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    Was this your first cycle?.I ask because I had PIP from pharma test cyp when I started my first cycle 3 years ago.
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    My apologies for neglecting this last night. The lady called me away; and I fell asleep before getting back up and out there.
    I’ve had multiple requests for large volume containers of oils. I filled a couple just to see if anyone actually buys them. I had plenty of testosterone cypionate and propionate; so I decided to give those a try. They are 100ml vials of test-P and test-C; and 1 Liter bottles of test-P in MCT and GSO (all sterile).
    I also have had requests for plain sterile oils; so I filled some sterile MCT vials as well.
    Testosterone cypionate 250mg/ml 100ml vial = $200 (I have 1 each in MCT and GSO)
    Testosterone propionate 100mg/ml 100ml = $100 (3 in MCT, 2 in GSO)

    Sterile, bacteriostatic MCT (1% BA) 100ml = $15

    Testosterone propionate 100mg/ml; 1 Liter media bottle (sterile filtered) = $750 (1 each in MCT and GSO)

    I can easily put it in regular vials if they don’t sell; but I had a lot of these two, so why not see what happens. 56B42E4B-78DC-419C-B2C4-EB504E420868.jpeg
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    I forgot to add:
    I made a lipotrophic B-complex injectable after multiple requests. It will be added to the pastebin.

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  4. In for reports of crumbling stoppers from some stupid idiot that continually pulls 1 ml at a time with an 18g needle from those 100 ml vials.


    Anywho, pretty nice price on those bulk containers. i can see them selling fast.
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    Looking good @SymBiotics ... Hoping for a black friday sale :)
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    Looking good?
  7. Yes. Symbiotics is sexy af
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    On top of the 25% sale and already super low prices? You cheap bastard lol. If you’ve made the decision to order pull the trigger already. Also nobody needs to know in the open when, what, and how much illegal drugs you intend to purchase. Only thing missing now is address and social. Maybe in the future keep those details private. Sharing to the open forum should be for reviews on gear and customer service without any specific dates or details.

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    Alright, good explanation. I thought maybe Sym finally posted a pic of the wifey and I missed it!
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    Did someone just say @balco?
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    I think the whole 100ml vial thing is cool, bit honestly I dont know what I would do with it.
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    Uh you blast the fuck out of it?! LOL
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    Well shit... I actually like this idea from @SymBiotics best so far. Offering something that few sources do. Bulk vials at decent prices.
    Smart to only do a small amount at first to get an idea on demand. Good on you Symba! ;)

    Wrap a hundred dollar bill around those big bitches and boom... They’ll be flying off the shelf! :p :D
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    100ml vial be good for a killer blast...2g a week!
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    Ordered...arrived quick....if nothin else the presentation of product is pretty cool
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    What did you get?
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    Couple Anavario...couple winston... and some diamond cutter...still have oil from mr Vail from an order like 6 months ago...never done an oral so see what happens
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    And the packaging was like fort knox... so the whole postal inspector thing seems off...that fucko maybe pulled a balco scam ...but caused a shit ton of ruckus...pretty sellfish If he did thst
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