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Does Panda test-e cause bad pip?
I read about some test E causing bad pip a couple months ago.. pretty sure there was some raws going around that people were complaining about pip.. but i don’t have any personal experience with that situation I just remember reading about it.


Why bother finding out the hard way when you can buy and brew Test C? What draws people to Test E over Test C?

Because it's exotic to people in North America. Europeans probably fetish cyp. The aas forums always have lots of guys that seem to want enanthate, perhaps it's the extra mg/ml that you can pack, but from a brewing standpoint I think one should always go with a lower concentration brew and cut back on as much solvent as possible.

I ranted about this in the past, T-E is hit and miss, for me it's not worth the risk to buy 100+g of E and find out if I got an off batch. The worst pip I've ever had was with T-E and it's not the enanthate ester itself, it's just Test E, Mast-E is no problem at all, always butter smooth

Like I mentioned before if someone wants absolutely no pip, go with Test Ace for short ester and Test Cyp for long ester and you'll have all your bases covered.


Test E is probably the worst one to pick with raws. Either too much impurities or free enanthic acid. It spoils easily, melting into a gel. Im no phd in organic chemistry but I believe the enanthic ester undergoes more of a complex, longer synthesis and purification tasks versus other esters.

Cyp is far more stabler imo.... as for pip, test fpp is also quite good stuff. Ive used prop in dosage as high as 200mg and im not ever doing it again. The tissue inflammation from the propionic acid had me sick with fever and anemia for weeks...


whatsup boys, without giving away stealth or packaging too much. How do you tell which raw is which. guessing they wont be clearly labeling any of the raws?

ordering npp test c anadrol and adex

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