but well worth it.
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    I ran it at 400mg for 16 weeks with great results. Am I ready to step on the Olympia stage? Of course not but I added lbm while getting leaner so I’d say it did it’s job.
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    The deca is, absolutely, the cause of the false estradiol reading.

    Both 19 Nors, tren and deca, will cause false estradiol results UNLESS you order the test that specifically uses the LC/MS-MS method for measuring estradiol.

    Like you have said, the fact that the reading is THAT high AND you have experienced minimal sides related to high estrogen tells you it is not accurate, and further not worrying about.
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    Anyone here tried the int hgh black top from panda ?
  6. Cyrix

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    It's been awhile but yes. At best they were underdosed maybe that's changed but I won't get gh from him again.
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    Thanks mate
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    got my package, customs opened pack and looked inside but didnt notice raws it was well hidden,probably they opened it to appy tax because they charged me little fee
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    Aren’t you a source?
    Well attempted to be a source here?

    Stocking up with some PPL supplies to make your comeback with? o_O
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    Yea I attempted but you guys were right its a full time job. I have my job and I am happy with it, marketing isnt like brewing for friends. So decided to give up. This order was mine biggest order from him and package was more heavy and big than before so that they wanted to check it imo. Today also I got pharmacy drol 50mgx20 for 12usd and ephedrine injectable 50mg/ml for 1usd each ampoule. My attempt was really honest, sources prices are really high but probably they have their reasons for example safety. Even a fed can order from you and if your safety isnt really cool you may be fucked up.
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    @purplepandalabs i always give credit where credit is due. I brought a minor issue to pandas attention and he went above and beyond what I initially came to him about. So thanks again panda and for the members who deal with him it’s good to know he’s willing to resolve any issues.
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    Any Canadian friends have issues with international and customs recently?
  13. pussy#er

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    Any news on what is going on regarding US Domestic at PPL? Nothing available for some time now.
  14. G0tgot

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    How do identify whats what in my stealth package
  15. ickyrica

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    PM panda, or wickr
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  16. ickyrica

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    Or me, fuck it I'll help.
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    There have just been delays in restocking. I should have products back very soon

    There are number stickers on the products or abbreviations. Just check my website for the products you ordered and by the name of the product there will be the product code. Or you can email us.
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    So I have some t3 from an order placed two years ago, I kept it in a cool dry place and it hasn't moved since then. Today I looked at it and the bag is filled with complete tablets, partial tablets and lots of powder at the bottom. I checked on some arimidex and it is now in the same condition. The other batch of arimidex from PPL I have is a pressed round tablet and those are perfectly fine, all of these being stored in their own bags in the same container which has moved maybe 8 times in the last 2 years. The container is never jostled or thrown around either.

    Is this normal?
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    TD! Stealth is phenomenal.
  20. Mbaku53

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