Secret Sources, the SCOC and the Steroid Underground

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  1. Burrr

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    Ahhh, I see what you are getting at
  2. Burrr

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    I got a weird pm from @BeastModeSparty a couple weeks ago asking me for a source. Weird because last year he threw me under the bus and posted the pm where I gave him the email of a private source.
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    Hey tube and Burr. Don't trip...I got just what the guys need.
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    That's just dryyyy humor from my man Mel.
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    Glad a few of you guys got it.

    ATOMICWEDGY Junior Member

    Why does everyone always pull the Le card?

    Sorry I do not devote enough time to Meso, or as much as you guys. For those that are willing to help, thank you.

    As you can see I'm here and involved. Yes I choose Meso to find my sources because I don't have anyone local that's come door to door offering good product.

    I've been with 3 ugl and almost ordered with a handful more that I backed out of because I felt shaky.

    I don't have the money to burn just trying to order gear, and I don't want to pin some random shit.

    If anything you all could just be glad that I trust this community and only this board.

    I appreciate those that didn't bash me. I get that everyone protects their consistent and reliable sources. I do my reading, as much as I can, and then I'm forced to just jump on the next lab in underground until they burn me. Then I'm back here. And yeah 2013 was when I got on gear, but I've been cruising around the board for at least a year longer than that
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    wedgy, just look on some source boards. You'll find a good source if you put the time in looking.

    ATOMICWEDGY Junior Member

    Thank you. I haven't given up on @darius , I just haven't ever had a wrong order or a package seized.

    Haha I've just had my money taken and gotten nothing, or gotten under dosed gear.
  9. Soapman61

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    I'm looking to start a cycle . And not sure where to go.
    Can someone point me in the right direction?
    Are we allowed to post personal email address for confidentiality?
  10. Skull

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    ^^^^1st post^^^^
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  11. Eman

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    Right this way.


    In all seriousness, go to

    Please donate while you're there. It will help the cause and it will help you get a feel for bitcoin.

    Check out the sources that have done well. Then start looking for those sources here or Google as much info on them as you can. Look for blood work members have posted, look for recent.

    Then... pull the trigger.
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    ^^^^ @Soapman61 ^^^^This is the best advice you will recieve. Take it an run with it;)
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    Bick, that is some funny sh%&
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  14. Crazy-Canuck

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    The longer I spend reading at Meso. The more I understand it and why it is the way it is. Why it must be this way really.
  15. Colt44

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    You're way ahead of the curve then
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  16. Shotgun13

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    Me as well. I've been reading non stop and have fought all my urges to ask the annoying questions lol.

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  17. Crazy-Canuck

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    Any question you can think if has most likely been asked and answered countless times. I just do a search.
  18. PNWexcell

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    Just wanted to make my first post here and say what up to everyone. I'm in the PNW, if that matters
  19. Serif

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    I would like to thank you guys for this vast amount of info. I have been reading this forum for over a year.

    I am currently looking for a new raw source. Reading through your reviews seem to help quite a bit.

    Though I am still undecided.
  20. USCballin

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    Bickel, I actually ran across this post of yours and found it to be the best read regarding the SCOC and the realism of secret sourcing in the Underground. Btw, how you been, brother?
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