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  1. A few friendly points.

    China IQ "scoring" is not regulated or monitored by any international group or body.

    Many times it has been shown to make up their scores to increase something called "Han superiority"
    Where Chinese Han MUST prove themselves genetically superior to all other ethnicities.

    Have you ever been to China Sworder?
    Real eye opener my friend.
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  2. Sworder

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    I follow chess quite a lot, the Chinese has gotten a lot of really good players lately. They are expected to be very dominant in 5-10 years, India has started to become very strong too. These countries whom have been seen as poor is going to become powerhouses in the future. With technology becoming cheaper and better, they are growing!

    Yeah, that's pretty common because we have spread out, I don't really want to say, "white superiority" over the world. It's a tragedy that people can't be happy being their own race. Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, and many other very talented people have struggled with this. But look at the media, of course they are going to feel that way.

    I deal with the Chinese a lot, I know what you are referring to.

    I will say this, whatever is bizarre to you is as normal for them in their culture and vice versa. :)
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  3. LVBB

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    You must be from New York or San Francisco?
    I originally assumed it was a trailer park in Florida, but I’ve been wrong once before in my life.
  4. 3ml

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    But can they drive?
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  5. Sworder

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    San Diego!
  6. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    When you say that you are exposing your narcissistic values. You are the type that abuses women. Because you are a small man, and the muscles are only to compensate for your insecurities. :)
    You don't have much to hold onto here in life.

    Your family doesn't give two sh!ts about you because you are toxic to be around. Do you have a lot of people celebrating your birthday? I would assume you are the type of guy that doesn't like people celebrating his bday. And that's because you get disappointed that nobody wants to celebrate you. Which is your own fault because you think you are better than people. And you are! But nobody wants to be around you. What good are your skills? And all those muscles, for what? Grocery shopping?

    So sit alone and be bitter about people and hate them. In reality all you are doing is making yourself miserable. Rightly so, because you are miserable.

    Have a good day! Sun is shining! - It's shining on me at least. Probably not you :D
  7. LVBB

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    Ah that explains so much.

    But since you ignored my question before and I seem to have your attention now, how is @Northern Nutrition info collecting with an email list if encrypted emails like tutanota and protonmail automatically put new emails into a contact list? Enlighten the brother and sister hood please, thanks babe :)
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  8. Sworder

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    I read your message, I chose not to answer.
    Here, how can he send the list out if he hasn't saved everybody's email? I am surprised you guys didn't notice this.-Well not really :p

  9. Qell, with 1/8 of the world population, I'd be surprised of you didnt have a few competitors.
    That being said, becoming competitive with that many people... if the IQ range was really the Highest in the world.... coupled with Highest population....
    They would theoretically be number 1
    But they are not...
    Sometimes a lack of stats and results.... speaks higher than ANY stat or result.

    Yeah, I dont get why people cant be happy with their race.
    As for White superiority, I dont that kind of crap.

    I assure you, I'm well aware of cultural differences, my wife is an Asian immigrant... culture shock lol
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  10. 3ml

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    I cannot believe you wasted that much time on my joke about Asians lack of ability to drive. You must be a complete loser
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  11. Tyler Max

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    I honestly thought he knew you and going on a tangent to be extra as a joke. Was that comment for real?!?
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  12. 3ml

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    No I don’t know people like that lol

    Seriously why is he so butt hurt too, everyone knows Asians cant drive worth a fiddlers fuck
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  13. Andrew Rutter

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    Wow, you really are a keyboard warrior bro. Why not take your childish and stereotypical remarks to a gaming forum or something. I'm guessing your girlfriend must have left you for an Asian dude?
  14. LVBB

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    Exactly, because you know you’re wrong and you can’t say anything about it. Now run along, and see you in the new source Friday threads. It’s more fun going after us yankees than the poor old Canuck boys anyways, don’t you agree?

    I have an idea, you and I tag team troll, it would be so much fun with you by my side doll, what do you say? Let’s take the world by storm.
  15. Sworder

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    You argument is that since there are so many that one has to be good based on chance? That's not correct, Africa has had very few top players. Even if Africa had a billion+ population they wouldn't produce a top player if everything stays the same as it is today.

    Chinese focus a lot of their time on Go. And yes they are number 1 there but that's no surprise.

    The playing field isn't even!

    Really??? What does your wife think about you being white? Or would she prefer you were black?

    That says a lot about your relationship with your wife if you call somebody "China man." You can insult people with better material!
  16. Sworder

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    It took me a couple minutes.
    Let me guess you have no plans for Thanksgiving? Well besides sitting on your butt watching football. You don't help cook or anything like that.

    When you die, your family is going to remember you as the bitter a-hole who used to sit and complain about people and wouldn't do sh!t to support the family or help your women.
    "Ah yeah, I remember '3ml' he used to sit and yell at the TV while everybody else was spending time together and help cooking. He was a bitter guy."

    Nice legacy you are going to leave behind. Or what, are you going to try to tell me it isn't true? What Christmas presents did you get last year? :)

    Yes, the comment is for real. That's exactly how 3ML is like in real life.
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  17. Sworder

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    I have no interest in this crap really. If something is in my face then I will respond but I don't actively seek out sources. I would prefer if the Underground sub-forum disappeared.

    I am not trolling, you guys don't understand some of the concepts I talk about so you assume I am being facetious.
  18. I'll continue playing and shit spamming this thread u til @Syn appoints a new rep or creates a new channel, because on having fun lol.

    China has been focusing on things like Chess and STILL cant produce top Top players.
    African focus isnt on chess.
    Call it cultural I suppose.

    As for Go, I thought the Japanese were the Go champs?
    I'll have to look at it again.
    Also, unsurprising as there is t much interest or competition internationally for Go.

    For my wife and I, Race has never really played much of a part.
    Complete chance that we met each other from opposite ends of the world and turned out we were so scarily similar... we HAD to get married.

    If your insinuating that she would prefer I have a larger dick... well sure, every woman would love and extra half inch lol.

    I am very specific when I say Chinaman.
    My issue is not race
    It's with the communist party and the mentality that they have.
    As well as geopolitical and behavioural changes they are making in China.
    I can assure you that I'm not racist my friend
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  19. Sworder

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    If you want to believe the Chinese aren't good at intellectual tasks that's fine. I bet my money on the Asian kid :)

    Race has never played a part for YOU! - Well it has but you don't realize it. Ask you wife what Asians think about white men.

    C'mon I barely even swear, why would I try to emasculate you by insinuating that.
    Ask your wife if she has ever been interested in a black person, you said earlier that race didn't matter. I would expect that both you and your wife has had relationships with black people then?

    Okay if you want to argue this let's make this clear.
    "China man" is a derogatory term for somebody from China. If you are referring to somebody as a "China man" it is always in a negative fashion.
    If you want to refer to somebody with a neutral reference, you can say "person from China" or "Chinese person." Do you disagree?

    Also, why do you need to refer to somebody's country of origin?

    Do you really think you know what is going on in China? I barely even have half a clue what is going on in the US...

    You are discriminating against somebody based on their country of origin. And you are doing it in a negative fashion.
    What do you consider racism?
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  20. White men are a bit of a prize for SE asian countries, I am aware.

    I have been with many black women, all of them lovely, I pride myself on having slept with a woman of every race.

    Her, nope.
    Not many black people where she was from, so opportunity is low.

    Reference of country of origin is quite simply yo show dislike of modern Chinese culture and government,
    My problem is not with an ethnicity, but with a ruling party and creed.
    To say you hated Nazi Germany in 1944... would that be racist?
    Much like I hate communist China,
    Look up the reports on the 2 million Ethnic Uighers who are being publicly raped and tortured in front of their families.
    Or the Fentanyl addicts around the world who are being supplied by China while their government laughs.
    Casualties are mounting, and we are all scared of being accused of racism as opposed to showing our disgust for that Country.

    No it is not racism
    I have no problem with the RACE
    I have q problem with the ruling party a d government decisions

    There is a difference
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