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    Damnit that's funny
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    Cut your dose a bit... That's a side.. I get good results with 10mg per day
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    No worries.
    I need to order some cialis raws. I use a suspension and question it's strength
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    I used 5mg or a bit more today and was pumped and veiny as heck...use a bit to much and sinus hell for the day... They say affrin fixes it though
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    You bought it premixed? Ppl cialis raws are gtg
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    I like how you break things down in words I understand and use daily.

    Thanks doc :cool:
  7. Not many post of the domestic finished as of yet, so I'll contribute. Started tren ace at 100 mg ed, currently on day two. All I can say thus far is there is some moderate PIP. Will update on sides and so on.
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    I will be starting PPL NPP next week.along with potg sust and MEDITECH D-BOL.
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    Peepee is one of my favorite words to use....
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    @purplepandalabs - do you offer $100 credit for each sample that we send off. I'm wondering b/c I will have 3 separate finished oils that I would like to have tested.
  11. With the extended half life, why not scale it back and dose it EOD?
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    I'm just curious...Do you find that capping something low dose in bulk like 5mg, 10mg, 20mg is accurate enough? I've been looking into "capsule machines" and I'm just having a hard time trusting pouring powder into a plate and spreading it around. What's to say that most of it doesn't just fall into the first few capsules resulting in increasingly lower amounts?
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    @jester10305 if you don't feel confident in your ability with capping just make a suspension or solution.
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  14. This is why initial measurement and a proper filler is extremely important. Without a filler, one single capsule would potentially contain all the active ingredient you require for an entire batch of caps.

    I don't want to derail the thread, but if you'd like me to go into detail I'd be more than happy bro. Once you get it down it's easy as pie, I have been capping for years and using the same math/method with great success!
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  15. Maybe start a "Capping 101" thread in the homebrew section?

    i think it would be a great read for those (such as myself) that can't totally wrap their head around the whole procedure.
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    There is a sticky in the homebrew section titled how to cap 101 written by @XKawN
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  17. LOL. See? This is what happens when one gets lost in the underground and can't seem to find their way out. :D

    i'll be checking that out.
    Thanks brother.
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    If you post them at three different times I'll give you 100$ credit for each one. But if you post them all together I'll only do 100$
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    Recieved a pack of peptides from @purplepandalabs and have to stay the shipping is definitly legit. First time getting finished product from him and very impressed.
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    Capping is easy, mixing a batch is easy as well. Just very, very tedious. For me anyway...

    Math is important here. Using an appropriate filler is important. Cutting the AI evenly is important. After all this all you do is pack powder into capsules and throw a pill party!
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