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    So maybe race did play a small part in your relationship? Or there is 0 possibility?

    Ah okay, so you haven't had a loving relationship with a black person?

    Ah, there are more white people where she is from than Asian people? Sounds strange..

    That's the thing, you are taking your hate for a regime and throwing it onto a person who has NOTHING to do with the regime. Should I be rude to you for having Trump as a president?

    Yes, that is discrimination!

    You are discriminating against a person because you hate the country they come from. Not cool!

    You didn't answer many of my questions. What is racism to you?

    This is narcissistic and masochistic behavior. You want to feel power, that you can dominate those people. You think sex is equal to love. It isn't.
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  2. So... Syn pharma is g2g? :D
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    We having discussion about life here America Man, or are you a Mixed Ethnicity Man? Mixed Ethnicity Man doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely...

    Syn pharma is on break!
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    Why do You People keep talking to this moron? He thinks he's some philosophical and psychological intellect. But he's as deep as dog piss on a sidewalk.
    His racial and political insights are unoriginal, uninspiring and very unnerving.
    Everything he says in defence of anything is actually more offensive to said thing than the original statement.
    The amazing thing is, I think he actually believes the drivel that drips out of his beak. I've never actually disliked an online persona before. But holy shit this twat is irritating.
    Please, please stop quoting him and pulling him back in here. Let him live in his own half wit threads. He offers nothing of value. He's like an IQ blackhole. He actually makes everyones else's IQ drop because he's so devoid of intelligence it sucks the surrounding intelligence in and destroys it.
    Want to gain intellectual superiority over another country? Easy. Send him there.
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    No idea is original.

    Don't we all believe what we are saying is "the truth?"

    Thank you.

    Do you think your message pushed me to leave this thread or helps keep me here? ;)

    That's an interesting theory.

    That was a pretty funny statement. :)

    Is what I am writing to other people feeling very real to you as well? It should!
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    This is my point. Never would you face any kind of charge for purchasing a couple vials of Test C. You cant purchase it but you can possess it. In other words the authorities are not going to waste there time on a few vials of Test C. There is also the the argument that with cash in mail or bitcoin there is no proof that a purchase was made.

    There was a huge bust recently. The person was caught with $250 000 worth of steroids. He was also charged with importation of Schedule 5 substance. He was given a conditional sentence. He never did any time. Schedule 5 laws are soft in Canada
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    Yes it does exist. "V" Stands for 5

    I do see the extortion part for some people being a problem. For me I could not care less.One thing to consider before making a purchase is privacy. When I made my online transaction I assume at any time my information could and is out there. These UGL dont have a privacy agreement. I think people are excepting to much from UGL and how they operate. If you a genuinely concerned about your information being expose dont make a transaction with a UGL in the first place

    It is interesting how 99% of steroid users dont tell anyone about it including there partners. There is only one other thing more secretive than steroid use,pedophilia.
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    This shit is so cheap in the first place. WTF would I want to waste my time making it? Make no sense at all.
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    Sorry to clog this thread up more but again, you are wrong. Schedule IV means Schedule 4, which included AAS. There is no Schedule 5 (V) on the controlled drugs and substances act in Canada. You’re simply wrong and giving any semblance of legal advice when being so categorically ignorant of these legal facts is irresponsible at best.

    Your opinions on disclosure of use are your own and defensible by you. I don’t think my cousins need to know about gear usage. I also don’t talk to them about diet or exercise, or politics, or religion. Different strokes.
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  10. It's MSG and great thread for it too.

    Did you also say "no idea is original"?
    Two words pal, hamburger earmuffs!
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    Yes sir, I said that! Word to my motha!!

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  12. That law seems contradictory. You can possess, but you cannot purchase.

    Doesn't possession equate to purchase? Shit didn't just fall from the sky.

    Either way, i like it and think Canadian law surrounding steroids is much more logical than the blatant stupidity that US law makers have come up with.
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    I'm pretty sure that was wrong.
    You can buy/possess but you can't sell/import.
    And it has to be viewed that the intent is not to sell/distribute.
    That also does include that you cannot "give" them to anyone either.
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    Schedule 4 include anabolic steroids in Canada which is not illegal to possess for personal use. Trafficking is another story. That's why you hear about some pros who kept a "journal" with absolute retard doses, so if they got caught they could pretend they had so much it was personal use, and not trafficking

    Production of a schedule 4 is a maximum of 3 years. Production of a schedule 1 (actual drugs) has a two year minimum. So in theory you can go full breaking bad, and spend less time in jail than someone making some muscle fertilizer. Pathetic.
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    I was thinking about this and it wouldn't work that way.

    Theoretically if I were to attract people's IQ into my gravitational field then the IQ wouldn't get destroyed. You have to understand that black holes are extremely massive and if the IQ were "destroyed" that implies that the mass of the black hole would decrease. Which isn't the case. The "IQ black hole" would maintain the mass of the objects that got sucked into its gravity.

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    Actually it would be destroyed, and the parts that make it up would still be part of the black hole. You fuckin retard
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    How can you say that it would be destroyed and in the next sentence say that the parts that make it up would be part of the black hole? That's saying two different things...
    Matter isn't destroyed, it's converted.

    Read up on your blackhole mechanics:
    Discovering the QCD axion with black holes and gravitational waves
    Phys. Rev. D 91, 084011 (2015) - Discovering the QCD axion with black holes and gravitational waves
    Detecting black hole gravitational atoms in the sky (with half-diamonds) | Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC)
    Advanced LIGO may be the first experiment to detect gravitational waves. Through superradiance of stellar black holes, it may also be the first experiment to discover the QCD axion with decay constant above the grand unification scale. When an axion’s Compton wavelength is comparable to the size of a black hole, the axion binds to the black hole, forming a “gravitational atom.” Through the superradiance process, the number of axions occupying the bound levels grows exponentially, extracting energy and angular momentum from the black hole. Axions transitioning between levels of the gravitational atom and axions annihilating to gravitons can produce observable gravitational wave signals. The signals are long lasting, monochromatic, and can be distinguished from ordinary astrophysical sources. We estimate up to O(1) transition events at aLIGO for an axion between 10−11 and 10−10  eV and up to 104 annihilation events for an axion between 10−13 and 10−11  eV. In the event of a null search, aLIGO can constrain the axion mass for a range of rapidly spinning black hole formation rates. Axion annihilations are also promising for much lighter masses at future lower-frequency gravitational wave observatories; the rates have large uncertainties, dominated by supermassive black hole spin distributions. Our projections for aLIGO are robust against perturbations from the black hole environment and account for our updated exclusion on the QCD axion of 6×10−13  eV<μa<2×10−11  eV suggested by stellar black hole spin measurements.

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    If you take a car apart, you've ruined the car but you still have the parts that make it up. You don't even have enough iq points to make a respectable earthquake so I am not surprised you were unable to wrap your brain stem around that as it seems that is the only part your skull is equipped with
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    Considering that language isn't processed in the brain stem, how do you explain my ability to communicate?
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    Don’t argue with idiots, you’ll never win.
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