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    Its so funny to read all these speculations and deductions regarding the sample that was sent in. It was sent by my friend. The gear was purchased from @SymBiotics and my friend got in touch with @janoshik. My friend has a box of 100 sterile syringes. I gave him a sterile vial. My friend is not on Meso and doesn’t even know who TGI is.

    Look in my post history. See if you can find any evidence of me being a “TGI” shill. I don’t have any reliance to SP, TGI, Pristine, Sim, RR, SPL, or any of the other 3-4 Domestic labs that have come and gone here.

    The sample wasn’t contaminated by me or my friend. I can’t explain why it was. I can’t explain if Simbiotics inadvertently contaminated it or if Jano did. The 2-3 samples I have sent Jano in the past have come back spot on. He personally has no dog in this fight. Has everyone overlooked the fact that the sample was ALSO under-dosed by 80mg?!!

    I don’t know why I am defending this stupid fucking sample anyway. I won’t purchase from Sim. My friend won’t either. I personally don’t give a fuck if anyone else does. They are stupid if they do. But I’m not a fucking Shill. So don’t even come to that conclusion.
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    There's no doubt that Jano can test, well actually there is doubt. Look, others and myself wish he was like other testing facilities as he's cheaper but with him you get what you pay for. If I had to guess, I would say 10% of the products he test he just gets it wrong. On top of that, theres the Mands deal where he just LIED and FAKED a report when he never even recieved a product to test. Thats just so wrong and deceitful and I can't believe its been somewhat swept under the rug.

    Fact of the matter is, I can probably find a dozen cases in the past year or so where he got it wrong and had to apologize and blame a lab tech or that all the sudden Mast is difficult to test and blah blah blah. NOT ONE OTHER TESTING FACILITY HAS ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS.

    :eek: I was not aware of that! #GameChanger #JanoGotItWrong

    @SymBiotics Of course do as you please. You came in here with everything tested originally by W&M and imo you had a great intro. In short, my point I was trying to make is that this is harm reduction board and I feel if you use Jano that you will be giving him creditability that isn't deserved. Anyway, good luck to you!
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    You are lying and deliberately exaggerating on multiple points there.

    I won't get into argument with you here, it's just sad to read.
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    The only part of what I wrote that may be untrue is where I said, "if I had to guess, I would say 10% of the products he test he just gets it wrong." Everything else can be found on the this board and numerous others.

    I don't care to argue either as my goal here is not to clutter this thread with banter. I was just stating the facts so members will know a bit about who is doing the testing and they can make their own assessments. I would imagine there will be some customers lost to other sources on this board who use reputable testing facilities.

    I very much agree with this statement. :(

    Jano "The ultimate Con-man and Liar?" thread...You be the judge
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    I follow this forum every day and I don't seem to have read that jano was wrong 12 times in the last year. You probably exaggerated the numbers. However in my blind samples and my friend's samples, he never made mistakes, maybe we are very lucky LOL

    then I would like to point out to you one thing: jano is the most popular tester in europe and also on this forum, so jano is analyzing 10 times more samples than other testers are analyzing ... the last sample that my friend sent to him was test number 4872, this means that he analyzed almost 5000 samples of steroids. How many other testers have analyzed 5000 samples? I don't think that w & m, lab4tox, chemtox, simec, manage to get to 5000 tests, even if they all joined together ...
    it is obvious that if you do 5000 tests you have a higher margin of error, compared to those who made 200. this is statistical. so even if he had erred 10 times out of 5000 tests, it is a margin of error of 0.2%.... not bad

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    I don’t think Jano’s own mom could have made a better argument on his behalf.

    Serious question. How do know for certain that Jano tested 5000 samples? I’m not saying he did or didn’t. But anyone trying to promote their own business can inflate/exaggerate numbers. It’s not like someone is auditing the validity of his task numbering system.

    We are all here reading, watching, trying to make educated guesses about whom to order from and whom to trust. To state or defend that anyone is 100% good-to-go is ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as saying a vendor that has made a mistake is forever-trash.

    Reputation is important. Continued monitoring and education is equally important.
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    I apologize for intruding into this conversation:
    Please don't overlook that I will be having the same samples tested by another analytical service simultaneously. Post #2938
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    This was a good decision. The samples should come back with pretty much identical results if both testing services do it the correct way. I’m glad you chose to do it this way despite the additional costs. That’s appreciated.
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    Hello all.
    I need to, unfortunately, retract my timeframe of this weekend for the availability of tamoxifen, clomiphene, and methasterone.
    I have the oral suspensions compounded and bottled; but I am out of the appropriate sized blank labels.
    The labels are designed and ready to be printed. I will have those products available as soon as the label stock is delivered.

    I apologize for this delay.
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    I hope everyone is having a great day. If Veterans Day afforded you some time off; I hope it is enjoyable. I wrote a Veterans Day message in my word processor to post this morning but figured it was too emotional and personal for a source. I've been thinking about it since 5:15.

    Enjoy your afternoon and I hope your work week has started well or will start well tomorrow.
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    You should post it. Happy Veterans Day to all. And my sincere thanks to ALL Veterans! You guys and gals rock.
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    Hello all. I hope today has been pleasant and productive for everyone. This day is one of mixed emotions for me and my family. Does anyone else have a huge issue with the judgmental attitudes and sense of entitlement in this country?

    Although I will never call any of you “Bro” and we will likely never have that type of friendship in this venue; some of us will be forever connected in a kinship that transcends all situations. I've been so busy that I didn't even remember that today is Veterans Day until I woke up read some of the stench people posted on FaceTwitGram or whatever other stupid gossip platform my wife signed me up to get notifications for. I'd have been better off to remain oblivious.

    I was going to post this on social media; but I'm too insulted at the mealy mouthed, judgmental misrepresentation of military service by the some of the idiotic internet masses that can never know what we know. I try to never respond in type to people while I am angry at them; so I figured there just might be someone reading here who can benefit by knowing he or she isn't alone. Plus, I know somebody has to understand how it feels to have a loved one down on his luck and still getting kicked by people who once called him a friend.

    Anyway, if it helps someone today; great. If not, at least I could purge some of my angst.

    I want to take this time to say thank you to every brother and sister that stood with me and answered when they were called. Thank you for joining me in laughing, sweating, bleeding, and crying----willingly, in effort to provide our nation with a service that the words “defense” and “protection” cannot properly describe. The idea for someone to serve may begin for many reasons; but that idea is carried to fruition only by pure love and selfless dedication to our way of life. And a special thank you to those of us who made it home, only to go back again when the opportunity presented itself.
    To those who did not have or take the opportunity to serve: please realize that many of our Wounded Warriors have disabilities that cannot be seen; and for most civilians, can not be understood.
    His injuries are to his mind, his sense of worth, his conscience. His ability to cope is often damaged while his memory is sharper than ever; especially concerning the memories he would pay to be able to forget.
    That soldier with invisible injuries doesn't need sympathy.

    He doesn't need “fixing”.

    He doesn't need more of the already dysfunctional debriefing or re-assimilation tactics.

    He doesn't even have to hear a “thank you” because, in his opinion, the day he left home for battle he was just going to work. But feeling appreciated will never harm him.

    He needs to be accepted for who he is, what he's seen, and the things he's done that will never leave his conscious thought. Please don't try to lead him your way or push him to where you think he needs to go.

    He needs for his former employer to offer him the resources he was promised without having to jump through hoops that would exhaust a pod of trained dolphins.

    He needs, simply, for the door of belonging here to remain unlocked so he can truly come home when he is ready.

    Some people have shorter names for a disabled defender of freedom, like: that “bum” in the parking lot, the “junkie” that can't catch the dragon, the “loser” that drove after one too many. Don't be quick to judge that guy because chances are high that the door to belonging was locked when he came home; and the window to hell is always open. He will climb through that window and become trapped in an endless replay of the direction he traveled when his destination was not on the map.

    Just know that, when you insult that guy with a word that only defines the ignorance of your poorly understood notion of what is experienced in true warfare; you are insulting the man who risked becoming the name you gave him in order to protect the sheltered life from which you comfortably look down on him. Your ability to pass judgment is impressively executed from the scooter chair you fraudulently got insurance buy because you believe being a lazy rotund fatso is a legitimate physical handicap.

    He is my brother at arms. He is a child of God. He is where he is because he was unprepared to stop working in a job that he could never be adequately compensated for. His best friend died in front of him during a typical 'day at the office'. He lost his wife to a sissified executive type with manicured hands because she couldn't handle his absence. He lost his direction when home became the place he did not belong. He lost his hope when his own life rejected his return.

    He just might be my son----my firstborn----the kid I started raising when I was a kid myself----the man who, as I watched him grow, helped me become the man I am today----the one who inherited everything good in me and everything I hate about myself too. Don't pity him; just stop pissing on him. When you insult him, you insult me; and I will happily visit you to help you understand what kind of man today was created for.

    I love you son. And I miss you.
    Just in case you ever find your way home; I took the door off the hinges. Come in and rest.

    Love Dad.

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    That's beautiful man. Thanks for sharing.
  14. We take for granted their are those who will die for our right to spit in their face. I have seen many friends who came home after Iraq and Afghanistan just to be crapped on by society. They didn't ask to be sent to those places. Yes they signed up to defend our Country, but they didn't choose the wars and battles our leaders sent them to. Imagine coming home after a year or more in the middle East and because apart of the effort that brought Saddam to justice, justice everyone seemed to want when you were sent, to literally have a big gulp thrown at you while in uniform. Thank you to all here that serve and happy belated birthday to my Marine corps brothers out there.
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    I read this earlier today. Very well written and hits right to the heart. I actually had my lil woman read it just now.
    Although I can’t relate to a son that has served our country and fighting their own demons, I can relate as a father that loves his children.
    My children are my world and I want nothing but the best for them. No matter how old they get or how far away they may stray, they will always have a place they can call home!
    Thanks for sharing that. I enjoyed the read. :)
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    Thanks for sharing that.. awesome read
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    I hope everyone has had a great first couple of days in their work week.
    It's finally hump day all the way over to the Pacific coast; and we are half-way to the weekend:)
    PED sales has been very slow for me; and I think I came up with a pretty neat idea to increase interest. I will post my idea later today after I take care of some real life work:cool:.

    My list will be posted following this. I am still awaiting my blank labels:mad::mad:. I will update the list the moment I get them and print them. I apologize for extending the eta of these 3 compounds again; but this shipping delay is beyond my control.
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    <script src=""></script>
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  19. Has email changed?.
    I just tried to email and it said email not found!!
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    I haven't seen a lot of business lately; and I did some research on promotions, sales, etc. I probably read over 1000 pages in the last few days and I saw all sorts of prizes, store credits, and trinkets used to increase interest.
    So I came up with an idea of my own:
    Christmas time is getting close and I know we all could use a few extra dollars; especially those of us with children. You can't really wrap up a free vial of testosterone for your 6 year child; so you'd need money to go buy something.
    I sent out my 50th box a couple of days ago and I got inspired:
    20191113_013221_LI (2).jpg 20191113_013939.jpg

    I put 10 small pieces of cardstock, numbered 1-10 in a bowl, mixed them up, and picked out two of them.
    The 2nd and 6th of the next 10 paid orders over $150 will have one of these vials included in the package.

    This is designed to increase my revenue; so I won't reveal the current order number or anything like that. It also would be unfair to other customers.
    I will announce when 10 paid orders are reached, unless I am asleep; thereby ending the promotion. If I am asleep when the orders are placed, payment addresses will be sent first thing in the morning: I will announce if 10 orders have been placed; and the consecutive order of payment confirmation will still be what corresponds with orders#2 and #6.
    If I don't get 10 orders in a day, week, or month; I will just announce it whenever it happens.

    Hopefully this will be fun for us all.:D