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    I agree! I would love to see a "capping 101"!
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    Definitely. It's referred to as "virgin muscle." It will get better with time provided its not related to a slight intolerance of the oil or product. I was using a source and had pip starting on day 2 and lasted sometimes 3 days. Not horrible, but when I brewed my own I have no pip at all.

    My first few pins I was very tuned in to the area and all my focus was on that area. Probably another reason for pip. Just being super aware and paying particular attention to it.

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    The shipping is very good, very very good. Customs is crazy right now. We can thank heroin and it's onslaught of cheap as fuck cousins coming across the border. Mostly it's cousins...
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    Thank you.
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    Go to the home brew section. It's the second post or basskiller
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    Oh it's not a site I have never pinned. It's not my first go with gear either. I've been doing eod shots for coming up on 10 weeks of another labs tren a and test p. I rotate 6 different sites in the quads and glutes.

    I didn't think I had to qualify myself for anecdotal input on PIP front Pandas oils. I shot his oils seperate from what I've been pinning because I wanted to be sure of sterility and have an idea of the pip in his mix. I found it is pretty smooth, and I don't see that changing for some reason.
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    Good god you got butt hurt quick
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  8. tren ace also has some minor PIP.
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    Is there a specific customs point that is intercepting all these packs? I've always heard the west coast can be a shit storm for international but I've had one snagged that came through Chicago for some odd reason, my packs always go through NY with no issue.
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    A lot of info in that post...

    They have been active recently. More so than people are used to obviously. I'd like to think it's the narcotics driving the push.
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    No doubt the "heroin epidemic" carfentinal od's have something to do with them locking it down.
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    Touchdown today,,awesome all around experience with Panda. Thanks
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    What peps did u get?
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    Let us know on what u think of the peptides.
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    What country?
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    Has anyone ever tried ppl's Dianabol? Never taken capsule orals, but after reading this thread it seems as if he is legit, so I am thinking about giving his 25mg domestics a try! Excited to order from a domestic lab for once. Take care and thanks!
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    This was the way I learned to do it. I wrote down all the measurements in my little book and have had no issues. Capping is just so time consuming
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    Suspensions or so fast and easy... 50% water... 50% Ora plus... Never looked back...
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    Using his domestic NPP. Hardly any PIP plus pinning in a virgin muscle area
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