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    Because at this point I really use it for bloop pressure more so than the gym performance aspect , and most literature on the drug calls for ed dosing when used in that manner . It has a 17 hour half life and is possibly active in your system up to 36 hours , but im not sure of the efficacy of the drug after 24 hours as it would pertain to bp ?

    Plus I don't get headaches and sinus issues with 10mg ed , so its more just random hard-ons that's the issue lol ... not the worst thing ever ..
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    5mg is the sweet spot. Take it before bed fo avoid congestion ;)
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    Just wanted to say thank you to Panda. Without getting into detail publicly, I had my first delivery snagged by CBP recently and Panda reshipped after it sat for a week in customs.

    Again, the Panda does the right thing. You da man PP!
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    Curious...has anyone used the domestic oils yet? PIP?
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    I've pinned the Mast p and e, minimal PIP day after.
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    Thanks bro!

    Thanks Icky!
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    How many pins?
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    1 pin of Mast p 1cc by itself, 1 pin of Mast p and e together.
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  11. I might make my own version of the one that's already posted. No disrespect intended to @XKawN at all, the guy obviously knows his shit, but there are a few things I'd change to his method to ensure a little more accuracy, especially with some of the compounds that you're going to dose a little lower, such as cialis or aromasin. His method is quick and easy, and "close enough for the girls I date" but with the lower dose stuff, I guess I'm kinda OCD and want to make sure I'm spot on.

    Specifically what I'm referring to is the difference in volume vs weight. If two products are different volumetrically, you can't adjust the overall ratio based on weight and end up with an exact amount. For instance, if your active ingredient fills up a capsule, it will weigh Xmg, and if you fill the same capsule with your filler, it will not weigh Xmg, it will weigh something totally different, even though it's the same volume. If you have predetermined your ratio, you can determine how much filler to remove to accurately dose your blend and fill all caps evenly.
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    Ahhh... 2 pins isn't much of a history. Not knocking you man, just seems like there's not much info on the oils.
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    Lol you asked about PIP.. you saying that's gonna change after more pins?
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    You talkin shit, lol... j/k. Actually, i believe i mention in there that i have dozens of powder supplements, that i get from purebulk, and i match the best i can an equal molecular size and weight to the active ingredient. But all that being said, experience helps quite a bit. Knowing which compounds act in what ways. For instance, some compounds, like nolvadex, are a bit fluffy and clumpy. Sifting or blending won't help. Still tends to clump back up. I find the best method to get it to act right is (for example) take a gram of nolva and a gram of filler and mortar and pestle it until it appears the clumps are gone then add another 2 grams of filler and do it again. Should solve the problem. Now you can start adding filler bit by bit and mix with active ingredient. Little tricks like that that you learn with experience and I'm always happy to learn. Never to old to learn.
  15. This is exactly my mindset, there is always more to learn!

    You do mention the importance of trying to match powders, and that makes it a hell of a lot easier to find your ratio in the end, and honestly if your compound is something that calls for say 50mg dosing, it's probably very close. The small fluctuation percentage really won't be much of a factor, especially considering the fact that we usually take these compounds with enough frequency to keep a sustained level in our bloodstream, so if you end up getting 47mg with one dose and 53mg with the next, who is really ever going to notice the difference?

    My reply was strictly in regards to the question about the lower dose stuff, like trying to make 5mg cialis caps or 6.25mg aromasin like some people prefer. I am admittedly OCD when it comes to my brewing and capping, so I take some steps that a lot of people will skip, but that doesn't make their method wrong, just different. More than one way to skin a cat, I guess, if you're a sick fuck and like to skin cats....

    You definitely are the board go-to for homebrew knowledge, and you take that even further by spending the time and effort to lay it out easily and provide help to strangers on the internet so they don't hurt themselves by fucking it up. Thanks for the contributions to the board brother, you probably don't hear that enough!
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    1 compound, 2 esters.
    1 person, 2 injections
    Equals not much history.

    Not saying that's good or bad, just is. Don't take it personally, the "ahhh" was merely an observation. You aren't related to my ex wife are you?
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    Lol ok. Whatever you say.

    Can someone please give this man some feedback on the domestic oils that have been available for a whole 3 weeks. My experience with pip is not sufficient. Someone has to have bloods to share at this point!! It's been 3 fuckin weeks
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    I'll say PP had great CS when I requested reship because my first pack didn't make it through. But the second one didn't either, so I don't know whether to curse customs or the stealth method..I would hope for the price of shipping the stealth was good, customs has been ruthless lately. I guess i'll never know at this point . :mad:
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    I highly doubt it was the stealth. Its on point.
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    But I want to learn! What one person can do another can do right?