SYN Pharma 2018 - Canadian Domestic only.

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Northern Nutrition, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. bulkmuscle

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    Hey dude, I might be running short on Syn products for my current cycle, are you accepting new customers? (My current source is a friend of a friend who's been unreliable).

    Still fairly new on this forum (came from CJM) so no worries if not.
  2. Not at this time, but thank you for your interest.
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  3. Dear valued clientele,

    *One more week*

    Just a friendly reminder that I'll be away from WiFi for an extended period of time beginning July 15th. This absence will be 25 days in duration which will extend to August 10th.

    I'll send out weekly reminders leading up to July 15th. In the meantime, please have your orders in before July 15th if you require my assistance during that time frame.

    Thank you for your understanding and your continued loyalty and support. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    If you have any questions/comments regarding my absence, please don't hesitate to send me an email.

    Thank you.

    - NN
  4. Axxium

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    Hey I’m looking for reliable source for Canadian gear. Especially syn
  5. EazyE

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    Hang on. I’ll get my spoon out...
  6. No offense, guy, but you're the type that selective sources stay away from. You joined nearly a year ago and your first post was to ask for a spoon feeding, followed by immediately signing off.

    i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but i can pretty much assure you that if you get a response from NN in this thread, it won't be what you want to hear.
  7. Here comes the airplane!!!
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  8. Good evening guys/gals,

    I've returned from my absence slightly early and will be responding to my emails shortly. If there is anything that requires immediate attention, please feel free to contact me at my email.

    In the meantime, thanks kindly for your continued patience and support. Your loyalty is always appreciated by myself and Syn Pharmaceuticals.

    - NN
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  9. Axxium

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    Well I joined a year ago to get a source for Canadian gear, I found innovagen and Pharma Tech Labs and my buddy sells syn but his local city prices are crazy so I wanted to get my own source since I have a bunch of guys in my industry who always want gear, plus myself no need to be rude to me just like everyone else looking for a good price and good gear.

    But thanks for your concerns
  10. Good morning Axxium,

    Don't take anything here too seriously. Some of the guys here can be direct and to the point, and of course we're all sarcastic at times. But the message is always clear, and that is new members are likely going to have a more difficult time securing established sources due to their lack of participation and activity on the forum. But I assure you that if you contribute and participate more, you'll find it much easier to locate a respected source. Unfortunately, two posts is not going to cut it here. But I do thank you for your interest in SYN. Good luck in your search, my friend.
  11. Axxium

    Axxium Junior Member

    Thanks for reaching out, sounds good and I’ll show more interest till then I’ll just stick with teragon labs and use what I have left of syn from pga anabolics, just figured you would have more of a syn list cause it seems syn products are scarce to find now.
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  12. You're welcome, Axxium. Thank you for understanding, and I look forward to seeing your presence in the forums.
  13. Canadiangymguy

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    Can you pm me thanks!
  14. A year and a half and only one post. I'm sorry, but the same response I provided for Axxium is meant for anyone with similar circumstances. But thanks for your interest.
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  15. Axxium

    Axxium Junior Member

    No love , found Pareto so thanks anyways NN
  16. I'm happy you found someone willing to help you, but it's not a question of love. It's about risk management, which is paramount to love in this arena. You could be the most standup reliable safe bet in the world, but with only one post I have little to no information to assess your credibility. Post count and content is certainly not fool proof, but it does provide some insight into your online persona and your willingness to participate and share information with others. This, along with some specific dialogue and my spider senses, provides me with enough to decide whether or not I want to risk rolling the dice on you. So far this system has been working well and has prevented most undesirables from slipping through the cracks. Of course, above all, I attribute it all to my spider senses...;)
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  17. Axxium

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    Well if you ever wanna change your mind I could post a pic of Me by my license and show you my record which would make you realize I hate police anyways, I’ll see you around. I actually just finished my syn sarms and tbol solid gains 15 lbs of muscle
  18. UpNorth

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    There is nothing wrong with this approach at all. In fast, more labs should do this. Good on you NN.

    Greed kills
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  19. 3ml

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    Agreed it shouldn’t be as easy as signing up and a source taking you on
    People should have some sort of history or a referral to even be considered. Or learn how to use crypto so you can give your source a bit of extra security
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  20. Freakmidd

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    We vet sources all the time, whats wrong with a source vetting potential customers?
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