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  1. What’s up with the stock inventory of the international raws ? Are you only stocking the common stuff now ? @purplepandalabs
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    @purplepandalabs whats up with the user accounts on the website? Why are we having to create new user accounts?
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    @purplepandalabs why aren’t you more active here?
    There’s several questions that’s been asked that has went unanswered by you for awhile now! o_O
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  4. Seems to be contagious with sources as of late.
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    Yea many times. Thats Thats why I don't order from them anymore. Gave me bunk tren and bunk ass Sdrol raws. Im running the injectable Sdrol now for 2 weeks at 20mg Ed and its not doing shit.
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    I have to comment here. I have used ppl raws many times in past years and have never had any bad experiences with their products as of yet. I’ve never seen the quality of the raws questioned and then proved to be substandard. If I would ever feel that anything was not right, I would send it in for testing to make sure me and my friends are using only quality products.
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    Lol @ panda having "bunk" product. The only issues I've encountered while using his raw was because of myself, not panda
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    I’ve used PPL for a couple years and haven’t had any bad experiences with their products. Hell... even won first place in my weight class last year running nothing but PPL. I’ve tested various different compounds with labmax test kits and every compound in the past has been legit. Idk though, just my story!
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    Someone explain to me how I'm using one of the strongest steroids and I'm not getting anything from it.... I'll wait. Only thing I got from it is a bloated stomach. No crazy size or strength increase everyone talks about.

    I made 15ml of 40mg Sdrol. With .6g raw.

    Bout to start pinning 40mg of it instead of 20mg to see if it will actually do something.
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    You are running only 200mg of tren per week... what are you expecting? It’s not a magical elixir.

    To take a micro dose and claim bunk is a bit misleading...
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    I'm talking about the Sdrol not the Tren right now sucka. The Tren I'm running is from another source and it's legit.

    And the ppl Tren I ran it up to 600mg n didn't see shit. Basically lost all my muscle during a cut.
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    How was your training? We’re you pushing calories as hard as you are pushing this bunk review?

    I’m honestly not trying to give you are hard time. Just confused how you are the only person to ever receive bunk product from PPL but you have no testing...
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    I have bought multiple batches of the superdrol and both times it was equally as potent. Also made a bunch of it for my friends who were even more impressed than I was because I am one of the people that need weeks for orals to kick in while one of them had it kick in just days into. We are all different and I think your experience had nothing to do with it being bunk. Have you done it orally?
  14. Get it tested then come back here with your results...we’ll wait.

    Scammed multiple times from the same source ? Then y u go bak 4 mor bruh
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    I'm still running the
    I never went back.
  16. Many times = multiple times. When I make my capsules I dose each one at 20mg. There’s a lot of fear mongering on here. You won’t need an extra liver, your liver won’t hate you, and you won’t turn yellow from jaundice.
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    Never took any oral and this is the first time using any oral injectable. Everybody says it way strong than the oral and that I should feel or see some size increase the first couple of days. I haven't noticed any difference since I been on it for 2 weeks now. So either it's bunk or the only other possibility is that I never overdose by 10% when brewing. Not getting any sides either.
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    I’ve got some Superdrol that tested out to be 99% pure, and I’m just not a good responder to the compound. There’s no need to take over 30mg a day really. It’s pretty damn toxic. There’s def a lot better things to run than sdrol. It’s highly overrated. Imo
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    Nothin but good things to say here too. Anavar is pumping me up nicely along with the injectables that are half way kicked it.
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