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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Tom, May 22, 2016.

  1. Tom

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    Remailing Delivery within US is available from May 20th.

    After dozen of trial, the remailing service within US is officially recommended from now on!

    1. Tracking number to be provided in 24 hours.
    2. Tracking information will be updated when our agent in US got the parcel. (8-10days needed)
    3. Courier to be taken for delivery within US(Delivery time 2-5days).
    4. Lower cost as normally charged.

    For more details, to contact me on my whatsapp or telegram by +86 189 2466 0950 (Email will be double confirmed if needed.)
  2. Tom

    Tom Shenzhen OK-Biotech Company Representative Supporter

    The important notice for all related friends:

    1. SZOB( officially joined ASraw( since September, 2018. All the email with domain of SZOB( still works, till there is a further reminder.

    2. AASraw will be our main website and welcome every order and inquiry. Thank you!

    3. Since of our strategic business development schedule, the banner and thread on MESO-rx will be stopped. Thank you for all your help and kindness, MESO and Millard, and everyone.

    Wish everyone will enjoy the life and healthy! And, anything we can help with, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Thank you all again!



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  3. What happened to you posting the after pictures of your Anavar only cycle? Did you? Did i miss them?
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    This thread is fucking comedy gold. Holy shit.
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    @Tom show me dem titties baby!! I bet you're one supple man. I like that.

    he didn't post the pics because he was clearly taking estrogen, not Anavar. Duh!?!? :D:D
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  6. i figured he wouldn't. Can't post pics after gettin' high on his own supply? Say's a lot about how effective that Anavar really is.
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  7. Tom

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    Fuck you guys, can't you make the greeting much warmer? That's hurt.
  8. ickyrica

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    We could pour gasoline on you and light you on fire. Would that be sufficiently warm?
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    Can i fuck your sister?
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  11. Tom

    Tom Shenzhen OK-Biotech Company Representative Supporter

    2018 AASraw Promotion code(20181121-20181231): AASXMNY2018

    Order more than USD1000, Extra Gift 100g Test P
    Order more than USD2000, Extra Gift 100g Sust+100g Test E
    Order more than USD5000, Extra Gift 100g tren E
    Order more than USD10000, Extra Gift 100g Tren E +100g Drostanolone P
    Order more than USD15000, Extra Gift 100g Tren E +100g Drostanolone P + 50g exemestane
    Order more than USD20000, 15% Off or Same amount powders
    Order more than USD50000, 20% Off or Same amount powders
    Order more than USD100000, 20% Off or Same amount powders
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    I know a guy who used OK-biotech Anavar and he turned into a fat Asian. Buyer beware
  14. AnabolicAF

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    100g of test prop? If I spend a 1000$? Easy turbo! Don't want you spending the big bucks now. Fuckn cheapskate
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  15. ickyrica

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    What the problem? That's a hefty 1% off for your patronage. Damn you people wanting deals!!

    Is there even a price list or do these fucks handle business like LMC?

    @Tom what's up chubby (I can call you that, I'm fat too), You have a price list?
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    To any noobs that happened upon this thread - read from page one forward. It's Meso comedy gold.
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  17. CAswole

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    This is the same asshole that said your fingers will grow an inch if you use 6ius a day of gh
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  18. Tom

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    Three products are on stock
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    Hey asshole, no hyperlinks in the underground. Try paying attention once in a while.

    @Millard Baker

    Sorry for the tag. Look at the prior post #458
  20. Tom

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    Some useful information on superdrol(By a client's usage and words):

    Superdrol can be used in bulking and cutting cycle, without water retention and most pumping effects.

    Superdrol is better than Anadrol/tbol/dbol in cutting cycle. Because it can keep volume and pump until fat loss. With no high carbs diet, only need to be with 20/30mg diary. 8 weeks will be enough. It is on of the best oral steroids. One week usage will be with fast result than other orals, after the shredded quality without water.

    Superdrol side effects is tired, as hgh.

    Cycle of superdrol for bulking(without water retention, or called dry bulking):

    20mg superdrol diary with liver protect
    Bold U 200mg each 3 days with Sustanon 250mg each 3 days

    One more cycle:

    20mg Superdrol each day and liver protect with winny 50mg
    More testo prop 1mg/day, , tren Ace 1mg/day, every other day
    No masteron because of Superdrol
    Anavar optional
    Salbutamol optional(dosage at 30mg/day=clen 40mcg/day, one in the morning and one afternoon, with longer time to feel faster effects)