SYN Pharma 2018 - Canadian Domestic only.

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Northern Nutrition, Jun 9, 2018.

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    Well I have a better rep now so no need for the rant and cry fest against me. And they’re not illegal to have...
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    God you are annoying

    Just go away
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    Yeah maybe you should get a life too instead of being a keyboard warrior trying to be tough..

  4. I feel sorry for your rep lol
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    You are annoying I have a feeling you are an absolute pain in the ass to any poor rep that deals with you. Probably one of those guys who orders one bottle of test and needs it yesterday cuz he ran out
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    Nah I order $500 + , and he followed through just his email was closed. But yes I have two reps and PGA gets a +1
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    Talk of PGA doesn't belong in NN's thread.
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    These guys are just here to promote pga.. they're doing it on other threads as well.
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    It could be a PGA account again...
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    He is a scammer. Why would you order Syn off him when it is well documented
    Pga is a known scammer
  11. Good grief, does this nonsense ever end. I have not, and will not, accept any of the above junior members as clients...I never do.

    Moving forward, all orders placed while I was away have been processed and will be shipped tommrow as usual. Thanks once again for your patience and continued support.

    - NN
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    Someone has tried Anadrol or dbol syn?
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    I tried anadrol, feel it without 2-3 day, strength was amazing, pump was insane, Blood pressure was going up at week 3. overwall very good anadrol. recommend.
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    Hey NN
    Are you still taking clients ?
  16. Not by new member with only one post. Sorry brother.
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    Ah so this is what you are doing :)
  18. The NOVEMBER 2019 Syn Pharma product/price list has been forwarded to all clientele. If you have not yet received one, please notify me via my email contained in my profile. Thank you.
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    Why don't you Canadians homebrew instead just like Northern Nutrition is doing?
    You can literally making a living off buying powder from China at $2/per gram for testosterone and then sell it for 1000% profit.

    He is obviously saving everybody's email addresses so when he gets busted so will you guys. Why take the risk with him when you can do your own thing? You guys could probably make a few bucks selling to your friends too..

    Homebrewing is very simple and there is a lot of support on this forum too.

    Instead of paying somebody else tons of money for no good reason. If you guys need help or support to get started feel free to start a thread and tag me.
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    You almost had me