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    Took @SymBiotics diamond cutter a few times now. Every time had my shit looking like this. Screenshot_20190913-064542_Google.jpg
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    4 day touchdown. Thank you SymBiotics!
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    I’ve gotten on discord a few times to check it out but I’m just not feeling it so I just get on there when I have spare time (which lately is never lol).
    Even though thats a way one can keep up on sources that are not here, I still prefer Meso over all the different platforms that are out there. :)
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    Which discord server are you getting on?
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    I ordered from clarity labs off bop almost a year ago and they sent out a mass email to over 75 people including myself, advertising a sale. I’m sure this is the hacker trying to get his customers. Like stated before it’s very odd a source would reach out via email when you did not contact them first.
  6. Dude I got that same email! wtf! Ive ordered from them years ago off muscle and science. I wonder if it was the hacker.
  7. Bhairava

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    I don’t see any other scenario. He may not be as good as some of the sources here on meso, but he’s not stupid enough to send a mass email advertising like that. But with that being said he clearly kept emails for quite some
    Time, so who knows.....

  8. I just logged in over at M&S there is a thread started in his SUB and he (Calrity) hasn't replied to anyone else saying the same thing.
  9. T-Bagger

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    Even if it says Clarity is the sender, check the real account. I can almost guarantee it’s from aka the scammer.
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    AA’s and TGI’s

  11. Either way IDGAF i brew my own shit now. The only thing I UGL is Orals becuase I hate capping but I am now just going to make liquid/suspensions...Once you go home brew you never go back...
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    Yeah, that’s some bad news there because they’re clearly storing customer info.
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  13. Yeah I lit his ass up on the thread at M&S told him that not fucking cool. Im sure the mods will take that shit down though soon enough. Funny thing is Im not the only one who was like WTF! man!
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  14. There really is no public board like MESO the way we all take our privacy and hold these sources accountable is outfuckingstanding. No other board is even comparable. There are some private forums that are good but still really don't measure up to the amount of knowledge and information is here. The "Homebrew" sub on here alone will change a mans life for the better let alone all the other gems this place offers. I fully expect to be banned from M&S after the post I made bashing a source who pays rent!

    Email chains

    Thread called email chains
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    I often wonder why Meso members are members of other forums.
    Free gear?
    In my opinion other forums are a waste of time.
  16. Well in my case when I started this Lifestyle BOP, M&S SST were the first ones poping up in my searches. It was about 6 months later I found my Home here.
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    I posted up in that thread also just now. I’m curious to see if anyone over there will respond.
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    Just like stinkfinger I used those other boards before finding meso and realizing the difference. Had I known back then what I do now, I most certainly would not have wasted my time.
  19. They won’t because they’re a bunch of fuck bois. What they will do is delete our post like they never happened.
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