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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Northern Nutrition, Jun 9, 2018.

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    What do you mean? How come you don't homebrew?

    The powders don't go bad, and NN is saving everybody's emails like Napsgear did. It is gonna be another sh1tshow when this one goes down.

    Rule number 1 should be "Don't ever save customer's info" am sure he has your guys name and address saved too! I am surprised nobody has said anything? It is the same thing Napsgear did.
  2. How come you don't post this message in the Pareto thread, or any other Canadian labs thread?

    Oh that's right, because NN has owned your sorry ass on every occasion that he's addressed you and you're just here to grind your dull axe.

    For a guy that sits so high on his moral high horse and preaches to others about their conduct, you're proving to everyone that you're the hypocrite you pretend so hard not to be.
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    Do you not see NN post where he says he saves everybody's info?

    You are getting paid off this too I guess? :D
  4. Sworder

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    So obviously he has all the emails and info saved. This is the same thing Napsgear did!

    I don't have a bone to pick with NN. I could care less about your little operation. I think it is funny that you guys are saving all the emails and not letting people know. The whole thing with napsgear should have made you guys realize something. Anyway, I am out. Have fun :)
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    I’m not poor by any means so why the fuck would I piss around with customs and brewing shit when I can pay someone to do it for me
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    Don't even acknowledge that fucktard.
    Run away troll.
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  7. You're not only a hypocrite, you're also naive as fuck if you think sources are going out of their way (beyond simply deleting emails) to destroy customer data.

    Besides, a list of email addresses with no other information attached hardly constitutes saving customer info. Seems that axe you have to grind is duller than i thought.
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    That, and the fact that it's perfectly legal to purchase, own and use steroids in Canada.
    He just wants everyone to know what a completed asshat he is so he goes out of his way to prove it at every opportunity.
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    Great question!

    Well there are a multitude of reasons and I will list them for you. First of all let's tackle your comment first.

    The reasoning that "I'm not poor, therefore I should pay more" is based upon fear and not knowing how simple it is to brew by yourself. Do you pay extra taxes because "you aren't poor?" I wouldn't think so... If you can MAKE money instead of SPENDING money, why not? Let's start digging into those reasons:

    1. Safety from Law Enforcement.
    Your dealer doesn't care about your anonymity. This is evidently clear by NN saving all your emails and personal information. This should have been a HUGE RED FLAG for you guys... Do you need a refresher about what happened to Napsgear? He saved everybody's info just like NN is doing and then when he got raided that sensitive information got leaked to Law Enforcement.
    I am so surprised that you guys are even buying from an open source like this?? Anybody can come on here and you bet your butt that Law Enforcement comes to this forum to see what is going on. And it is big dealer that advertise freely over the internet that get busted. I would say that ordering from China every 2 years or so and brewing your own gear is the most safe way to stay under the radar. Constantly getting packages from a Source that saves data like NN isn't in your best interest.

    2. Control over what is in your Gear.
    This is another huge point. You can say that any source has lab reports proving this and that. However, in reality, you have no clue what is in YOUR vial that you get from the source. And it does happen that sources mismanage their raw powders and swap out the compounds. I am not saying it is common practice, however it does happen. Nobody's planning is perfect.
    If you brew your own gear, you will have control over what is what. You are the one that ensures your own safety with the gear's sanitation, the compound in the gear, and the quantity of the compound.

    3. Cost of brewing vs cost of buying.
    I am not 100% up to date on the exact prices but these are ball park figures.
    testosterone costs about $2/gram. There is 2.5 grams in a vial of 250mg/ml concentration. That is about $5 for the raw cost, BB and BA is dirt cheap and you can use any cheap carrier oil. So paying $5 versus a finished vial of $30 seems crazy no?
    Deca costs about $4/gram, tren and masteron is $7.
    So one vial of tren acetate's cost from homebrewing is about $9. I would think sources sell Tren Ace for about $70. Nine dollars compared to $70 seems pretty steep...

    4. Money
    I know you say that you are not poor, which is fine. I am not saying you need to be poor to brew your own gear. It is the smart thing to do. Let's say for arguments sake that you use $2,000 worth of gear in a year. In a five year period that is still $10,000.
    A great point is that you can use your own gear to sell to your friends and their buddy's. If each person uses $2,000 worth of product, and you have 5 friends that you sell to and they have 2 friends they sell to. That's 15 people in total. Trust me, you can get way more than 15 people to sell to if you want. However I wouldn't recommend opening your own full on lab because then you are going to have a higher risk of being targeted by LE. Keep it "small." And when I say small 15 people is small however that is $30,000/year extra you could be making.

    5. MONEY
    Here is a visual representation of what you could be making PER YEAR if you stopped buying from sources that will get you busted and brewed on your own.

    Anyway, I am not going to clog up this thread. I was just surprised that so many people are still buying from sources that saves customer info especially after what happened to NAPS.

    Steroid Homebrew
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    Rule number 6 for the Underground:
    (6) Members must disclose any affiliation with vendors discussed in the "Steroid Underground" for which they receive, or expect to receive, compensation.

    Do you guys want to claim any affiliation or are you going to state you have nothing to do with NN?
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    wow, we are all so stupid.

    Come to think of it, why do I even buy beer? I could brew it myself for 1/5 of the cost. why has no one else thought of this?

    Why do I go out to eat? They are screwing me over!

    thanks for opening our eyes with your essay man, I am so glad to be woke to the steroid market now.

    You should post more, clearly you know something the rest of us dont
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    Obviously a bodybuilder would cook his own food because
    1. It is cheaper.
    2. It is healthier.
    3. You are not a child anymore. Stop eating chicken nuggets!

    Anyway, I am not going to sit here and argue with you guys that have an agenda to make a living preying on Meso members. Empower people instead! Check the Homebrew forum out!
    Steroid Homebrew
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    You are spamming a thread.
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    Dealing with customs is significantly worst than paying for finished goods.
    If they seize your raws it's considered importing or exporting which is illegal and chargeable.
    Don't wonna fuck with customs no matter the costs.
    It's legal to own for personal use.

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    Haha What a chooch. First he beaks off about us getting busted then he says we should import through customs in bulk, brew at home (for sanitary reasons) and then sell. WTF!
    Thanks but I'd prefer to not break any laws and just deal with a reputable lab through their reputable reps.
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    Holy fack this sworder mate is really onto something I think. If what he says is true if I just create everything from scratch I’ll be rolling in dough ! First thing first, rubber raw material for my car tires. Toyo is surely fucking me here on the tires. The rubber probably only
    Costs toyo like $20 but they charge me $200 per tire! Amazing, I will save $180 per tire I just have to make them myself! Next thing will be my chicken breasts. Fuck the farmer! I am just going to buy some property and build a farm then instead of paying $4 per breast I’ll only pay $1. Another $3 savings. Me and my mates will be rolling in Benjamin’s now thanks sworder!
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    @Sworder So should I get rid of my tutanota because it auto saves all my friends email addresses when we converse back and forth? Or my yahoo or hotmail for that matter?
    What are your true intentions here because I’m not buying the whole info collecting tin foil hat routine?
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  18. i'm in the US, you moron. Man, you're getting dumber by the post.
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  19. Sworder,
    Its perfectly normal to have an email list
    and I'm pretty sure @Northern Nutrition asks his clients (I'm not one of them) to use a secure mail address.

    For example, my tutanota has nothing to do with my Meso handle.. or my real name.

    At a certain stage, it is up to the client to protect their identity.

    If he was saving addresses and names.. that would be a serious fucking issue.

    I dont think someone who has been in the game as long as NN would be that stupid.

    You guys all know I'm ALL ABOUT jumping on sources, every day lol.

    But I'm not going to hate kn a dude that did nothing wrong.
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    He makes a living dealing steroids over the internet. I think you are crediting him with too much intelligence.

    Obviously he is! He saves all the emails from clients.

    Also, if you guys want to buy finished product. Go ahead! Whatever makes you sleep better at night.

    You guys could be making at least $30,000 per year just like NN is doing off y'all.
    I could actually go through this thread and get a pretty good estimate of how many clients he has and how much he makes off Meso. But it isn't worth it to me.

    "Dealing with customs?" You don't deal with customs, they either let your package through or they don't. And your China source will reship it to you for free.

    If you guys prefer spending money over making money, say that instead lol.