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    Dont they have 2mg AND 5mg? 2mg 10 vials is like 80usd and 5mg is more, Iirc, please correct me if I'm wrong I'm not on the site though.
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    You might be thinking of BPC 157 which there are 3 options for...

    International: 2 mg x 10 vials - $80

    International: 5 mg x 10 vials - $140

    US domestic: 5 mg x 1 vial - $15

    But for tb-500 there are only 2 options...

    International: 2 mg x 10 vials - $140

    US domestic: 5 mg x 1 vial - $16

    Just doesn’t make sense that the domestic TB-500 would only be $2 more for 2.5x the quantity. I’m not complaining, I just want to make sure I’m not injecting 2.5x the amount that I’m supposed to be injecting.
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    Darwinism at its best! (If that's even a word lol)
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    Sorry, I would first like to address the issue which you guys may have thought I disregarded yesterday:
    I did not want to reply without actual information. Looks like whoever was hacked were using the same usernames and passwords on BoP and on here. This has nothing to do with any orders done on our website, as our website was not hacked. Not to mention we are not the only source targeted.
    Just wanted to keep you guys updatedupdated with the correct information. Contrary to what the hacker has said, our website and it's data has not been touched.
    We do not pay up to extortionists.
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    I spoke to 3 members who were compromised and none were members of BOP.
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    I was at bop but it’s been so long since I logged on over there I don’t remember the login info. Also I never did any business with DO and had no account there. My proton mail account has been used for transactions from a few sources but it wasn’t the same email used on meso. The meso acct name had a similarity to the proton address but wasn’t the exact same one.
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    I still say the hacker just wanted to post looking like a handsome, buff, muscular dude. I believe that’s why he chose me hehe
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    Did they get into your protonmail too our just your meso account?

    And to be clear, your protonmail, is NOT the email you use here as a recovery email?
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    I just checked through my account info here and don’t see any other emails listed anywhere
  11. Serono

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    Under your profile then "contact details" is that the same email as you use currently?

    Also was your protonmail compromised? Or just your meso account? Ie. Is there any signs that they hacker accessed your protonmail account?

    Trying to make sure we have all the facts here.
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    I would suggest that anyone on this forum who is using protonmail just change your current PW, enable 2FA (there is a guide in you proton mail page), and add a custom signature message to let your source know that its you and not a scammer. This takes about 10 minutes tops and is well worth it in the long run. I'm hoping that all of the sources that are using Protonmail will also do the same thing moving forward to avoid these assholes!
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    The only email address there is the one I sign into meso with. My proton account was compromised but they are not the same email addresses at all. Very different emails but they had the same password
  14. Serono

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    Also, what you can do is trust their public key. This can be done by doing the following.

    Open an email, next to the sender name there is a "downward arrow" click that, then in the dropdown click "trust public key". Or you can do it from the contacts menu.

    What this does is locks that email address, to that public key. So if someone emails from an account other than that one, with different(or no) public keys it will fail address verification.

    There will always be a checkmark in the lock icon, if it passes verification.

    I suggest doing this with your sources address.

    The caveat to this is, if the source changes their password, it will fail verification, but you can at least ask them some questions, and then re-verify the key if you feel confident.
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    The TB 500 domestic is also 5mg, apologies for the mistake on the website.
  16. I know the website says like 18-21 days T/A for Intl Raws....Is this still accurate?
  17. Pinnacle

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    It is around 12-18 days, but we say 18-21 in case any packs come slow.
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    You are correct sire
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    @Pinnacle - are your international semi finished oils packaged with the same kind of stealth as your domestic? That would alleviate a lot of my worries before buying those. Thanks!
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    Panda, do you have a reshipper in the US?