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  1. You're the one making yourself and Meso look bad.
    How many of your last 50 posts don't include Mindless?

    Is this really a vendetta or do you got the hots for old boy and you can't take rejection without acting like a fool?

    You're a slightly helpful troll around here anymore. Yeah, i'll talk shit to Mindless and i did question what his deal was once, then dropped it. Why? Because i really don't care, and even if i did and wanted to act like an idiot about it, i have no proof. Just like you have nothing to back up your trolling other than a poorly worded post from years back and a bunch of memes made up by some little wannabes that trolled him on bb dot com.

    And fuck you. MSG labs was a great April fools day joke. It's not my fault that you're a miserable asshole. Blame your parents, the women that dumped you and your god for that, just like everyone else does.
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  2. SirPuFFaLoT

    SirPuFFaLoT Member

    Damn, shit is getting heated up in here. Panda's tren must be legit af.
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  3. Goingstronger

    Goingstronger Member

    Thanks a lot man!
  4. Goingstronger

    Goingstronger Member

    Personnally, I mix it in DMSO
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  5. Trois

    Trois Junior Member

    so what's up with the deleted user accounts?

    still no news on my reship apparently they are waiting for stock? from international warehouse? bit bummed i'm down 500$
  6. D Rogers

    D Rogers Junior Member

    Ordered some Turkish Pharma from Panda on Sunday night. Package just arrived 2.5 days later to me in the USA, everything good. That's faster than amazon prime, pretty amazing. Thanks Panda
  7. N01B4M3

    N01B4M3 Member

    Pack landed a few days ago. The stealth is amazing as always and everything looks good. Fast shipping was great the first time I used it a few months ago...got everything in 6-8 days. This time, fast shipping took 20 days and my order was "Preparing Package" for over 10+ days. I have another one coming fast shipping and it's already been 10+ days as well. Definitely not an option I'll choose again. 2 thumbs down on shipping!
  8. Scottyhash74

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    Hello Guys,
    Quick question for anyone who's running Pandas HGH.
    Domestic is now offering Blue & Black tops.
    Could someone plz bring me up to speed on the difference between the 2 and why Blue are $50.00 more?
    Thx in advance to any and responses.
  9. bolder

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    @purplepandalabs whats up with the lack of presence here man? There’s been a lot of questions that needs answered and it seems to me that you’d be the perfect person to answer them. I mean they’re your customers...

    You’ve posted about a possible extortion that you were dealing with but didn’t take a few minutes to check out this (your) thread!?

    I’m sure you can take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule to come and answer some questions a few times a week.
    What’s the problem?
  10. androgenics89

    androgenics89 Member

    Agreed. I would like to know why the raws list got cut in half also.
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  11. biggerben69

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    Where's that rep of his....just answered about 10 wickr msg's from him...well a half truth.I read a volley of wickr's from him.
    You guys know who I'm talking about, correct...pandas rep does post her i believe...unless he's repping on a different board....my question mark is busted.
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  12. Cityofgrit

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    Panda took over repping for himself. The old rep..the good one is gone. The next rep was complete asshole and cocky s.o.b. Then Panda said he would just be on here more himself... as you can see that lasted all about a minute.
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  13. bolder

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    I have used PPL in the past with good experiences overall. I’d like to think when I need to, I would use his services again.
    Personally I won’t consider using a source when they can’t be somewhat active in their thread to answer questions.
    I don’t feel like I should have to go to another board, send countless emails, etc, just to have a few simple questions answered.
    I mean they came to Meso. I didn’t go looking for them, so I feel like if I use their services the least they could do is show some appreciation and be somewhat active to the customers they came here to get! Or I can take my business elsewhere to a source that will. :eek:

    But that’s just me... :)
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  14. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    Well, I just Wickr'd the rep,,,panda is pretty tight with the kid. I can't say which rep he is or if he's either. Panda told me so even though I've known the kid longer than I've known panda. I don't come through often...if ever but I do chop it up some.
    Trying to weasel my way in on a trip to The Peoples Republic in a couple of months. If anyone can pull it off its gonna be me!! The kids going....whats one more ticket in the grand scheme of things.....
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  15. eje1990

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    The most recent rep was 2dumb. And was relocated to another board per panda...for obvious reasons.
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  16. Masterofron

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    Dunno if he will come and answer, but @purplepandalabs I hope you don’t mind me copying what you wrote publicly elsewhere and putting it here to answer at least this question..

    From panda- “all the exotic steroids came from only one main broker here in China. That broker was just recently shutdown for selling fentanyl precursors. So it killed all the super rare steroids and most of the medical raws access in China”
  17. ItsDaBoii

    ItsDaBoii Member

    Anyone here tried his dbol and mk677 raws ?
  18. myshkin23

    myshkin23 Junior Member

    Youre not the only one being dissapointed with the quality of tren ppl sells.
    I get wa y more out of 30 mg s23(a sarm), then out of 400 mg tren e a week....this should not be the case.

    If you would be so kind to share your new tren source through a pm, i would be very gratefull
  19. Jwole33

    Jwole33 Member

    I have been running their Anadrol At 100mg pre work out for all most 2 weeks and am not noticing much at all. Definitely not my first time running this compound so I do know what to expect.
  20. Thegreek

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