SYN Pharma 2018 - Canadian Domestic only.

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    I can be curious anyway, I got plenty of buddies in Canada who juice and compete. and hey @Turkish Pharmacy is my home.
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    Lol wtf? Go back in the thread, I asked for a list and was denied cause I was too new. So I had to find my own SYN source to try. You have zero experience with syn and yet you bash the source? This is my single biggest issue with meso, it's full of great knowledge and sources, but the amount of source bashing that goes on is ridiculous.
  3. This is why we have the quote feature.

    Not sure who you're replying to. So i'm guessing that you're response is to @rester and if that's the case, i need to ask if you know what source bashing is or you're just repeating buzzwords that you've seen on here before?
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    Just for reference, that guy was in the Panda thread suggesting Panda should sell
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    the single biggest issue with meso is u buddy fuck outta here
  6. Dear valued clientele,

    I will be absent and away from any WiFi for the duration of Tuesday MAY 7th - 14th. I will be unable to accept or process any orders during this time. So please ensure to have any orders in by MAY 7th, at the latest, if you require any products during the aforementioned time frame. Business will resume as usual on Wednesday, May 15th.

    If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me at either of my emails.

    Thank you.

    - Northern Nutrition
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    Hi there, I am interested if you could send me a PM it would be appreciated.
  8. Thank you for your interest but im unable to help you at this time due to your lack of participation and contributions. Perhaps later on when you've contributed more and been a member here longer than a few months with only 4 posts we can take another look if you're still interested. Thanks for your understanding in the meantime.
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  9. He averages 1.3 posts per year! You're awfully picky. :D:p
  10. VACATION REVISION - May 10th - 20th 2019

    There has been a slight change in the dates that I will be absent. The dates have been moved ahead to May 10th until May 21st with no WIFI.

    All orders received during this coming week will be processed and shipped out Monday, May 13, but there will be no tracking numbers forwarded due to my absence. However, all orders will be shipped on time as usual.

    I apologize for this unexpected change in plans and the short notice given. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me here.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    - NN
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    Don’t pay any attention to this guy. He thinks everyone is a cop.
  12. Back from vacation and back to work. All emails have been answered, and all orders are being processed.

    A huge thanks for everyone who waited for my return to order for this upcoming week. You guys are outstanding and part of a remarkable clientele list that I wouldn't change for all the Dbol in China.
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    And that’s a lot of Dbol...
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    Just wondering are you taking new client?
  15. Unfortunately your activity here is 3 posts in 5 years. I usually prefer a bit more participation from potential clientele.
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    Has been off from gear last couple years. used to be on multi sites same time. anyway hope you can help me get back on gains this summer
  17. Dear valued clientele,

    I'll be away from WiFi for an extended period of time beginning July 15th, one month from today. This absence will be 25 days in duration which will extend to August 10th.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I'll send out weekly reminders leading up to July 15th. In the meantime, please have your orders in before July 15th if you require my assistance during that time frame.

    Thank you for your understanding and your continued loyalty and support. If you have any questions/comments regarding my absence, please don't hesitate to send me an email.

    Thank you.
    - NN
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  19. Happy Birthday, Canada! :)
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    Best country in the world. Go raptors go!!! Champions!! Wooooooooo!!!!