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    LOL, I wasn't being altogether serious...pretty much already know the answer but wanted to ask nonetheless
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    Want to try that anadrol suspension!!
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    I used the test e 300 with no pip what so ever. Almost every thing gives me pip and this stuff didnt. Just my 2 cents.
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    I will be super suspecious if a result like that pops out; two individuals using same those but a difference of 1720 as a results ?? Humm maybe we are not using same batch?? One batch was good the other nahhh..

    I do believe bloods is a must
    I do believe mas spect is a must
    I do believe on batch #
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    Just go look at TGI’s bloodwork log , or any other bloodwork log. Bloodwork is not a good indicator of wether or not a lab is properly dosing/brewing their cheapest compound available. That’s another point right there... The cheapest compound. I think this has been picked apart and discussed enough though so I won’t say anything more.
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    Call me the mega asshole but this is where “pip reports” also become an issue. The variables. How and where was it injected? What size needle? How many ml’s? Etc etc.

    With higher dosed gear of any kind, expect pip. With less common short esters like DHB, bold ace, primo ace, etc, expect pip. I’d never purchase a 300mg/per ml testosterone and NOT expect it to bite a little bit lol.
  7. Logged in just to say this.

    Pip reports are bullshit. like Master is saying. there are so many variables INCLUDING the bb/ba ratio. Also, some days I have pip and some days I dont. even though I brew my own gear and I know i've accurately dosed it. The most reliable thing you can do is send a vial to Jano or W&M or someone who tests the actual content. Anecdotal reviews and bloodwork are not bulletproof ways to measure hormone content. While bloodwork is better than an anecdotal review, there is still a great variation because everyone responds to doses differently.

    Also, I brew my 300mg test E with 0 pip. not sure if you're implying that because it doesn't hurt that its fake (Boss302, not u ron) but test e 300 without pip is easy to brew if you know what the fuck you're doing. I see many people brewing with shitty bb/ba ratios and they complain about PIP with things that shouldn't hurt at all. also it depends on needle size and volume and all that. plus some pins just suck, some go smooth as hell, its life. Furthermore, everyone responds differently to different ratios so if one person experiences pip but another doesnt. that does not mean the person who doesnt has bunk gear.

    tl;dr 300 test e can be accurately dosed and just fine with 0 pip and you can't verify if a product is accurately dosed without actual empirical testing.
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    Agree that PIP reports are not “bulletproof” by any means, but, depending on the source, they are a useful data point.

    In this case, I asked some questions to see how reliable his experience has been, and he said he's been using for 6 years (not virgin muscle and not new to injecting) and is hitting his glutes (not quads, lats etc).

    So if several more guys have issues (obviously eliminating newbies, dumbasses and “the TA was quick, source is G2G” reports) then there is something there to look at.

    If I ever got consistent PIP from 300 Test E, there would absolutely 100% be an issue with the product.
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    I warmed the oil a little today and haven’t noticed any pip. Not sure what happened on the first 2 injections just haven’t experienced pip like that in a long time.
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    I apologize for overlooking this question.
    I do use a 5000ml glass beaker for compounding batches anything for which I have Kg quantities of raw materials. Currently, the only batches that were made in 5000ml (approximate) quantities are: testosterone, including Sustanon; boldenone undecylenate, nandrolone phenylpropionate, and nandrolone decanoate.
    I did not have the capital to purchase Kg quantities of trenbolones or drostanolones. Each of them were made in approximately 2500ml batches.

    I have, already in my possession, second batches of testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, and nandrolone phenylpropionate. They will not be shipped until the first batch of each one is depleted.
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    I was, personally, moderately sore from the injection. I did not lose range of motion; but there was definite tenderness to pressure and stretching in the ventrogluteal muscle that I injected.
    It was uncomfortable enough that I decided to use more volume of a lower concentration if I want to inject the same total dose. I see no reason to be sore when there is an easy way to avoid it.
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    I'm a bit embarrassed that I do not know what discord servers are. I will research it and consider doing so if it is something that you all recommend.
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    I hope everyone had a productive and pleasant day. I intend to turn in early tonight; so I will bid you all a relaxing evening and restful night.
    Thank you to everyone who has ordered from me and/or commented in my thread. My list will follow in my next post.
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    This might have already been asked, so I'm sorry if it has, will you be producing any superdrol in the future?
    Again, as always Symbiotic, thank you for your candor and professional courtesy. Thanks to the rest of the members as well! A lot of guys and gals with credible and vast knowledge on a variety of subjects. And who said Meatheads are smart!
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    Correction: who said Meatheads "aren't" smart!
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    Don’t bother, Majority of people would recommend you stay here. I’d honestly consider a public forum to be much more secure than a discord channel. Their TOS/privacy policy is on par with Coinbase’s lol.
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    Has anyone ever tried liquid viagra/cialis? May be interested in that along with some other stuff haha.
  19. All feelz reports have been positive.
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    Bullshit, we never saw photos for proof. “Feelz report” smh...
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