Secret Sources, the SCOC and the Steroid Underground

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    Man, CBS, you said so much in those 4 sentences. That was to an extent, a turning point of sorts here at Meso. And you are right, there were many disappointed folks on both sides of the aisle. Some let down that things were not more on the up and up, and many let down that they were on the verge of being exposed.

    We have lost a lot of our regular contributors here this year, albeit for a variety of reasons (some due to the above, many more for other reasons like OCJ, personal/family reasons, and just the usual member churn).
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    I SMELL BACON! Hmmmmm lol
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    So now I get it and I apologize to the forum. With that info I don't need a source there are hundreds now I can use it for what it was designed for to make sure the sources are legit and give feed back on the quality and results. Thanks for helping a rookie
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    You have twelve big posts on here and most of them are you whining for help. Do what others said and read. I know you know how to do that!
    Start here:
    And here:
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    When I say "one of us", I mean not LE
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    Want eggs to go with it? :D
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    Understood. I'm new to this forum and before reading this I would've thought underground meant this was a source forum as well.
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    I have another noob opinion. However naive it may be it is sincere and we'll thought out. ..

    I didn't come here to find a source but I would like to see them stay.

    I did what all the seasoned members told me to do and read my heart out. ..I'm still reading.

    I spent hours navigating the site. .. granted I'm old and not well versed in the ways of Internet forums but I could see how an overzealous college Freshman would jump right to the source thing.

    a thread entitled IF YOU'RE NEW START HERE. .. in giant bold letters would have been like a beacon in the dark. and why not? put it in the big purple underlined area and just lay it out there... new folks, the rules are. .. read read read, give a little intro, read some more and when you've read darn near every post if you still haven't found what you need then start asking questions... I see new folks posting stuff that should never be posted or just wanting someone else to do the work and hand them their prize. ..perhaps some is less from laziness and more from ignorance.

    Thanks for letting me post!


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    Life story

    So Herc burned me and shut down, then Astro had a bunch of bunk and then burned me, and now my Pharmacom stuff keeps getting seized.

    If there is a US domestic that someone would shoot my way in PM it would be killer. Check my posts and my history.

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    Hey Brutus. Maybe I should start a thread where we could all share our favorite source and its contact info or maybe a price list also so we can make it easier for people to find a reliable source.
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    Bro your going to get yourself burned at the stake an possibly scammed via pm askin questions like that all out in the open. Dont depend on nobody to hook you up. That is a disaster just waiting to happen. Instead, go to an see whats hot right now. You can also donate to help keep the project alive an runnin. Also, look into the steriod lab testing section at current bloods for yourself. Ill leave a link below for ya man. I jus dont wana see somone getting ripped off cuz they wasn't pointed in the right direction. Good luck bro an stay safe....Steroid Lab Testing
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    C'Mon Wedgy, you joined when I did back in 2013, you know how this stuff works. We, the Meso community, are going to need:
    *your last two W2 forms
    *3 professional references
    *a non-refundable $500 deposit
    *a notarized 'statement of confidentiality' attesting to the fact that you will not disclose any proprietary information revealed to you during this process

    Once the above conditions have been met, your application for a US Domestic source will be considered.

    The Meso community reserves the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.
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    Lmfao:D....That was way better than my reply. Well atleast a hell of alot funnier anyway;):p:):cool:
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    You're LE, get lost. Done. Bye.
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    And I'd love for you to ping me ;) I'm every gd where.
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    you seem a little paranoid, you sure this is not just someone asking a stupid question?
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    If you're risking the chance then PM him, would rather not him be around my bro's. Which I thought you were one.
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    He joined the same year I did. Just doesn't make sense.