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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Northern Nutrition, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Tyler Max

    Tyler Max Junior Member

    Hey Syn,

    I got the email from Northern as well. Wondering if you can send a mass email on who will be the next person in charge. I have been liking your products and would like to keep a reliable rep in contact with me.

  2. Noname81

    Noname81 Junior Member

    Schedule 5 substances are not illegal to possess and use in Canada. You make it sound like the orders were for assault riffle or something serious.
  3. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    Naps gear saved all the customer's data and that information got leaked to LE.

    You guys should use cryptoservices that automatically deletes your emails after a certain amount of time or something.

    Why don't you homebrew?
  4. Noname81

    Noname81 Junior Member

    So if a bunch of email address get leaked what affect does that have on the Canadian Customer? What would be my intensive to home brew?
  5. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    Most people prefer to be anonymous. I assume you use your real name and ID when you purchase your drugs.

    The person you are buy from, why do you think he does it? :D

    I already have listed reasons, you can go back and check.

    I don't really want to have this conversation, however if you keep asking me questions I will respond.
  6. Noname81

    Noname81 Junior Member

    I could not care less about anonymous. I purchase a few vial of Test C and some sharps. There is nothing illegal or unethical being done. What is there to hide?

    The home brew makes no sense to me at all. The person I am buying from is trafficking a schedule 5 substance. That is against the law. That is not something I want to be involved with
  7. Test_Subject

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    Buying (and selling) steroids is still illegal in Canada. Possession of steroids isn't.
  8. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    Spending 1/20th the price for a product doesn't make sense to you?

    I don't know what to say.
  9. Cownan

    Cownan Member

    this is a NN thread. Keep the home brew talk to yourself
  10. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    Can you please state your affiliation to NN?

    I do wish to say that Rule 6 of the Underground requires you to state affiliation with a UGL and I will report you if you lie.
  11. MapleSyrup

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    So you’re a snitch and a faggot hey
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  12. Sworder

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    You listen to a lot of rap music I see.
  13. graciebjj

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    Schedule 5 doesn’t exist, IV is the Roman form for 4.

    Holding onto client info, if true, is definitely problematic though. If anything I just see it as info gathering. I don’t tell my friends and distant family about use, nor should my workplace know. Someone holding onto sales info has no reason to do so except for purposes of extortion as far as I can tell.

    The above only applies if there’s any evidence that NN actually does this. If he doesn’t (I don’t see any evidence that he does?) then ignore me
  14. I could probably line up over a 100 clients that will testify to the fact that I have repeatedly asked for shipping addresses from long (and short) term clientele simply because addresses are deleted as soon as touchdown is confirmed by myself using tracking information, or the client via email. This typically occurs within 48 to 72 hours depending on location.

    And further note that most of the veterans here are aware of this depressing individual named Sworder. But for any new members, please ignore him. He is Meso's village idiot and should not be taken seriously...ever.
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  15. KetoMuscles

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    Actually, villages everywhere are praising their idiots and bragging that at least their idiot isn't as bad as that Sworder chooch.

    A little common sense should reveal that keeping a mailing list (email list) is totally different than keeping order histories and addresses.
    Common people. Think it through a little before speaking.
  16. Can't you just bury the hatchet and leave well enough alone?

    Forgiveness starts at home... Wait, that's charity not forgiveness, whatever, the hell with it. The end of a tired fued is only an apology away.

    Won't you extend the olive branch?
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  17. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    I don't have anything against NN. I really don't. I would ask him what his problem is with me but I don't care to. No motivation nor interest. I got a notification or something for this thread again, guess that is why I am here. :)

    EditL: Check NoName81's post, he asked me a question that's why I am back in this thread. I had long forgotten about NN and his shady dealings.

    I like the olive branch metaphor, goes back to ancient Greece.

    Btw, Homebrewing is the way to go guys. Make your own oils and don't have to worry about NN saving everybody's data.
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    Hey I used the word “chinamen” today. Miss you @Sworder :)
    @Silentlemon1011 4life!
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    Lol, I do use Chinamen a lot dont I?

    It's even worse because my wife is asian lol.
    The kind of shit I catch from her is INSANE bro!
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  20. Sworder

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    That actually does bother me. I think to myself, China has a higher average IQ than USA so why are these Americans disrespecting other people based on their nationality. But then I remember it is American to act that way...