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    :( :( :(
    I'll make up for it in with attitude:D

    I answered this above, please check it out.
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    Maybe I missed it on the website, in the US domestic section, is the injectable winny in oil or water?
  3. flenser

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    My first experience with Humatrope. Can I assume a bunch of white foamy stuff in the vial after reconstituting it means it's no good?

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    I’m not very familiar with GH but did you by any chance shake it after or during reconstitution. You’re not supposed to do that.
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    I didn't shake it, but it looks like I didn't use enough bac water. The filler had leaked in shipping, so I used 2.5ml bac water instead. I found where they said the filler contained 3ml, so I added another 0.5ml and the foam went away.
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    Has anyone ordered from PPL since they restocked US domestic? Just had TD and I have some "concerns" to say the least. Awaiting response from PPL and rep. Will post more details depending on the response. Just curious if anyone else has received anything and what their experience was.
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    Replied. I suggest you don't post specific details about stealth in this thread after you resolve the "issue". Thanks.
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    Hey gamergoober if you're not completely sure what you should or should not post in regards to your specific situation may I suggest taking it to a member who has been around for a while?
    Not taking anything away from this new rep or implying anything about him specifically, but in a situation like yours as to what is beneficial for other members to know about could possibly be a decision that might border on a conflict of interest if you were to leave the decision on what to leave out to a rep of the source you are having an issue with.

    In other words, some reps may wish to keep the entire issue off the board if it makes the source look not so good. That may keep something that could be beneficial to other members from being posted while not being a security threat to the source or his customers and thats the kind of thing that should be posted.
    Pinnacle makes a valid point, however, as there for sure are somethings that are best discussed off the board.
    Let's figure it out.
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    Great points, just wanted to reiterate what I meant: I dont care if he discloses to the board about his concern, but for his specific "issue" which was in regard to our stealth packaging being to stealthy (haha). I would like for him to keep the details that he PMed me (specifics on what stealth method was exactly used) off the boards for customer security and our own ease of sending out products.

    Edit: I believe it it is my responsibility to state this after he mentioned the exact stealth method we used through PMs, and like you said - since he is a new member he may/may not think that it is alright to discuss stealth on an open board. Secondly, after seeing what happened on Dragon Ordnances thread, I am weary of having a repeat like that. Once again, I want to make it clear that any issue that any customer believes needs to be made open to the public: do not hesitate to do so. After all, there are no moderators on this forum and it is the members job to keep a source in check. However, please stay away from anything too specific such as how we ship products, order number, your data or anything related to OPSEC. I believe most of those topics are entitled to a PM or an Email.
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    All understood and I will not disclose any details. With your PM reply, I believe I understand and we should be all set. Thanks for the quick response.
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    Happy to be of service :p
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    Any of you guys ever get raws labeled same "" on bag? I orderes tren e, mast e, test e.. The test is labled right but mast e and tren e are labled the same as whats supposed to be Mast e.. However, I can tell they are different compounds.. The tren looks like Tren etc.. I just want to make sure..

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    Hi, please PM me your order number as well as pictures of the products. Then we can go from there.
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    If I'm ordering international raws and shealth GH will they need to be shipped separately?
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    Yes, for the time being. We will update that soon.
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    1 Fake IDs?
    That can bring down the whole Panda business and its spinoffs.
    Take it down
    Gear is legal in some countries, but fake IDs are illegal everywhere. Uncle Sam might complain to the chinese gov't and they may cooperate. If they do, you're fucked.

    Any HPLC works fine enough.

    Any top brand is worthless without reference standards.
    Especially true in HPLC since it doesn't identify compounds like GC-MS would.

    3 As of late, I was busy studying and practicing for a certification. When did @Pinnacle became Panda's rep?

    4 Can you sell cheaper, unfiltered semi-finished gear?
    To be on the safe side, any gear especially semi finished gear must be filtered again, just in case.
    The bottle itself is likely not sterile, as vials would.
    So why not save a few $$$ for you and your customers and save the filtration hassles. Then you'll just need to dissolve the gear in oil, add BA, BB as needed.
    (I'm not accusing you of being dirty, just pointing out the obvious)

    5 Any chance you can sell bare sterile filters?
    Meant for those in Europe or other countries where there are hard to find.

    6 I wonder if that makes economic sense (for them)
    For the risk involved they'd prefer to earn some extra $$ by brewing since mailing vials ain't any more risky.

    7 I wonder if the bottles would withstand autoclave temperatures.
    Again, not accusing Panda of being dirty, just pointing out the obvious.
    Criticism? Maybe
    But it's positive criticism.

    8 MENT seems to be gone in Int'l raws
    I always wanted to try it.
    At least DHB remains.
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    How long has it been sitting? I've used Humatrope from USA pharmacy and once reconstituted it was clear almost immediately. The water that comes with it is the only water that should be used to reconstitute it. I'm not entirely sure if the water that is supplied with Humatrope is Bacteriostatic water or not, or if the preservatives are in the lyophilized powder. It should not be cloudy or stay white like that for more a matter of seconds though.
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    Website says minimum order is 100$ is that true for international? For some reason I thought min. Was around 200 or 250.
  19. flenser

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    It wasn't cloudy, really, but it had some white foam on the top. It was there long enough for me to sit down and write a post about it. Then I added the extra 0.5ml water and the foam went away. I couldn't use the water that came with it, since the fill device had leaked.

    I haven't bothered getting bloods, since I only have the one cartridge to use before switching to another brand. I at least have the swollen ankles I usually get when starting GH.
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    Any feed back on the DNP