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    I posted here and in symbiotics testing thread, you can easily find it.
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    Appreciate you brotha thx
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    Just got my gear. Excellent packaging, professional bottling, really impressive work @SymBiotics. Stoked as shit to get started. Pissed that all the gyms are closed. Scrambling to find equipment for the house.
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    I just came here to ask that question
  5. fakename

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    I can’t comment on sym’s test as it was a TRT stockpiling effort for me and haven’t touched it. However, that diamond cutter is fun shit. Wish i bought more.
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  7. LamarHoon

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    Anyone here using Sym's mast p and test p (GSO batch 1 for both)? Been getting some bad pip and swelling at the injection site after every injection. I use a 25 g 1.5in to inject, and I warm up the oils before every injection and it still doesn't help with pip at all. Hoping someone can chime in on this.
  8. Discodon

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    yes on 5th week of 8 week run. Great results the pip was minimal at 1ml 2x week. As I bumped up for 2ml 2x week by week 4 it definitely gets more painful nothing I can’t take just more spots around frequently. Pip goes away as body absorbs it about 5 days. few time gluteus have been un trainable that was my fault tho same inj spot to many times
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  9. Longrodvonhugendong6969

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    thanks, man! you post any cycle log with the primo?
  10. GIVEitUP

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    All good fast shipping and good package thanks again
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  11. Maktub

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    Gso means grepe seed oil?
    If yes, then no problem at all.
  12. Oldschool

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    Take more time injecting your oil. If you ran your hand in front of a pressure washer nozzle you would have problems. Same for injecting oil through the needle too fast. Comes out like a laser beam. Take your time.
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  13. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    1.5 inch? Bro!!!

    Where is that going? Hopefully just glute right? But you’re running prop so it’s ED or EOD so you should be rotating injection sites.

    Is this your first cycle? Everyone gets PIP on their first cycle. Virgin muscle isn’t used to it.

    Get some 1-inch or even 1/2-inch pins. Start using delts and VG. Even quads and traps.
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  14. LamarHoon

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    Yeah been using 1.5in for glutes and 1.25in for quads. This is my second cycle and first time ever messing with prop. I've been pinning EOD rotating between both legs and both glutes but I'm still getting swelling at injection sites(been doing this for about 6 weeks now). I'll try injecting slower like oldschool said.
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    Definitely go in slower and Inject slower as well. Also always make sure you are not in a rush when pinning so you can take it slow and not rush. I’ve pinned before with limited time and it’s not fun.
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  16. JonDoh

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    I’m running his Test P a little over two weeks in. Zero PIP
  17. Savagesteve

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    Certain esters just don’t agree with certain people. I can’t pin test enanthate and have tried several different labs and methods including warming the oil etc. I know some guys that are the same way with prop.
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    I can’t work up enough balls to do the traps.
    do you recall who it was, that posted a pic of the pin just sticking out of his trap like a dart?
    I remember running across that picture when I was new to the site… I was like what the fuck! That’s a fuckin mad man!
  19. That was Frank. Haven't seen him in a long while. Hope he isn't dancing to the jailhouse rock again.

    Traps are a pain in the ass because your view is easily obstructed, but as long as you don't go whacko on pin length or oil volume, it's actually not bad at all.

    1/2 inch or less needle would be my recommendation. .5 ml to start. There was definitely some virgin PIP, but it was never crippling.
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    Last I saw, he lost a finger. Couldn’t tell you why, but I remember the picture. Yikes.
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