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    Fixed, but definitely not forgotten.
    The discount promo is a fine idea. The "why" I did the cash one is just because nobody else ever did; and I thought it was neat.
    I just tried to imagine what I would want as a surprise if I was a customer of finished products; and that is what I came up with.
    I certainly wasn't trying to offend anyone.
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    That is an excellent idea. I will definitely give them the option. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    I will definitely have a sale. I want to do it right now; but I am waiting on some things to be delivered. I'm worried about running out of somethings if I have a sale; and then that being another point of contention and more negativity about me.
    Literally, I am trying my best here. I think about it all day.
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    I just said I was going to do that on Saturday.
    I just got things squared away with the 2nd tester yesterday.
    I'm still waiting on one of the raws that I want to have tested.
    It will take time to get the samples to the chemists and then for them to do the tests.

    It wouldn't be possible to get them in 5 days even if I had the products and they were tested domestically.
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    You know, I actually did think about the numbers on the bills being traced. I have no idea what the serial numbers are used for in normal commerce; but tracing them seemed like a possibility if the numbers were known.
    If you look at the images, I whited out every place where the numbers were visible.
    No worries though: I just saw a guy in the mirror that really appreciates cash; so it won't go to waste:D
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    You should stop apologizing.
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    Do what you think is best and most safe for the brand you built. I wasn’t meaning to come off completely negative. Your idea was very unique.
    I think that’s the cool thing about it being yours. You can try something and if it doesn’t work try something else! Only you have that final decision! :);)

    Well so much for us having something in common! o_O Cause when I look in the mirror I see a guy that really appreciates vagina! :p
    Put that shit in a stamped box with orders, then sit back and listen while the coins are clinging into your wallet! :cool:
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    Saw that you blotted out the numbers...when I saw the bills, the first thing I looked for was any numbers you missed that could be identified.

    I, like some others, also doubt that anyone would really go through the hassle of tracing unmarked bills over a couple of vials...but you may want to consider the concerns of some of your potential customers fearing that the bills may possibly be marked since a few things went tits up for you awhile back.
    ...whether it's actually a threat or not isn't really as important to you as whether it is a potential percieved threat. The idea of sending cash and federally scheduled drugs to a purchaser may give people pause in considering buying...recieving one can be bad enough recieving both together could get the feds interested and that could mean conspiracy charges instead of what local LE would do. I could be totally wrong...but it doesn't look good to have both those things in one place at the same time.
    Even if the thought of the cash and steroids together only brings up concern in this thread and isn't a threat, it invokes fear in the others who see the concern and are considering buying.
    Try and remember that the only reason you're not selling out of products right now is the fear of others getting in trouble with LE after things went wonky for you.

    notdeadYet has a good point. There is no need to're not an asshole...just remember that is a buyer's market and make adjustments for your potential clients desires. won't please everyone here no matter what you do...just try to eliminate any fears the community presents and make adjustments.

    I applaud your ingenuity but this isn't the time for doing things to much differently from other sources...try and get a customer base first.
    Change in a previously tried and true system evokes concern in an unstable environment.

    Try one or more of the following based on what capital you can sacrifice now for future business:
    -Sale for a limited time
    -Bogo (for the first 2-3 vials in an order) for first 10-20 purchasers or whatever
    -Buy 2 get 1 for a limited time
    -lower the minimum order cost for a shipment for a limited time
    -look at what specials other sources here use and implement them...but beat their offers so you stand out.

    You're trying to gain traction here so people can rest easy if they choose your products. For God's sake, you already have 12ml vials...that in itself is incentive.
    I'd of purchased from you by now if you already had a bunch of confirmed purchasers before me with no issues and some time had passed since that bullshit happened...not all, but many others would do the same.
    If you're sticking this out then perhaps modify your practices to mirror others...just do it better than them...don't try to be probably isn't a good time.
    I know you have a lot invested. Good luck.
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    Holy shit. You blew your weekly word quota on ONE post. Now you got nothing left and it’s a long way to Monday.

    And I keep saying... with ALL those words at least figure out how to work “boner” in somewhere. People would actually read it if you keep it provocative and interesting!
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    If it was easy we’d have 20 new sources here every Friday.

    It’s not easy but if you figure out how to do it right it’ll be mutually beneficial for all. You’ll kill it and customers will be happy.

    You’ve made mistakes and you’ll continue to make mistakes. But MESO doesn’t give a shit about mistakes, we care about how you fix them so it doesn’t happen again and what you do to protect the members here. Raws will ship late, inventory will run out, customers will have issues about anything/everything. Shit happens. Fucking postal inspectors, you know. Just make it right and continue building your brand better.

    If you fuck up and lie to cover, it’ll come out. It always does. And those sources die. Be patient. 50 customers doesn’t seem like a lot but now is the time to learn. Get it right now, you can’t afford to make mistakes when you have 500 customers on your ass.
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    Should be stickied for all new sources.
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    Feds or police wouldn't consider tracing 20s and 50s if this were cocaine or amphetamines being sold unless it were well above 100s of thousands in value, let alone for steroids which are barely illegal on the spectrum of substances. In several years behind bars, meeting hundreds of people in different correctional facilities ive NEVER met one single person down for a steroid crime. It is important to be safe because no one wants to be that one in a million that does get jammed up for it, but being afraid of receiving a 20$ bill is way overly paranoid, and will add no extra tracking ability or time to an unfortunate sentence, which the purchaser wouldn't really be in much danger of anyway
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    I had a pack land earlier this week, just a small order to test Sym out. T/A was 4 days with a Sunday and Veterans thrown in the mix, so I'm happy about that. Don't want to give any opsec details, but package was discreet. It has been a few days and still no sign of a postal inspector, so successfull order I guess lol
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    Oh I definitely appreciate vagina. My appreciation of it has cost me more effort and money over the years than could ever make back.
    In the end though, I invested wisely;)
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    My favorite part of that post----a symbiotic relationship:D

    I was thinking today, and I realized that I am looking a gift horse in the mouth when I get discouraged about being told something about me "doesn't sit right".
    Being different was exactly my goal when I came here; and I somehow overlooked that I was actually succeeding in that aspect.
    I have read here for a very long time, and I know that my business tactics and demeanor are vastly different from what is "usual" in the underground. I have to admit that I fell victim to the need for immediate gratification with my desire for acceptance here.
    It took me looking at things from a different perspective to see that my appearing "off" or "not sitting right" is exactly what I hoped for. I hope that, in time, practicing with integrity, professionalism, and humility will be what is expected; rather than an oddity.

    ( almost forgot: BONER)

    I really am very thankful for all of the comments in my thread. Some give me new insight----some give me great advice----some give me encouragement----and some help me to hone my public relations skills to cope with unwinnable arguments: all of them for the betterment of myself and this business.
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    This will happen soon. I'm sorting out the details and awaiting a shipment.
    Thank you for these suggestions.
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    I wish you all a great weekend. Again, thank you to all that have contributed to the conversations and, especially, to those who have ordered.

    <script src=""></script>
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    @SymBiotics for the Monero discount.

    How does that work in regards to the minimum order?

    I want to buy exactly $100 worth of goods, does the 10% discount set me back to $90 (not meeting the minimum)?
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