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    I do not like to log in from my mobile device, so it will be later tonight.
    I spent yesterday and last night making sure my devices are secure. It is time consuming.
    Thank you for your concern.
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    Security is appreciated.
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  3. Zugzugpower

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    Do you have any purity testing on your equipoise? I see not many sources ever test it.
  4. Masterofron

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    Yes he does, but ur gonna have to dig through the first few pages of the thread.

    Hello btw
  5. SymBiotics

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    This makes me feel even more behind the times than I already did.
    I don't even have a real facebook page; and now I learned that you can have a fake one. This must be what time travel to the future would feel like :confused:
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    tntline has never sent me an email. I only learned of this address when a customer sent me a screenshot of his email that had my email address as the display name for the tntline person.
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    I personally use 80mg daily. I don't think I would make 80mg capsules to sell because there is no way to dose them incrementally. 80mg is the highest dose that is available from the pharmacy in a single pill.
    It would work well in suspension; so that may be the route I take. In fact, I have sold suspensions at a far higher rate than any of my capsules; so I may eventually drop capsules from my list altogether, except for DNP.
    I still have a little while left on my assessment phase; so things may change in that regard.
    Also, I think I may extend the assessment period for another month. I have made quite a few sales; but not enough to, in my opinion, adequately gauge the market for demand of new products or preferred delivery vehicles. I think a little more time will be needed.
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    Goodnight everyone!
    I wish you all a restful sleep and a productive day tomorrow.
    My list is available by clicking the spoiler button:
    <script src=""></script>
  11. bigrobbie

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    I'm curious exactly how extreme the pip is from his Test E @ 400mg/ml
    Never used dosed that high...:eek:
  12. I've not pinned his Test E 400, but I have used other sources Test E 400 and it has some bite, but nothing too horrible in my experience. tren A 200 on the other hand...
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  13. Blasterfrost

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    The test E 300 gave me horrible pip both injections so far. Third injection will be today hopefully it goes smoother
  14. Ksocy38

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    Interesting. How many cycles have you done? What sites did you inject?
  15. Noah86

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    @SymBiotics did you have a chance to answer this yet? I was also curious for your response.

    Plus with all the data breach entries/posts in multiple forums hopefully this thread returns back to normal haha
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    So are you gonna follow the trend and pop up on your on Discord server? You'd be spending a shit ton more time posting if you did/do. Just wondering...seems to be what all the cool kids are doing. :cool:(Yikes, PEER PRESSURE!)
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    I’ve been cycling around 6 years. Both injections were in both glutes. The one is still a little sore from Saturday. Even got some flu like symptoms the day after my body felt wrecked. Dunno if my body didn’t like the gso? I’ll try warming it first and see what happens today
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  18. Gaynz39

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    Any reviews on the Adrol? Caps or Suspension makes no difference.
  19. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Well he’s sold out of the Anadrol suspension already.
  20. Seven

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    If he doesn't do FB you think he can do Discord? :).
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