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    an encrypted messaging app, like signal and others
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    Going to make a larger order soon, been a while since my last one (everything went beautifully well with good email response from staff). Havent been on in a while and i see some ban talk about sarms and other FUD? alls ok?
    Test E has been good lately? last time i ordered from another producer it was painful, i got some an order after that from Panda and it was great, just want to be sure its still on par. Looking to get some trenE also, superdrol and stock up on BB and BA.
    Anything extra to know when ordering liquids? it says per gram o nthe site but i guess its per ml right?
    Someone wrote here saying shipping went to 100?? says 50$ on the site and thats fair.
    Edit, i signed out and keep getting "operation failed" when i try and sign back in.
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    Recently we made some changes to the site that cleared all accounts on the site. You may need to create a new one
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    I would be very careful what information you give Panda. His track record for being hacked and losing customer information is atrocious. Why would that change any time soon. And now you have the threat of the Chinese government nabbing him. Maybe @purplepandalabs head will be Chinas bargaining chip in the trade negotiations with Trump!
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    Thanks its a new account, i was just making an error in the password about a million times over and i couldnt re edit the post anymore.
    @movingiron88 of course we should all be careful, not afraid of three letter agencies since im not american and my country looks for other stuff, but i do limit info and adresses and stuff, thanks.
    Panda did well by me twice before, dont see what i would hesitate now so ill go forward probably tomorrow and submit.
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    Appreciate the ego stroking. But unfortunately not on Snowden status
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    Ordered and paid today, says preparing package, china sleeps now so all good. Orders usually arrive in three weeks so ill keep everyone posted then.
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    I ordered a bunch of raws stealth international 3 weeks ago and already received them just fine
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    I'm just gonna drop this classic right here
  12. That shit will never get old!
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    Lmao I almost forgot. Guy was literally a gear fein like it was meth or crack or something.
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    That’s a damn gem right there
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    Are we building a wall there too?
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    New pharmaceutical company license issued in India for my new company there. Within the next few months I will be offering a full line of USP grade raws that ship from India.
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    You think there will be things you can make in india that china doesn't allow like phentermine? Just to name one item off the top of my head. Oh, and ephedrine?
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    Well, this may be just the push you need to get there? I'm sure you're aware that the Indian Gov't set a precedent when they extradited owners of internet pharmacies a few years back.
    I met one in while a guest at MDC LA a few months ago. He was filling orders of Tramadol. I believe Tramadol is a Schedule 4?
    He was a citizen of India and was going to be picked up by INS after serving his time to be deported back to his country.

    Panda...if you had been a licensed raw powder dealer would you have been exempt from the coming changes? I've spoken to a few UGL owners who claim they get powders from a licensed raw supplier so its business as usual for them? I don't know if they are being truthful.
    Also..is this going to effect my trip? I'm beginning to worry I might get caught up in something being your guest?
    Maybe we should wait a bit and let your celebrity build some?
    Its not exactly the same but I could be the Dennis Rodman to your Little Rocket Man....Or the Sean Penn to your El Chapo might be more accurate?
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    When a buyer deletes an account after an order arrives, do you erase all traces of this transaction, name, address, ect. Just want to make sure this stuff is locked down tight as you move your business around from China and India in case there's any problems.
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    Hey can I get a DM from you please I’ve been working with your customer service through email and things are getting murky. I appreciate it.