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  1. You're the one making yourself and Meso look bad.
    How many of your last 50 posts don't include Mindless?

    Is this really a vendetta or do you got the hots for old boy and you can't take rejection without acting like a fool?

    You're a slightly helpful troll around here anymore. Yeah, i'll talk shit to Mindless and i did question what his deal was once, then dropped it. Why? Because i really don't care, and even if i did and wanted to act like an idiot about it, i have no proof. Just like you have nothing to back up your trolling other than a poorly worded post from years back and a bunch of memes made up by some little wannabes that trolled him on bb dot com.

    And fuck you. MSG labs was a great April fools day joke. It's not my fault that you're a miserable asshole. Blame your parents, the women that dumped you and your god for that, just like everyone else does.
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  2. SirPuFFaLoT

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    Damn, shit is getting heated up in here. Panda's tren must be legit af.
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  3. Goingstronger

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    Thanks a lot man!
  4. Goingstronger

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    Personnally, I mix it in DMSO
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  5. Trois

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    so what's up with the deleted user accounts?

    still no news on my reship apparently they are waiting for stock? from international warehouse? bit bummed i'm down 500$
  6. D Rogers

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    Ordered some Turkish Pharma from Panda on Sunday night. Package just arrived 2.5 days later to me in the USA, everything good. That's faster than amazon prime, pretty amazing. Thanks Panda