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    This would be great if you were sending anonymous blind samples because then Jano would get it wrong, once again and we could finally be done with him. This board is a harm reduction board and by you using Jano’s services and holding his hand along the way as you tell him you are the sender and what aas you are sending only hurts the community and puts trust in a “conman”.

    Thank you for at least considering another solution and no I’m not directly attacking you. I for one liked the way you came in here months ago and feel you kinda got a bad break and would like to see you pick yourself up and do well but right now it doesn’t seem like the member’s health is a concern if you’re gonna use Jano.
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    I personally didn’t take issue with you using Jano. Do what you want. And you filled in A LOT of extra paragraphs of words that had absolutely nothing to do with my comment.

    That’s a good distraction though and maybe some people will read it and my comment will be discredited.

    Now to be clear, my comment has to do with submitting samples anonymously and blindly. The shouldn’t be identified to Jano as that may introduce bias. Take a look at how @Joedaddy5150 submits samples. That’s as close to blind and anonymous as you can get.

    Samples shouldn’t have “SymBiotics” mentioned on them at all. They shouldn’t have the compound in the sample name. They shouldn’t contain your email address. This is not lying, this is submitting “blind” samples which is the most honest way to do it.
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    Hell yeah! Geaux Tigers!!
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    I believe he said he was planning on making halo as well but who knows.
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    I appreciate your perspective.
    I truly am concerned about the health of the members, both genuinely and selfishly: I would never knowingly harm another person; and my sales are dependent upon customer satisfaction.

    So customer safety and satisfaction are my top priorities, because without those requirements being met; I cannot possibly meet my financial goals. I am definitely concerned about member safety and I will do what is necessary to prove that.
    I just reread the earlier testing comments to see if I misinterpreted; but the tests by Jano were clearly accepted with positivity at that time.
    That was the sole reason for the initiation of our business discussion.

    My business principle (aka: my word) is the sole reason for honoring that business agreement. I hope I am explaining myself correctly. I know much gets lost in text communication.
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    I disagree that a lot of my words had nothing to do with your comment.
    The majority of my words were in response to this excerpt of your comment:
    "Makes me start to think we have something going on behind the scenes.

    You’re an interesting character. It’s like you THINK you’re doing something good but each time there’s always something “off” about it."

    This seems, to me, to border precariously on the verge of condescending and accusatory; and therefore worthy of a detailed response.
    If I misinterpreted you, then I truly apologize. I just can't seem to find an alternative pretense for your verbiage.

    Also, I never said that I ever labeled any samples with identification. I am unsure where that insinuation initiated.

    Anyhow, I believe I have found a solution that, while expensive, will make the best of it all.

    While I do not agree with some of the things you say, I am very appreciative of your presence and communication. There are things that you have brought to my attention that I may not have thought about; and I thank you for that.
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    Yes sir, I definitely do!
    Unfortunately though, I will be recovering from September for a little while longer; so primo has been pushed further into the future.
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    Yes, that one too; but it will take some time.
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  9. I don't think, or would hope that no one would, hold that against you. It speaks to your character that you would keep your word.

    Regardless, it sounds like you have found a solution to make everyone happy.
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    People here are mixed on trusting Jano. Personally, I'd rather you get testing done with him than no testing at all. Yes, I know he screwed up with Mands. WM is gone from what I understand.
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    You've been here 6 months dipshit. Who are you to speak for the "people here"?
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    Dude, go away. No one cares for your tough guy attitude. And I've seen nothing but mainly negativity in your posts. I wont try and defend my 6 months to you but I've actually contributed here.
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    Rent free dipshit.
  14. Fight! Fight! Fight!
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    Nah, I'm done. I found it just ridiculous he went to look at my profile just to throw out the fact I've only been here 6 months. Dude obviously has issues still.
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    You must have went back and looked at my profile since you say I haven't contributed? Or do you just talk shit like the rest of the former fanbois that are now reduced to lurking like the bottom feeders they are? Lol. Get fucked.
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    So idc who anyone uses to do their testing. Even though I don’t like how Jano does things (shadiness follows him).
    What I do like is seeing a source do the testing that way when a member sends in blind samples to be tested, the two test can be compared.
    I’d never solely take one test from any testing lab as being 100% credible just by how I’ve seen shady looking shit done in the past. Multiple tests done over time (from members and source) is what I look at the most.

    @SymBiotics you may stand by “your word” in this business but don’t be naive to think others will! I mean you got hacked, was that from a stand up hacker!? I thought that would have toughened you up but then I read your posts all I see is this meme!! :D:p:D

    In all honesty I’m surprised you’re still here...:oops:
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    That image is hilarious! :D
    I appreciate your advice about not being naive. I do always give the benefit of doubt before assumption though; and I always hope to see the best in people. But I know this is cutthroat and often shady business I am in.
    Regardless of how others conduct themselves or their businesses; I'm bound by my own rules in how I treat others.
    The only actions a man can manipulate are his own, right? I'm just going to keep my own porch swept clean and do the best I can.;)
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    I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
    The SEC did not disappoint today!! I think I got all my cardio for the weekend finished before halftime of the LSU-Bama game.:cool:
    Goodnight to you all.

    And one more thing: "Don't smoke crack!"

    Buy healthier drugs from me instead:D

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    @SymBiotics regarding janoshik l’m sending samples to him regularly for many months and I tested from him more of 15 blind sample and also one of my friend started to use jano service. I never had problems with him (same thing for my friend) each sample come back as expected also the sample with uncommon dosage and uncommon mix as “super tren” (mix of 100
    Mg tren A and 100 mg Tren H) so this proved that he is reliable.

    Regarding the Eq lab test went wrong I don't understand why when a test goes wrong it has to be janoshik's fault .... jano tested some blind samples sent by joedaddy and they came back correctly. A friend of one meso member sent a blind sample of your bold and returned contaminated. someone said that the member who shared the bad lab report, is a TGI shill, so couldn't it be that the member contaminated the sample on purpose to discredit you brand?

    considering that all the lab reports shared by joedaddy came back ok, I am convinced that that Eq sample was voluntarily polluted considering that contaminate a blind sample is extremely simple.
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