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    That is the only one I use.
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    Also, before anyone else thinks of it; I decided on a promotion to bring in the new year.
    Since we will be bringing in 2020; the best way to do it is with 20 $20s ;)

    20191113_152059_LI.jpg 20191113_154252_LI.jpg
    This won't start until AFTER December begins. I just wanted to post it before someone else got the idea:cool:
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    Awesome ideas for promos are

    Bro, I haven’t ordered from you yet but IMO you seem like a badass dude. You’ve even answered questions for me completely unrelated to your company and solely as a benefit to me (for those wondering it was an advanced home brew question, via email).

    Keep doing what your doing, I’m sure business will pick up so long as you stick to your ethics and professionalism.

    As soon as I need some finished products you have my business unless something changes.
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    I hate that the $50 promo got stuck on the page before.:(
    Everyone look back 1 page:D

    I realize that using the :( and :D in 2 consecutive sentences makes me appear bipolar. I take my medication regularly though:D:(:confused:

    <script src=""></script>
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  6. The hell i can't!
    i like the idea you've come up with, it's clever.
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    I think a vial of Test is the perfect gift this holiday season for any young aspiring bodybuilder or powerlifter.

    In addition, there are many young girls who may dream or have yet to dream of being a man one day

    ...everyone child should know that their parents are preparing for their future...and...that dreams really can come true.

    And before any of you get radically up in arms: it's 2000 and fucking 19! Be a little progressive with your thinking and get with the times.

    Besides...were talking about a small vial of Test NOT tren...
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    So all the opsec issues fixed or just forgotten about? Now we are giving away money trinkets? Why not just run promo's with that amount off? Either way, a very interesting sourcing thread we have here..
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    I would like to see the test reports from the 2 testing sources that Sym said he would provide for us.Where are they?
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  10. notdeadYET

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    I ordered recently and no one showed up my house. Except my wife and the mailman. Not together mind you.

    FWIW, I thought the packaging was definitely better than some other sources here.

    As for the money. It’s probably marked.
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  11. bolder

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    I thought the idea was cool and all but I don’t know if it’s a good idea.
    Something about money in with a package of illegal substances just doesn’t sit right with me. So therefore it’s not something I would participate in.
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  12. Oldschool

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    What doesnt sit right with you about that? :)
    Smiley faced emoji to let you know I ask in peace. No shots fired. :D
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  13. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Oh c’mon it’s not like it’s drug money!

    @SymBiotics you might consider letting the lucky winners know and giving them an option of cash or store credit? I don’t know. You know by now that we’re all big bitches and you can’t make everyone happy no matter what you do!
  14. bolder

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    Money and drugs in the same package doesn’t sit right with me. Seems like if shit went bad that the money could be traced back to the area the source was in? Then put his customers in a higher risk.
    Honestly I might just be paranoid from his previous hacker issue. Sending cash in the mail (if discovered) would definitely open some eyes in LE I would think.

    I like the idea, but I do believe store credit is just a safer way about it. :)
  15. OnTheRize

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    What if the 20's and 50's got run through a washer and dryer first?

    In all seriousness credit sounds like a much more practical idea for what we're dealing with. I don't think Sym thought about physical cash possibly creating a paper trail...from what I understand "cash in mail" was the reg for doing business once upon a time before crypto existed.

    I think the idea was that cash in a vial was "festive" the meantime I'll be contacting my favorite local retailers like Best Buy about fitting their gift cards into 12ml vials injection vial with a physical object inside is hell of a way to receive a Christmas present...and it would confuse the fuck out of my nieces and nephews...which would be worth it in itself.

    A miniature ship in a giant bottle just doesn't cut it these days.

    ...I'm still in awe of how they write such tiny words on a grain of rice though...
  16. Sp2.0

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    I don't see an issue with the promo if you're going to use him. If you get caught I doubt the vile wrapped in a 20 is tacking on the additional time.

    Bogos are better though
  17. you guys are paranoid as fuck! $20 and $50 are the most common bills passed. If they did have tracking on the serial by the time LE get their location they'll have changed hands so many times, So how is that a security risk? #2 I got news for ya guys (the Paranoid ones at least) LE isnt gonna go through all that trouble to track cash to bust you for your measly purchase of test and decca LMFAO!!!
  18. size26s

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    My thing is dude was complaining about sales. I never bought from after the whole cop thing but most sources on here have some kinda sales once and will buy 3 get 1 one something. You are trying to win customers over with cash. You want sales maybe have a sale and people may take the risk to order from you. I know I haven’t been shown enough to order from you but that’s just me

  19. Yeah I agree I would rather see a sale like you mentioned. I just dont agree with the whole "cash is a security risk thing"...Its not.
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  20. bolder

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    I was talking about it being traced back to the SOURCE not the customer. You know...the guy that has raws and finished products in mass amounts...

    @SymBiotics has taken some hard licks thus far. Which has hurt his business. He seems determined to push through it.
    It’s his decision to do what he thinks is best for his brand. I can’t fault that.

    I may be paranoid just from what has transpired in this thread alone. That doesn’t mean everyone else is...;) if something doesn’t feel right with me I move on and take my chances to where I’ll feel more comfortable. This has worked well for me so far, so that’s just how I’m gonna continue on lol. :)

    Shit, I like money just as much as the next guy. But if I’m looking to purchase gear I’d rather have more gear for less money o_O
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