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    Bwhaha! Panda doesnt give a shit about his customers security. He has proven this in the past.
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    Yes I’ll be able to get a lot of compounds that I don’t have access to in China

    I won’t be living in India. I will just have a warehouse there. No it wouldn’t have mattered if they were importing substances deemed illegal without the proper licensing by their government, even if the company they were purchasing from was fully licensed and legal. But that would seem like a self evident question. There’s a large difference between a pharmaceutical company exporting API’s to customers who provided business licenses to us(or such the records will show) and a guy who walks into a pharmacy and buys some tramadol and sticks it in a box to ship to some random person somewhere in the world. But this too is rather self evident, to most, anyways. And by no means do I want you to think your trip to come be my advisor will end in you making shoes in a chinese prison sweat shop for .1¢ an hour for 10 years. After all, you’ll be with the owner of two pharmaceutical companies doing absolutely nothing definably criminally illegal in China. So just let me know when you need my chinese pharmaceutical companies reference letter for your PO. I’ve already ordered some nice custom stationery to type it up on. That first class ticket is waiting for you. As promised. Just say the word.

    It will delete all client info from our system permanently.

    send me a Wickr message: soflakidinchina
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    @purplepandalabs Landmarkchem have stopped to sell steroids because of the new china law against steroids suppliers. David Yang Of LMC has said that you have all stopped to supply and produce.
    What is your statement about this ? Purplepandalabs will stop on 01/01/2020 or not ?
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    We will not stop selling raws. Our business license in China allows us to continue to purchase raw materials from the factories here, unlike landmark chemicals license which does not after January allow them to purchase the raw materials
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    Going one this statement, the china ban isn't going to kill domestic labs. Just limit there sources for raw. Good news if its true.
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    i also sent a wickr measage regarding a potential order, thanks
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    where is my order? ive bought something from the website, but the shipment doesn’t move, can you help me please?
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    Good move!

    I sure hope you can meet the demand.
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    How the fuck he supposed to help with a vague comment like that. PM the rep and do it behind closed doors
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    Order landed. International health Express shipping was fast. This is not my 1st time ordering but the packaging was amazing. Packaging was good before but they really upped their game this time.

    Shipping and packaging are 10/10.
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    Are people still ordering with Bitcoin? The Bitcoin value has been plummeting for the last month. Are there other options for payment?
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    So what? i just buy and use it right away to transfer, we are using it as a common barter medium not as store of value.
    Also it goes down and it goes up, last time i ordered i had like 5$ bitcoin left in my wallet, opened for the order i made 4 days ago and it became 26$ lol.
    Update on my order it was input into the system as being prepared to ship two days after payment(on the 12th) and is in transit with tracking number updating leaving origin today(17th), should be here in like two/three weeks:)
    ive been reading alot of other threads since i havent been here in a while and just wondering why everyone is using other unknown dubious sources when PP is here..
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    Dont store BTC unless you plan on holding it for a while. Send it as payment and whatever happens to it after is their problem
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    Email us or contact me on wickr: soflakidinchina
    Western union, money gram, bank wire. But you need to send the order in email for these options
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    Alright. I understand Meso has been without a rep here for a little bit. @purplepandalabs has asked me to come in and help here. @Millard Baker can you please change my user status to rep?

    I'm here to make sure your transactions go smoothly. Answer any questions, help order questions.

    For the time being orders while still need to be done through the website, or through panda. Although that may change.

    We're going to try to do some cool stuff as I settle in. One thing is some contests with a few give aways, so stay tuned to that.

    I'll be on here at least once a day. To respond to PM's and questions. And with that said everyone keep in mind that the holidays are right around the corner and there will be a slow down. So if you need something is get it in.
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    What happened to Pinnacle?
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    Damn we’re on rep #4 now?

    @PandaRep were you a member here before taking the rep position? Kinda be nice knowing who we’re talking to...

    I’ve noticed @purplepandalabs has been on here more frequently as of late, which was a shocker.

    Are you on Pandas time zone or US or?
    Like when should we expect your presence here?
    That’s all I have for now... :oops:
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    Not sure what happened to pinnacle.
    I'm @Robfromga if you've followed anything I've posted over the years you'll know I've given alot of sources shit. Hopefully that means something. And I have vested interest in seeing this thing done right. I'm eastern standard time.
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    You're fucking kidding?!! No no no....bro, you were one of the first people I followed when I came to Meso!!!!! You sold out???!!!! I'm so disappointed...not as much as when I found out Santa wasn't real, but damn.

    Kinda kidding (maybe...) good luck with your new gig