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    It's only 73 dollars but the overpayment was their fault. I never want to order from these guys again but their prices are just too good. I wouldn't mind having it as store credit. This whole thing is such a pain in the ass that they probably don't want me as a customer anymore either, but it was all their fault.
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  2. Just ordered for the third time a few days ago from ppl himself. Did it through wickr. soflakidinchina. His wickr profile pic was ppl logo along with a nickname of purple panda labs.

    Unfortunately, since then it seems he changed his profile pic and removed the ppl reference. Yikes, I might be out of $1,000.

    I'm not saying he's gone 100% it's only been like 4 days where as my previous order once took 55 days. So yeah I say give it some time before we know anything definitely but it is weird to change wickr profile pic and ppl references. I'll update later. I really just wanted some gear before the ban went in effect especially since I lost like 200grams over a spill/shattering.

    Here below is my previous order btw. Lost this acc info. First order took ~55 days and second about ~15.
    For funsies check the post history of that and this acc. xd

    I'll keep you guys updated. gl boys.
  3. When does this supposed ban go in effect?
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    I believe many are rushing to stock up so he probably got busy. No reason for him to run beforehand when there's still money to make.
  5. I feel you. He really did come through for me two times as is. I am not calling him out for sure at all. I'm just saying somethinig more like "hey guys just care cause why did his wickr change?"
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    There is always some shady shit going on with PPL. it has become status quo.
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    Thought they were just putting a ban on sarms?

    where does it say anything about AAS?

    A ban for raws in China would literally crush 98% of sources
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    Right there with you, ordered through him personally a few days ago for the 5 or 6th time. I’ve had zero issues all the other times, it’s alway been great. Hopefully no different this time. I did to notice the picture change, it had me curious.
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    Im With you, i thought it was raw sarms only
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    Im wondering... most raw srcs are going private. Panda said he will continue business as normal, but I'd at least, from a logical perspective, expect him to take more of a discreet stance, avoid forums, messengers and stick to secure email, to a minimum. That fake ID stuff should go imo, best if whole orders thing is taken via email only.
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    10-15 days T/A, Everything came in full. The stealth was great, really well done. Customer service was also very good. Happy doing business with PPL
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    Panda informed me that all Wickr messages were replied to as of this morning, he changed his picture for personal reasons but he is changing it back now. Nothing to worry about, business as usual :p
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    28EB20CD-8D62-448B-88A6-3F7D24BA244F.jpeg My official wickr is: soflakidinchina
    And this is my avatar. I changed my avatar to black for a couple days because I was trying to fuck with a landmark chem sales person who has been talking shit
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    Head restraints are a hoot. Logo on hood of car as well? :D
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  16. What as landfart chem taking shit about?
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    Cool. Any coupon available?
  18. What Is the current way to order and what is the current status on this supplier? G2g or not?
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    wickr is my go to to order direct from panda and avoid the website. never say anyone is g2g but I will say any time there is an issue, they resolve it, just not always fast.

    use INT to order is my advice and avoid DOM.
  20. What is wickr?