SYN Pharma 2018 - Canadian Domestic only.

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    People also have to remember, there is nothing illegal about making a purchase. The risk is all one sided.
  2. Dear clientele,

    I apologize for this short notice, but I'll be absent for one week between Sunday September 8th and Sunday the 15th inclusive. There will be no WiFi during this period, so please have any orders in at the latest Saturday evening of the 14th. Please note that there will be no tracking numbers with next weeks shipments due to my absence, but all orders will ship on time in the usual manner.

    If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me either of my emails. Thanks kindly for your understanding and loyalty during my upcoming absence.

    - Northern Nutrition
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    First post here but I did purchase some Syn products and I am excited to see what the hype is about
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    can't go wrong with them, best product on market in canada right now, I been on their Anadrol for 3 weeks, added 20lbs so far, now im getting off of it cause the side effect way too much.
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    I've completed two cycles with SYN products; one cycle from a local guy and one from a rep from PGA's former site. I'd love to get some from NN
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    I have been waiting 2 weeks for my order from PGA... he wont answer my emails.

    Others on other sites are asking for their orders too

    Looks bad for SYN having a shit rep like this
  7. PGA isn't a rep for Syn. He's a reseller (that was supposed to have been cut off) that got the boot from here for using multiple handles to give himself fake reviews.
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    PGA used to be here a while back until he was exposed. I don’t believe he was an official rep for Syn. He was essentially a reseller is my take on it. If communication has been quiet for 2 weeks I would prepare to be disappointed.
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    I purchased the SYN products from PGA'S site last year. I received the product within a week of ordering, but I do remember some lapse in communication at some point that worried me
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    Been looking at his pharma gear awhile back but he's known to have tardy t/a times...
    Think he just replied to you in that thread a few hours ago.
    Added new syn gear.
    Anyone know what the deal is, is he cut off from syn?
  11. BigTriple

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    He said the order is coming, shipper forgot to send

    I’ll keep updating
  12. acro

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    Please keep me up to date...
    I first originally found him (before I read of his multi handles and faux reviews) and was deciding to use him as the pharma gear source and SYN line up.
    Pricing was not bad+backed by a pareto rep with a good review.
    Wanted to try SYN some items (torch etc...), and him repping SYN (or from what it seemed) was also nice to have access to the full syn line.
    then... realized what he did on meso... oof

    Decided to try another UGL AI instead. (wanted to have pharma gear access)

    I hope @Northern Nutrition or someone can chime in, is PGA a rep/reseller associated with SYN or not (which he claims he still is) ?
    -He's recently added more SYN lineup items.
    Just wanted to get down to the story to know whatsup and if PGA is witholding information that could be crucial to know if he's lying that he's a syn rep.
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  13. This is from the PGA thread. As you can see, NN is not fond of him, however there's no way to stop an anonymous bulk buyer like PGA when all he has to do is give a different name and mailing address when ordering.

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  14. acro

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    The thing that makes me wonder is...
    within the past few weeks he's added new syn items, making himself look like a rep.
    Whatever he has left... was probably from a previous bulk buy as said or ordering anonymously through another rep to stock his SYN line which makes him sound crazy to still pass off as a rep.

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  15. MioJuice

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    play on the safe side and order from Northern Nutrition. Idk about PGA but NN been good to me, i'm old school I don't like to change stuff if they work good, i like it simple and alway the same, Northern stuff been working great newport and syn so far and both give amazing result why risking ordering from PGA that he not a SYN REP, maybe you will get fake syn or get your money stolen? not worth the hassle.
  16. Cityofgrit

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    Bad form bringing up PGA in NN's thread. Definitely doesn't belong in any convo here.
    Balco just did this same thing in another thread. Don't be a balco.
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    Well I’m still waiting on my order... is he a scammer now or will he hold up and send items ?

    He hasn’t responded to my emails in 3 days now ‍♂️ , Well he would be dumb to scam ppl when he takes e transfer.. hopefully he follows through and I can leave positive feedback but doesn’t sound good when he won’t even reply back to my emails now..
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    LOL NN. Is nothing but professional. Stop leaving early reviews just to come back in a few days and say u got your pack. Your a junior member are u sure ordered from NN? I know hes not the type of person just to take on any junior account. If you did go through NN for syn then i can assure u hes professional. Just my 0.02$
  19. Axxium

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    That’s who I went through... not NN

    Don’t think it’s professional when he tells you on Thursday he’s going to give you tracking or let ya know when it’s shipped which be next day and you don’t even hear back from him.. especially when you need it by Wednesday next week.
  20. Buddy
    You're buying illegal drugs on the internet.
    So it takes another day or two?
    Not to mention, you didn't even order from NN.
    Coming onto a guys thread and trashing him is bad form and you earn you a bad reputation

    There are some sources for stuff like GH.. wont even confirm they received your money..
    Wont send out a confirmation.. no tracking... no nothing.
    One day it shows up at your door.. if you bother them, they will tell you to fuck off.

    I just order a few months ahead of time.

    You want access to quality sources and excellent reps?

    Goes both ways, a lot of the best reps will turn you down when they see this type of stuff in your history.
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