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  1. Pinnacle

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    The minimum order is $100 for international :D.
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  2. CaseyJ

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    Hey @Pinnacle just got my first order in from panda and everything looks great. I had a question though about making an Anavar solution. If I used a PEG 300 and everclear solution to make liquid oral var how long would the shelf life be?
  3. Pinnacle

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    Shelf life will be around 2 years depending on environmental factors.
  4. Lunar Vera

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    Hello @Pinnacle, I seen Canada Domestic recently added but the only product available for domestic within Canada is DNP. Do you know if or when any more products will be available within Canada? Thank you.
  5. scueter

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    Let me know how that works for you as I'd be interested in how it worked and the recipe.
  6. Pinnacle

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    Currently, this is only from my knowledge - I believe most products WILL be available in Canada soon. I will have to confirm with xxxx in the morning, but this is what I believe based on past conversations.
    However, I will update this once again when I get a definite answer. Apologies! It's 2:30AM here haha.
  7. Lunar Vera

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    You can only do so much, no worries, thanks!
  8. tylersburden

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    bump on the DNP though. Any experiences?
  9. Pinnacle

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    Hey! The products in the USA/Canada section are all available to be shipped to Canada. Just need to fix the caption under the products. Thanks!
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  10. Lunar Vera

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    Fantastic, thank you.
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  11. RikudoCan

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    Any plan to sell capped DNP?
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  12. Fenrir51

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    It wasn't brewed, the T3 was a finished product. A pressed tablet.
  13. Pinnacle

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    No sorry, it's unsafe to be capped even with a full suit on. Especially capping for a while.
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  14. Thegreek

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    Is it safer than a SQL Injection?

    More Extortionist Threats Made Against Panda

    Dragon Ordnance

    Why did your boss lie to all his customers? Why do they have to pay?
  15. RikudoCan

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    I understand, same reason I dont want to cap it myself lol
  16. Lunar Vera

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    @Pinnacle I see Canada domestic was updated, are peptides currently only available in USA for domestic?
  17. jimmytwotimes

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    Hey @Pinnacle i believe there might be a mistake on the PPL website and I want to make sure so I am able to correctly dose my injections.

    Under the international peptides section, you guys have tb-500 (2 mg) listed for $14 per vial with minimum order of 10 vials.

    Under USA domestic section, you have TB-500 (5 mg) listed for $16 (minimum order of 1 vial)

    USA domestic should be more expensive than international right? Why would you guys be giving 2.5x the amount of product for basically the same price as international?

    My guess is that the USA domestic vials are actually 2 mg each and not 5 mg each. This would make far more sense. Is there any way you could check with the boss and find out if I am correct?

    Thanks so much for your help.
  18. Demex

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    Is there ANY reason my EQ would be melted and my Test Cyp would not upon receiving my package when the melting point for EQ is much higher than Test Cyp. Even the nolvadex I received isnt melted and it has a lower melting point than EQ
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  19. jimmytwotimes

    jimmytwotimes Junior Member

    EQ raws are liquid bro. They usually come in different packaging than the other raws too, this way they don’t leak everywhere.
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  20. Demex

    Demex Junior Member

    Wow thank you, feeling dumb right now. First time working with EQ raws and did not realize this at all