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  2. I think that means yes
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    That’s what correct means? Lol
  4. At least where I'm from. If a question is asked and it is followed by "correct" it's a yes. Kinda like saying affirmative. Dunno where is Sym is from, but I would guess it means the same lol.
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    Yeah dude... that’s what it means where I’m from too, I posted the “hmmmm” emoji on Tapatalk as to mean that it may just get me to jump. Not sure if you can see the emoji if your on the web.
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    I’ve read about 100 pages of this thread, and I’m still confused. What I’d like to know is-
    1- Were the reported infections from your injectables from a couple members ever resolved?

    2 - can you link to the lab report that showed your gear was properly dosed and not cross contaminated per the earlier lab report?

    Based on the initial pictures of your set up, I hope you are able to turn this thing around And be successful here. But right now there are too many red flags for me to feel comfortable giving your gear a shot.
  7. My bad dude. Where I live a 2 hour drive can change the English language so much it's like you're in a foreign country. I really wasn't sure. For instance, when you was younger the word "true" was in. It had many meanings depending on context. I traveled to visit some family at Christmas and Everytime I said true it was followed by yes that's true, why do you keep asking? My mistake brother :)
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  8. I think one guy claimed infection another was claiming he had massive pip and swelling with t400. There was mention of a fever also. If I remember right first guy got hit with pics or it didn't happen. He disappeared. Second guy discontinued used and his symptoms went away.

    He did send off an unmarked vial, and it checked out, but until someone else sends out something we only have that to go by.
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    I don’t buy the infection story, the guy literally ghosted when pressed.
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  10. Posts #2799 and 2800 for EQ test results.

    Came back from W&M dosed correctly and with no Deca contamination present.
  11. Agreed page 140 they talk about it a bit. Also page 140 post #2800 was the self test results. Everything thing seems on point, but until someone else sends off samples there will be doubts. I can only speak for me. T400 does have some gnarly pip. The cyp is smoothe though.
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    Most high concentrations have bad pip...
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    if I remember correctly he was comparing the test from sym to being WORSE than t400 he had used in the past, not that he was using sym t400. I’ll have to double check.

    thanks, I’ll check that out
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    I just double checked, it was a dude named Noah using test enth (300), and saying it was much worse pip than he had experienced in the past, even with t400 he had used.
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    What really sucks is my first order went great with you Sym. Superior product and packaging in comparison to what I’d been receiving from my go to lab. With such low pricing I was thrilled and ready to do more business immediately. Then shit went south.

    I’d really like to be placing an order with you in a few days time. I just don’t want to have the sinking feeling I do in my stomach. I’m not sure what happened with you bud. It’s like you’ve become your own worst enemy.

    I’d say you made the right decision on not taking up a $300 a month rep their definitely not worth that but I still think one would be beneficial. Guys like @justfish and @pumpingiron would help you out for much cheaper than that. Or just save yourself all that headache and just read what we are saying man. We aren’t being assholes we are offering advice that could extend your longevity and your profits here.

    We WANT to buy from you. We just want to feel better about it. You’re right you will never please everyone. But you can sure as hell can win me over as a customer. I just want some reassurance and for some damn reason now you want to take the road that other crappy labs take. I just can’t figure it out.
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  16. Who wanted to rep for you?
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    Some of you know me, most don’t.
    I was one of the first to order from Elite, Omega, and plenty more run of the mill UGLSs that didn’t last. I don’t mind taking chances, because I don’t order big quantities.

    I did order from Sym recently. Can’t vouch for the product, because I’m running another labs gear at the moment. But package did arrive, presentation looks well..

    I’ll eventually come back in with some tests and etc, but that will be awhile and he may not even be around then. This is not a “G2G” this is just confirmation of a pack that actually arrived.
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    That was my post your referring to, and yes you stand corrected, his TestE300 gave me some horrific PIP for some reason in various injection sites.
    @SymBiotics never addressed my issue out in the open but he did mention in Post#2798 the following:
    “4) I have had a handful of complaints about PIP from testosterone enanthate. I have been using it for several months now; and it has not caused any significant pain to me. However, I use only 0.7ml. There are nearly 300 vials of this batch out there currently. I will be happy to discuss options for those who cannot tolerate it on an individual basis.”

    So I did reach out to his new Email he setup at that time and he ended up working with me and sent me replacement product of his TestC250, which after pinning I had absolutely no PIP. I’m also on his tren Ace for couple weeks now and that gave me very minimal PIP but as much as I would expect from any Tren Ace I have used in the past if I had to compare.

    I know even Stanford mentioned his Test300 was giving people pretty bad PIP and I think he has a blend now of TestE and TestC for those sensitive to it.

    I should of have posted an update at the time but I also know how people take advantage and will fake a complaint if they managed to get free gear or anything they can out of it.
    Also he seems to be getting a lot of backlash and I didn’t want to get any myself for simply using his product. But I did feel at least I should give an update especially since the topic was brought back up.

    Overall I’m satisfied with the way it was handled and still currently on his TrenAce and TestCyp as mentioned.
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    Thanks for the update man. Yeah, this thread has a lot of heat. I’ve been watching it for months (back when I was just lurking), and I figured I would never order from him after a few events I saw take place. But now... with the update from you, the other guy who complained about pip disappearing, and the updated test from W&M showing that there wasn’t cross contamination in his lab test, I’m actually tempted to take a flyer on Syms gear....!?! Ran anything else of his other than the test and tren?
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    I was one to complain about pip on his test e . First 2 or 3 weeks were horrible even had flu symptoms the day after every shot. Then everything has been smooth. I’m still using his test e and diamond cutter. I’d like to purchase his products again just slightly nervous to order from him