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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by purplepandalabs, Mar 16, 2017.

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    I don't know about your gear but I'll give you props for dropping "sucka" in there. Your post came across to me in Booker T's voice.
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  3. Iron_Yuppie

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    Anybody try his Fake ID? My buddy ran 400mg/w of fake ID (no test base) and ended up adding three years to his age. Anyone else with similar experiences?
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  4. ickyrica

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    Lead paint chips for breakfast?
  5. Thegreek

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    Maybe it’s just me but what in the hell are you talking about. Lol
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  6. TitaniumGear (TGI)

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    Maple syrup
  7. Forget where your thread is at?
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    Lol, whoops
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    But TGI's response is funny as hell you have to admit lol
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  10. Not really. But to each their own.
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  11. ickyrica

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    Is it any available dick that you'll put in your mouth or what?
  12. MindlessWork

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    Lol...anything wrong? You don't seem to be yourself today.

    (No attack meant)
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  13. All good, man. i just didn't think it was funny. i frequent his thread often, so it's like reading the same joke for the 15th time. It loses it's luster quickly.
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  14. Seven

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    No attack meant? How fucking sweet of you Screen Licker.


    You two need to get a room. Throw in @T-Bagger for liking @MisterSuperGod post and it's a rave!!

    Mindless doesn't use ANY drugs so you guys will have to "slip it" to him.
  15. i know you hate Mindless, but quit being a baby because others don't share your view.

    Show me legitimate proof that he's a RSO or an arrest record that shows proof that he was arrested for any of the shit that he's constantly being accused of and i'll join the anti-Mindless bandwagon.

    Until then, you carry on with your ineffective vendetta and i'll continue to think for myself, rather than have someone tell me what to think.
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  16. Goingstronger

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    Anyone tried/tested PPL's testosterone base micronized? Is it legit and properly dosed?

    I want to get some for a preworkout buzz
  17. SirPuFFaLoT

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    How is it used?
  18. ickyrica

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    I hate him to big man, he is queer as fuck and has a lust for young boys. Wood chipper if I had my way
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  19. ickyrica

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    I've enjoyed it. Made up a half dozen vials a while back. Unreal stack with Anadrol.
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  20. Seven

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    A baby? Lol. Fuck off bitch.

    I didn't even say anything about his love for young men. You want prove? Go hack his 4TB home media center. I'm sure you will find what you are looking for.

    **hint** Password is: MisterSuperGod

    I was calling him and you straight up cocksuckers. Pretty sure I recall you calling him a closet homosexual before.

    I don't give two fucks what you think. Go make another stupid fucking thread in the underground about your UGL in search of "likes."

    Fact is Mindless makes Meso look bad. The typical stereotype of someone who looks like they don't train, but they're constantly on AAS boards.
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