Secret Sources, the SCOC and the Steroid Underground

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    ahhh, some advise i'm looking for
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    Here is a possible solution in my opinion. I am a small UGL. Mostly just a local supplier where I live but with social media and the web it is tempting to sell online. Please don't take that as me wanting to be your source. If someone like myself wants to sell on a site like this then charge them a fee and simply put a source section on here where people can go voluntarily if shopping. If that source is caught PMing and involving themself in the forums to promote their brand then ban them. Cant have your cake and eat it too. I feel the last thing people want is someone like me messaging that i have great stuff and gains are miraculous. My 300 mg test is the same as others 300 mg test. No magic potion. You can put all the guidelines and test results you want in place but scammers are scammers and will eventually get people. Also, have them use a payment system that is fair to the source and customer. I think most guys can tell the scammers from legit sources. Even when someone gets scammed and relay their story on how it happened....usually there are red flags they didn't see. Thats my 2 cents worth. Don't bash me too much because I admitted Im a UGL.
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    Sooooo 2 years later you decide to repeat yourself?

    Buying Steroids Online:
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    That is correct. Almost 2 years. Also I have read posts off and on and I do not want to sell on here. Not offering my product in any way. Just being part of a thread and offering my advice. What is it that you offer besides sarcasm?
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    And I did not repeat myself at all. Please show me the thread if I stated this before
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    Keep posting, show everyone what a troll you are LOL, This is why MESO is a joke to the rest of the community. JOB WELL DONE
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    You have followed me for over 2 years. LOL Do you think youre really the one who should be laughing?
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    Actually I just searched your post history and see you're just a cry baby, trying to slang bathtub brew. Good luck lol
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    i actually sling alot, you'd be surprised. I will swing by McDonalds on my cheat day and we can discuss while you are on your 15 minute break and I will bring my IPAD so you can troll someone else as well
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    See you in 2 years dipshit.
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  14. What you're suggesting has been done elsewhere. It actually sounds like you're mixing aspects of the dark web and source boards all into one.

    Just because a source pays a fee to open shop doesn't mean they're somehow G2G. They can scam and skip out just like sources that don't pay to play.

    The big question is, where is the line drawn? If a source pays a fee to source here, are they entitled to some form of protection because they help pay the bills?

    If not, why would they pay a fee to source here when they can pay the same fee elsewhere and get protection from the board owners?

    It just doesn't work.
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    That is the sanest answer to that one and nice how you have a level headed response to that dude.
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    The fees at BoP didn’t stop Hammer/Prime Pharma from scamming all of them as well as the other various paid sponsors who scammed their members.
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    Hey guys.. this is Completely off topic.. Was looking for a little advice plz.
    Ive been Running t400 at low levels as sort of a TRT since coming off my last cycle.
    My next Cycle im Going to be Running Nordic Fusions Super tren with more T400.
    Just wondering thoughts on how to run that... and what any of you more experienced guys think.
    Thanks in Advance.
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    Wrong place for the question.
    Make a new topic
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    I started checking this forum out in 2016 and it never seemed like how it is now, though maybe it was. So much toxicity and bullshit - but where there’s smoke there’s fire. Everyone’s mad cause people get scammed when trying to buy gear online? Is that the gist?
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    These are the happy times around here.
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