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  1. He is more than likely trying to get orders in so that he can hurry up and buy more raws. thoughts?
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    Ok so I may be remembering this incorrectly but I think I’m accurate. He purchased his raws over a period of time and had them tested LAST winter. As far as I know he’s on batch 1. He came here, had a kick ass intro complete with pictures and testing. He really didn’t get hammered on the vetting because he seemed to have his shit together and this was going to be the next great source. He made some early sales, things looked promising, and then....

    Then the bumbles began.

    Through all those activities he supposedly ordered more raws but the delivery didn’t arrive (I don’t remember if he offered an explanation).

    He also had a postal inspector visit a customers home and ask specifically about SymBiotics.

    Then he had a hacker get into his emails. The hacker indicated the MESO identity.

    The Sym went away for a little bit, but came back and said he was building a new improved lab (and that it was in his plans from the beginning). There’s costs associated with this @Stinkfinger1112. And Sym supposedly fell off a ladder doing soffit work on the lab and ended up in the hospital and MIA for a while.

    Most recently he says he’s got more liquid orals but oh no, he ordered the wrong labels. Tee-hee.

    Nothing has been restocked. So why the rush to build the new lab?

    And now a sale, despite products in low supply. Seemingly to attract customers but what good are new excited loyal customers if you blow your load and got nothing left to satisfy them?

    So with all that, is he G2G????
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    @SymBiotics brother you are going about this shit all wrong. You are deviating from the proven formula that originally made you so attractive. Don’t overthink this. You are losing traction with the forum and losing out on tens of thousands of dollars.

    You already have the most attractive prices on here especially after you factor in the 2 extra mls. So price obviously isn’t the sticking point. Id say with tgi gone that you sense your chance has improved. You’ve likely had an uptick in emails etc. I’d also say that’s why you jumped the gun on this sale with low stock.

    The smartest thing you could do to increase sales at this time isn’t some gimmick contest or 25% sale. Prices are already low as shit. It’s trust that is the issue at this point. People are worried about the unfortunate shit that’s happened since you opened. If you ever want this operation to generate for you at its full potential your gonna have to address that stuff.

    Sure we saw pictures of your original set up. Nothing but your word is telling us there is a new lab. For all we know it’s in your kitchen now or maybe a bathroom :eek: Snap a few photos. It will help your causes I promise. Optionally those pics could include some current inventory pics. Letting us know what your still sitting on. Should be a small mountain with the sale you’re proposing. This step alone will drive far more sales than anything you’ve mentioned.

    I’m just gonna take a guess here because from the outside looking in you went from being transparent to be a sketchy fuck real quick. I think you got shook by the hacking and alledged pi visit. It probably gave you a sense of what was actually at stake if things went south. However life is still life and you still have the same money issues and time and money invested so you decided to keep things moving. But now you’re a cautious sketchy fuck and it shows. You don’t have the same cool you once had.

    Calm the fuck down. Show us we can trust you again. Maybe hire a rep with a firmer understanding of what the forum would like to see. Address this past bullshit. Let us know why we should trust you now. Why that shit won’t happen again. Start having a stronger presence here. You have a strong lineup and dirt cheap prices. Make a decision. Let orders trickle in or buckle down and take this seriously and let the fucking cash pour in. Up to you brother.
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    So I’ve followed this from the beginning and so much of it is just...odd. But not odd as in “he’s a cop”, rather odd as in “this is how you’d run a business if you didn’t know how to run a business”. Some people are really talented at one thing. Maybe for Sym it’s chemistry (I say maybe because who really knows when it comes to illicit activities?). Let’s say he’s a good brewer and knows the chemistry and the lab setup better than anyone in the market today. Let’s just pretend. That doesn’t mean he has any idea how to actually sell his stuff. Inventory control, logistics, P/L, and customer service support are several different jobs. They require different skills. A ton of small businesses have separate people to do this sort of stuff. But here we’ve got one guy doing it all. Frankly it would be more suspicious if he didn’t fuck up frequently.

    Perhaps it’s all one big, neat conspiracy. But Ockham’s razor says it’s one guy who is spread too thin and trying to get more business generated so he can start operating a little closer to the black. Because right now he’s got to be bleeding red and that won’t get better until he either improves margins (not happening) or increases market share.
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    I should add a disclaimer as addendum to my last post: I have not used Sym and despite being tempted I can’t do it. @desertwarrior said it best when he talked about trust. Maybe Sym is a decent man. Seems to be, based on what little we know. But for me (and I bet a lot of others) there are too many unanswered questions that make ordering a gamble. Guys don’t need rock bottom prices, they need to know that when they order they’ll be getting what they paid for and not a knock on the door by LE or an email from some Chinese dickbag extorting bitcoin from them.

  6. Very good analysis.
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    Never ordered form Sym either. Since like 2-3 months ago has anything like this happened? I think the guys trying his best to generate business and doesn’t know how to. Since the start he was thought to be LE his post was “too good to be true” his set up looked to legit. I think he doesn’t know where else to go and it’s trying his best to get people to use his product ( I.e primo gimmicks or sales) but has no way to do this because people are so skeptical. He has to figure out on his own how to turn the tables. But with what we are dealing with here and our freedom at risk with every order placed it’s hard. Sym needs to start showing everything he is talking about the “new lab” and being transparent with people to gain their trust I think. IMO

    Edit: excuse me if my time line is off on the extortionist
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    No shit!
  9. Sp2.0

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    Use mct and all your problems will be solved
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    Come on, man. Your post here is one of the posts that helped me confirm my decision for a sale. I have followed your posts and progress since, I don't remember when; and I took your advice to heart.
    Now you ridicule me? This is unwinnable; in that, there is nothing I can do to please this forum.
  11. SymBiotics

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    I have Test-C and Mast-E in MCT now. I just finished filtering them. Pictures to be posted tonight with their addition to the list.
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    I said, I didn't want to have a sale until I had more stock, for fear of being viewed negatively for running out.
    I started the sale in response to the popular demand in this thread-----including yours.
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    Okay man, I'm weary of trying to make hints about this:
    After the hacker business; I told my package receiver about the breach (because it is the responsible thing to do); and he decided to refuse any shipments to his business. Over $17,000 in raw materials for my resupply were not delivered; and they may never be seen again. I literally, as promised, spent every dime I made here on resupplying my products.
    I did not get a reshipment or refund because of the nature of the shipping exception. So, ALL of the money that I made before the hacker came here is GONE---as in: I do not have it to order more raws.
    Now, I have taken some more of my money from my legitimate business and ordered more raws from 2 separate vendors. They are sitting here, in country, awaiting domestic shipment to me; but I have decided to defer shipping in the wake of the recent TGI happenings.
    Why? Because I used one of the raw material providers that he recommended during our PM conversations the week I came public with my business.
    I read the article from the news station; and I am concerned about the decision making that led to the arrest.
    If that same mentality is what governed his client information deletion; then I am at risk.
    Remember when I said I made multiple test orders from different sources when I was researching this business? Well, he was one of them; and he had, or has my address.
    If you don't think the alphabet agencies aren't combing through that information as I type; then I don't know what to say.
    It would be incredibly helpful if you would take a moment to think outside the box of "I want"; and consider that there are things beyond your desire at play. It is not only customer safety that concerns me.
    As I said before, I am doing the best I can.
    The sale: It was a decision made as a result of demand after my dollar bill idea.
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    No. I did not order the wrong labels. I said I am waiting on the arrival of new blank labels; as in----- I print my own.
    If you must know every detail of my operation: The pack of 32,000 labels I had to work with were printed just fine. The adhesive was dysfunctional on them though; and it wasn't something I would feel comfortable in sending out, because every piece of product I send out is a representation of me.
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    Have you test pinned it?
  16. SymBiotics

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    Yes. Aside from flowing much faster than I am used to, and filling my muscle more quickly; it has no feeling.
    I used 1ml each of drostanolone enanthate and testosterone enanthate on Sunday 11-17.
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    I'm not going to hire a rep. A guy propositioned me today about that; and I'm just not going to do it. I screw up plenty, by myself; and it doesn't cost me $300/month.
    I have forum presence----I took yesterday and Sunday off from here; but I am here. I have a job and a family. I answer every question that is asked of me. Unfortunately, not everyone likes my answers; but that's okay.

    Pictures of my new lab: no. I have decided I am not going to do it. This lab has a purpose to be lived out after my PED sales are terminated; and it includes my family. So, there will be no pictures of the outside or inside of my new lab. I was thinking about your earlier message, about hanging sheets or the like, on the walls to take pictures-----there would invariably be someone who would say that I am simply covering the walls of my old lab. I just do not have the for time for all of this conspiracy. I'll say it again, since no one else seems to notice: I posted pictures of a functional lab, when most sources post pictures of a pile of Amazon/eBay orders. I'm not posting pictures of my new lab, my scars, my tattoos, my penis, my wife's breasts, or any of the other unreasonable requests. I am doing, and have done, every single thing I can to make you guys happy. You all will never be happy. I have finally understood that.
    I took pictures of the lab I had when I started; and I already had a new lab in construction. This lab has had an intended successive purpose since the day I began it. It will be equipped to house my family in the event the SHTF. I will say nothing more of it; and you can respect that, or not.
    I do have some pictures from inside my flow hood that I intend to post. But they could be in my old lab. They could be in a police station. they could be taken anywhere. Good enough, sometimes, has to be good enough. And when it's not good enough; the best I can do will always suffice for me.
    What I am doing: that's the best I can do.
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    The 10% Monero discount apply during the sale?
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    Please note:
    testosterone cypionate 250mg/ml, Drostanolone Enanthate 250mg/ml in MCT oil id now available.
    tamoxifen (nolvadex) 20mg/ml
    clomiphene (clomid) 25mg/ml
    Methasterone (Superdrol) 20mg/ml

    Oral suspensions are now available.
    Pictures of this and other offerings to be posted tonight.

    <script src=""></script>
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