Secret Sources, the SCOC and the Steroid Underground

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    thank you for the insight brother. after a few years of messing around looking at various sights, i choose to become member on this sight due to "maturity" and insight of members. This kind of discussion is appreciated by those of us that are "newbies" to this type of niche site. Thank you for keeping it real bro...
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    And thank you for joining Mr new guy :)
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    "The undergrounds main purpose is harm reduction and safely navigating the steroid underground, not a place to find gear for purchase imo."

    uhmm.....from my perspective, that's a direct contradiction. What is one of THE most important facets of harm-reduction/prevention?

    Right...finding a good source!....i.e. a SAFE source....i.e. someone who ships what the label says. integrity=safety

    I DO look to forums like this one as a source of (good/safe) sources. I mean, where the hell else AM I going to find a "known-good" source, if not here?
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    On a source board
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    The gym.
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    Meso is more of a place to find what source not to use. What my be a good question for you to ask is about how to properly make use of a source board.
    I'll give you your first source board pointer.... disregard the top ranked source list. The best ones seem to be further down in the rankings.
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    I'm a new boot but the whole reason I joined was I have been burned repeatedly here is a pic of the last cycle but I am not trying to burn anyone I just need good info and I thought that it was the reason for the underground threads to get a legit place to get gear and expose the scammers. I thought that was a good thing. It's all illegal so what's the difference

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    Where is this source board?
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    steroid review sites
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    Thanks. That helps?
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    Go introduce yourself in the new members section, don't be loud about trying to find a'll be assessed by the forum and its members, be patient....if you've been deemed as one of us, it'll go from there
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    so,am I one of us? cause somehow I feel left out
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    Bradly, I know you'll appreciate this response to your question, with its SoCal connection, in the form of a song. The title of the song shall serve as your answer.;):p

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  15. You are most certainly being left out. Seriously.

    Nah, just fucking with you...that shit doesn't really happen here and if it did you would probably figure it out just by reading the open board. That has been the case with every 'secret' source I've seen so far that has tried to use Meso to sling their wares.
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    It's crazy and probably hard to believe, but there was a time not long ago that quite a few fellas here reacted with surprise and anger when @johnnyBALLZ and I stated that secret sourcing was quite prevalent here at Meso. I believe it was maybe mid-2014 that I made a comment in a thread that I very easily could see that secret sourcing was going on here from the first month I joined, despite the fact that I wasn't being approached personally. Johnny agreed with me, and next thing you know, it was on. Millard himself was angered/surprised to read my and JB's statements.

    I remember being SHOCKED that many other members didn't see it so clearly. I mean, it was blatant, at least I thought so. The secret sourcers would make comments like "when I pack my orders, I always double wrap them just in case" or "I always ship my packs USPS priority, and no one has ever not received their stuff". And these were just "members" saying this stuff. I couldn't possibly see how anyone else couldn't have taken that as anything more than a way of advertising what they were up to.

    I think the debate that ensued as a result from that may have been what partially inspired the "Secret sources.." part that CBS spoke to when he created this thread, although I am not positive.

    Again though, my point is that it wasn't that long ago that it was quite a surprise to many folks here that it was going on.

  17. Shave that sasquatch beaver in your avatar and then we'll talk.
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    It's not so much the sasquatch that gets me, it's that her facial expression combined with her posture makes it appear as if she is trying to push something out. Maybe she is?:confused:
  19. That was the catalyst for this thread, Bickel. Prior to that revelation, I was oblivious to the fact that secret sourcing was going on here. I guess I had always assumed that Meso was above all that and it was disappointing to find out it wasn't. I think a lot of members were disappointed to find out - and probably just as many were disappointed that the secret was let out.
  20. Now that you mention it, it does look like she's trying to shit the bed. Maybe Bradley has one of those scat fetishes. :eek:
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