Secret Sources, the SCOC and the Steroid Underground

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by CensoredBoardsSuck, Dec 20, 2014.

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    Yeah, ironic you found the post above to be a good read - it's actually one of my mom's favorite posts that I have made on Meso, as well! She actually printed a copy of it and hung it on her refrigerator! She loves my contributions here. She is single handedly responsible for half of the 'likes' my posts have received here.;)

    On a serious note, it is great to see you around, USC! I have been doing well my friend! Hopefully you have been as well?
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    Got a great mom! Hang on tight to everything she does and says. All has been well on my end. Family is healthy and full of love, man.
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    I've got to be the dumbest fucker on here because I've been skimming through all the comments and still can't figure out what the SCOC is?!!!
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    Use the search function (the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of this page).

    ---Type in "source code of conduct" in the 'search' field.

    ---click the "search titles only" box

    ---click the search button

    Browse through the search results, it's all there.
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    Thanks! I searched SCOC before you answered my question but I kept seeing post that just referred to it as SCOC. I knew it had to do with the actions of sources, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out the acronym. Now I feel stupid. Source Code Of Conduct; of course!

    The OCD side of me thanks you!
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    Good post brother. As a new member, we need guys like y'all to help us out. Ive used before, but never bought online. Always helpful to talk to guys who know what's up
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    As a board we've had a lot of turnover since I've joined. Many once prominent members have left and things have changed.
    Stating that, in my opinion, we need to look at instituting a new, revised SCOC. We've gone past the point of just telling all sources to get lost, so if they're going to be here it's time we start properly vetting.
    Enough of this send pictures with Meso shit. Like that proves anything. Enough of 50+ pages of bickering.
    If we're going to do this, lets do it right.
    Or not. Either way.
  8. colossus25

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    Too many of these bathtub brewing shit kickers are being given a chance at selling here. Too many new members are buying from these cockroaches and giving them a reason to stay. The amount of sources popping up here as of late is sickening. We need to raise the bar and restore meso to its former glory. We need to get rid of drama and the members that cause it. We need to be a board that is about reviewing sources not about sourcing. Bro i love this post and agree whole heartedly.
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    Man I just got a wake up call. I wish I would have read this first. Have not used this as a way to find sources however I did just learn a lot about what all of this is for and how I kinda acted as a assclown. Will correct my behavior.
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    I’m glad i read this becuase I’m a new member and that’s exactly what I’m thinking. I’m saying to myself why not just see what these advertisers have to offer. They must me decent at least.
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  11. Eman

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    What are you basing this off of? The simple fact that they are advertising here and that's all?
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  12. bickel29

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    I think he is thinking what many new visitors here think - that if Meso is letting them pay to place ads here, that Meso must be confident that the advertiser is of at least minimal quality standards. It is a natural conclusion for many visitors to think.

    Like it or not, some people associate the advertisers here as being "advertising partners" with Meso.
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    @bickel29 is a 5-time winner of the $20,000 body transformation contest one of Meso's advertisers run :D!!
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    I can 2nd this since I was infact his spray tan boy....Oh an btw, he didn't win it, it was all in "The Tan" bahahaha ;):D:p:cool:
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    Spray tan boy? Word on the skreet is you were the fluffer for all the contestants. o_O
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  16. Eman

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    Lol, I am aware of what he was thinking... My question was kind of rhetorical.

    I believe he was misunderstanding your quoted post though.
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    I knew it was you who was in the corner watchin like the lil naughty site seeier you thats ok cuz i liked it bahahaha
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  18. BM~arts

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    Not that i have ordered from any -i was just thinking to myself since there’s the forum and all that they may be legit becuase one would think people would be calling them out on the forum if they were Scamming people.
    For me personally i have been trying to locate specific sources then kind of doing searches on them throughout various forums to get a feel for what type of feedback they are getting overall.
    It seems that they all have both positive and negative feedback but i guess that’s to be expected. And I’m sure there are good sources and then haters or competitors trash them and leave bad reviews to make them look bad and vise viser.
    Definitely a lot of grey areas lol.
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    Its deff a learning experience an noone is any better than anyone else in this game.....Remember knowledge is power, an it takes a tremendous amount of time reading an studying to find a decent source. I say decent cuz theirs no (#1 golden completely legit lab) out their. It jus doesn't exist brother ...They all have their strenghts, weaknesses, an faults wether they are private or public.
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    No man. That isn't the way this works at all.

    That an ad appears on a Meso ad-block doesn't imply any quality or lack of quality.

    They are just ads.
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